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References for Ralph

References for Ralph Nimmann in Hebden Bridge re. gardening & home care

Updated 2018

Below are some references for Ralph from his clients, who are happy to have them displayed here.
Copies of the original references, contact details and others (if not published) on request. => Contact Ralph

Here's a poem about Ralph from his care client, written in 2017

"Ralph picks me up when I'm feeling low
If you could see his soul
it's full of cheer and
seems to glow with love
The sun is in the sky
Ralph is on the earth
bringing music to our ears
like a light house of spiritual power
he is visible from outer space
a loving force to give us hope"

Home Care References for Ralph Nimmann:

Due to the nature of caring for vulnerable people (many being blind, stroke victims and very old) it is difficult to get personal references from people I am or have have been caring for.
References for Ralph as a home carer for MEARS and CareForce Cambridge will be sent on request from:
    Paula Rowley, MEARS Cambridge, The Old Sunday School, Chapel Street, Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9HR
    Tel: 01223 203355 - Fax: 01223 508101 - Email: paula.rowley[AT]mearsgroup.co.uk
CareWatch Recommendation

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Gardening References for Ralph Nimmann:

In the few months Ralph is living and working in Hebden Bridge, he has already made several people very happy with home improvements, simple carpentry jobs, gardening, painting a whole flat...
Reference phone numbers will be given on request. => Contact Ralph

Below are some references from Cambridge customers Ralph has been working for for many years:

Ralph Nimmann has worked as a gardener for our family since 2004, first for my elderly parents then, since 2006, in our garden. He has also been responsible for the maintenance of the garden of a property which we let out, where he has worked consistently, without supervision.

He works hard, whatever the weather, and always arrives on the day arranged. He cheerfully undertakes whatever task I ask of him, from light weeding or pruning to much heavier jobs, including digging out a tree root or relaying paving stones.
He has also undertaken other "handyman" jobs such as setting up a water butt or re-roofing and painting a shed. Although I can't always tell how long a particular job will take, I am often surprised by how quickly Ralph accomplishes something which I have asked him to do. I am sorry he is moving away from Cambridge and would recommend his services as a hard-working reliable gardener. If you would like any further information, please ask Ralph for my e-mail address.

I hope that is helpful. All the best,
11 Sept. 2012, Elizabeth

To Whom it May Concern

30. 07. 12

Ralph Nimmann has done several gardening jobs for me over last decade and has always proved a most efficient and speedy worker.

A few examples:

  • Pruning my shaggy holly tree into a beautiful sphere and keeping it that shape by pruning it once a year
  • Getting rid of enormous ivy and wild rose roots and replacing stabs which had become uneven
  • Pruning a tall yew tree involving working up a long ladder at height
  • Making a raised brick flower bed
  • Laying bricks round a pond in an artistic layout
He is always willing and does not waste time. He puts away the tools in the proper place & cleans up afterwards.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending him.

Ursula Stubbings,
tel. 01223 840 882 - email: ustubbings[AT]hotmail.com

To whom it may concern.
03 September 2012

This is to declare that Ralph Nimmann is an excellent garden worker and a thoroughly reliable and friendly person who has done work for me over some three to four years in Cambridge and I can recommend him to anybody.

Patrick Forman, Cambridge, phone: 01223 351 267

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