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New Subud group in Hebden Bridge, Calderdale / West Yorkshire?

There is such a richness of alternative and spiritual groups in Hebden Bridge;
I believe the time might be ripe for launching a Subud group here as well. Are you interested?
The nearest Subud groups meet in Bradford-Shipley and south Manchester.

Intro Info: Subud means to follow the will of God / Allah / the Creator / the life force with the help of the Divine Power that works both inside and outside us. It is a way to renew contact with the Power of God, an individual experience which arises from within. Subud can be described as the reality behind all religions or the life within a life.
Subud is not a religion but a spiritual practice. It enables people of all religious backgrounds and beliefs such as Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Russian Orthodox, Quakers and Unitarians to worship together.
Subud has spread to about 80 countries. In Britain 47 Subud groups are meeting in 93 places

More about Subud on the page below & on www.subudbritain.org
Subud Info leaflet (2 A4 pages, word.doc)
Excellent article: "My Personal Introduction to a Spiritual Path", www.scribd.com/document/16588111/Intro-to-Subud-sharif-Horothy (14 pages)

Below: What is Subud? | The Latihan | Testing | Bapak, Subud founder | Religion | Helpers
Spiritual names | Organisation | History | Publicity | Joining / Membership | Ralph's experiences | LINKS

What is Subud?

Subud means to follow the will of God / Allah / the Creator / the creative life force with the help of the Divine Power that works both within us and without. It is a way to renew contact with the Power of God, an individual experience, which arises from within. Subud can be described as the reality behind all religions or the life within a life. 'Subud' is a contraction of the Sanskrit-derived words Susila (The behaviour and character of a person following the will of Almighty God), Budhi (The essence of the Divine Power within man) and Dharma (Complete submission, trust and sincerity towards Almighty God).

Subud is not a religion but a spiritual practice for all. People are encouraged to stay in their current religion when joining Subud. MORE: www.subud.com/english/english.Btalk.html

The Latihan - our spiritual practice

Latihan Kejiwaan is Indonesian for 'spiritual exercise / training'.
In our latihan we empty our minds, surrender and receive the spirit of God. It is a practice, which allows us to follow God's will in thought, word and action.

We do not "do" anything, we put our mind and control aside and allow things to happen. The outward result may be that, sooner or later, the body starts moving and the mouth opens and sounds come out. It may take several years - or only a second until this may happen. The benefit of allowing God to work within us is a process of healing, balancing and transformation. From the outside it may look like a sacred chaos.
To be less distracted, men and women practice the latihan separately.

The Latihan may cause major changes in your self and your life. It is therefore usual to have a preparation time for up to three months before you join Subud. We call the first Latihan your "opening".

Testing in Subud

We may do a form of the latihan in which we ask God for guidance with a problem. This specific asking - and receiving the answer - is called 'testing' - a kind of feedback from God.The results of the individual receivings are shared and usually give a clear picture. The helpers are there to lead or join in with the `testing' of personal and group matters when they arise.

   Bapak founder of Subud1971 in Cilandak
Bapak 1971 in Cilandak

Bapak - the founder of Subud

Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (born 22 June 1901, died 23 June 1987), also called Bapak (which means 'respected father' in Indonesian), came from Java in Indonesia. He unexpectedly received a series of spiritual experiences - "the contact" in 1924 ("the 1000 nights"). Later he was able to pass his receiving on to anyone who asked for it (see membership). This developed into the world-wide Subud movement.

Bapak travelled many times around the world. He had a good sense of humour, his power of unconditional love was so strong, that many people, when looking directly in his eyes, were overwhelmed and literally went down on the floor. More about Bapak: www.subud.org.uk/founder-subud.html


Some, usually more experienced, members are given a role to support the spiritual development of the group and other members - we call them "helpers". We have helpers on the local, regional, national and international level. In Subud we call a group of helpers a Dewan.

Spiritual names in Subud

A name that could be in accordance with your inner (spiritual) development may be given to you if you wish. Why have some of us chosen to change our names?

Religion in Subud

Subud is open to members of all religions, and those without religion, who sincerely wish to worship God. Subud is multi-faith and is available for members of all religions or beliefs - anyone who sincerely wishes to worship God. You can follow your religion and beliefs while practising the latihan.
Members are encouraged to refer to that One source of the latihan by whatever name or reference they felt comfortable with (e.g. the great life force, universal life force, the divine, God, Allah, Yahweh, Ishvara, Brahman, Waheguru, the Tao).
If you believe the ONLY way to God is through a spiritual master, you may find a conflict with the way of Subud which is a direct contact. In case of doubt the helpers can test for or with you; you can even test and receive the qualities of the different religions.

Subud Organisation

Subud has spread to about 80 countries, including most European countries. In Britain there are 60 Subud groups, in Germany 12. See www.subudbritain.org or www.subud.org. It is free to join Subud for everyone from the age of 17.
There are several wings within Subud: social welfare (Susila Dharma International), culture (SICA), health (SIHA), Subud Publications International (SPI), youth (SYA) and enterprises (SES). Susila Dharma is in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council [ECOSOC] and the International Children's Fund [UNICEF]

Subud Britain is the association representing Subud in Britain and all the local groups. It is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. Web site: www.subud.org.uk and www.subudbritain.org [new version]
Registered Office: Waugh & Co, First Floor, 51 High Street, Arundel, BN18 9AJ - Tel/Fax: 0870 444 2604

Subud Britain does not discriminate against any person on the basis of age; disability; family circumstance; gender; political opinion; race, nationality, ethnic or national origin; religion or beliefs; sexual orientation or socio-economic background.
There is no membership fee - members are expected to give voluntary contributions for overheads

Short Subud history

Subud was founded in 1932 by Bapak. Subud has since spread to about 80 countries. When John Bennett, the head of the Gurdjeff movement, discovered Subud, he believed that this is what Gurdjeff had been looking for in his quest for the truth. He - and with him hundreds of Gurdjeff followers - joined Subud and helped setting up many of today's groups in Britain.

Subud and publicity

"If this is really as good as it sounds - why have I never heard about Subud before?"
Maybe previously you have not been ready to join Subud. Subud does not use advertised propaganda - it merely provides information and is more likely to spread as a result of its own quality. In the first years of Subud, Bapak was guided not go out and spread the word, but stay at home and wait for people to come and find him. Many Subud members have this attitude to leave it to God to guide the people who are ready to find Subud.

Joining Subud / Membership

Anyone from the age of 17 can join Subud. Since the latihan may cause changes in your life, it is usual to have a preparation time of up to three months before you join Subud. The helpers will test if, and when is the right time for the applicant to join. We call the first Latihan your "opening" (read about Ralph's opening).

There is no membership fee - members give voluntary contributions for overheads.

Subud groups in Britain: see map on www.subudbritain.org/groups
Nearest groups to Hebden Bridge:
- Bradford-Shipley on Monday & Thursday evenings, contact Susannah 07570 126088 or Howerd: 07868 052367
- Manchester South: Mon & Sat eve + Wed lunch time. contact Ida or Reynold: 01260 276048

Ralph's personal experiences

"I found my way to the Subud group Cambridge in September 1997. At my first meeting I sensed a kind of soul connection with some members. Half of the group members were involved in music, singing and creativity. My first latihan was quite overwhelming and left me in tears. I got a glimpse of complete freedom, which was exciting and scary at the same time. I realised that I do not have to practise a certain mantra, or do special postures. I don't have to do anything at all. I am free.

The first months I have been struggeling with letting go of my mind control. I know that some members have been waiting many years for something to happen at all - and I am full with admiration for their perseverence. Gradually I managed to relax and surrender more. Especially the testing was very encouraging and confirming for me, that my mind is not making things up and cheating me."

Here are a few more of my experiences in latihan:

I do have the feeling, that in the last years I am more aware of a guidance in my life. I find it more easy to follow my inspiriations, which come pouring down.
I was happy to be the chair of the Cambridge Subud group from December 2001 to 2003."

Ralph Nimmann, Hebden Bridge, England, tel: +44 1422 647157 - e: rainbowralph[AT]gmail.com

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Some Fridays: informal chat about Subud & the Latihan, Hebden Bridge, 12:30ish-2ish
Do you want to find out more about the little known international sister- and brotherhood of Subud and the latihan, which is a unique way to connect with the Divine Creator-Life Force across religious boundaries, involving soound and movement?
During the Soup Dragon Godfrey (& sometimes Ralph) will be happy to chat with you.
Organic soup & bread are served for a donation from 12-3pm.
Venue: Hebden Bridge Methodist Church, Hebble End / Market Street, HX7 8EU


If you are interested and like to be invited to a Subud info event, please contact Ralph

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