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Heart Sharing Circle "Sacred Activists" Hebden Bridge
Thu 3rd 17 & 31 Jan 2019, 10:30am - 12noon
2-weekly Thu morning sharing group
especially for those of us who like to change the outer world
while trying to maintain inner peace
"Shared sorrow is half sorrow, shared joy is double Joy" (German saying)

- updated: 2 January 2019 -

Our sharing group "Sacred Activists" (or: "Awakening Consciousness") provides a space to share and listen to each other, bringing to the group whatever we feel is appropriate.

  Sharing group
'Sacred Activists'
Our sharing group 'Sacred Activists'
We usually begin standing in a circle in silence, creating a sacred space, connecting with each other.

We light a candle. One after another we speak, ideally from our heart and being in the present moment.
We each finish by saying "Ho. I have spoken." - then the next person speaks, until each of us has spoken once.

After this we open to a group sharing / discussion.
This sharing can be very powerful and inspiring.
Everything we hear and say stays confidential.

We meet fourtnightly on Thursdays from 10:30 - 12 noon, next:
3rd, 17th & 31 Jan 2019, 14 & 28 Feb, 14 & 28 March...

Cost: donations are welcome.
You are welcome to come 5 minutes earlier for a tea or a wee.

Our meeting venue:
Ralph's home, 15 Mason Street
, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6AW
(3rd street left up Hangingroyd Road, opp. the Co-Op, one above Melbourne Street). Ignore any cars you might block and just drive in as far as possible (no parking charge) - web map with arrow on streetmap.co.uk

Interested to join? Please mail rainbowralph[AT]gmail.com - or call Ralph's mobile: 07909 488272 (land line: tel: 01422 647157)

The Sacred Activists - a Hebden Bridge Sharing Group

We start with silence for a few minutes, and light a candle. This is not formal meditation, but time to quiet down and be present.

Sharing: We generally speak as concisely as we can about what we are feeling in the present moment. Whoever wants to share begins the round and we follow in a circle. Consideration is shown to the group by speaking in a way that enables everyone to have time to speak and be heard.

What's the group for?
People who attended in the past did so for a variety of personal reasons:
"I have experienced a deep connection to people in the group. For me, this has facilitated personal and spiritual growth, the group is full of grown ups, who can put there own agendas to one side to explore joint healing, sharing honestly from the heart is what I value about the group"
"SA is for me a space where people can express something about the challenges of their personal journey, in an atmosphere of acceptance, without judgement or approval. Giving each a few minutes to be heard also requires that we listen to others with respect, even if we disagree with their viewpoint. Sometimes through this deep listening, we tune in to something universal, and our hearts feel nourished and refreshed."
"I love the power of sharing from the heart and the intensity and surprises, what's coming up and out when we are not interrupted. Initially I wanted to share a feeling of desperately wanting to change the world. I wanted to ?nd out if other people shared this feeling and see how they managed this, what they were doing about it.... It's become a journey of understanding myself and feeling inspired by others. It's not formal therapy, but I feel healed by the journey and able to listen respectfully as well as be heard. I've learned that I need to be able to share from my heart, my truth, occasionally this resonates with others in the group and helps them. For me there's a special energy that's created by the process. It's as a result of the group dynamic, this for me is the blessing of the sacred activists."

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