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Chanting - spiritual songs round the world

Devotional Chanting

Below on this page you find:

Please send Ralph an e-mail, if you know any other open chanting groups
or if the details below have changed!

'The only thing better than singing is more singing' (Ella Fitzgerald)
"He who sings frightens away his ills" (Cervantes)
"Singing promotes health, breathing, circulation and digestion." (John Harvey Kellogg - Mr Cornflakes - 1931)
"He who knows the secrets of the sounds, knows the mystery of the whole universe." (Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi Master)

Ralph & Vitalija have moved to Hebden Bridge (Calderdale / West Yorkshire) in 2012

We are leading monthly Chanting evenings in Hebden Bridge and Taizé harmony singing Tuesday mornings

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What is devotional chanting?

The human voice as the most perfect instrument provides the possibility to connect with our soul and with God. This is why in many faith traditions the use of the voice plays an essential part. It resonates with the chakra system, activates the flow of subtle energies, uplifts the mood, balances mind and aura and can lead to a state of blissful joy. The deeper breathing activates and rejuvenates the body.

Chanting chooses sacred phrases or mantras from various traditions. They are sung repeatedly for minutes or hours and can create a strong feeling of community and connectedness.

Chanting can lead to mystic experiences beyond understanding. It helps to bring body mind and soul into balance and is very beneficial in our mind dominated society, especially for intellectuals.

Chanting is a joyful and easy way to let go of worries and depression. If you belong to the 80+% of the English population, who had traumatic experiences with singing earlier on: this is your chance! A gentle and joyful way with the benefit of healing these old blocks, helping to reclaim the power of your own voice.

Words can't really describe the experience of chanting with others: Feelings of joy from the inner child, ecstasy, stillness and peace, harmony, connectedness with yourself and others... All just by singing simple, mostly sacred songs from all over the world with an open heart in a joyful or meditative way. We sit together in a circle. All chants are easy to learn, so no textbooks or music have to be read. Many close their eyes while chanting.

Allow yourself to be touched and healed by the vibration of the voice. Share and experience the ways of spirituality, the truth and the light in their various manifestations:
the wisdom of Native American traditions, the joy of Jewish melodies, the magic of Indian bhajans, the depth of Sufi dances, the power of Islamic mantras, the roots of Christian mysticism and the harmonies of Taizé, the gentleness of Buddhist chants, the reconnection with the female creativity - and many straightforward songs of love.

You are welcome, no matter what you think about your own voice or any religions. We tune in to the vibration of our soul and move into greater degree of harmony in our energy system. Join us to celebrate life and praise life, the creation and the creator.

Some evenings may have a special focus (see Chanting & Peace dance Programme) and consist of Dances and Chanting matching the theme of the evening. You don't need to be religious to enjoy this experience, but it helps if you are open minded. Free spirit - free voice.

Read more about "The Creative Power of Sound" on
or check:

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Devotional Chanting Groups in England (and Berlin)

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Logo circle of heartsDances of Universal Peace in Cambridge / UK

Chanting while dancing in a circle! See Peace Dances in Cambridge or check the dance programme for next peace events in London, Norwich, Oxford & St. Neots.

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'Heart Song Chanting Group' at The Well-being Clinic, Marlborough

New group from 2008 on alternate Saturdays 3.30-5pm Open to those who wish to reconnect or to those who just simply want to sing. Contact Evelyn 01672-511357 / 07729-503008 - e: HeartSongTherapy[AT] or visit for more info.
VENUE: The Well-being Clinic, 6 London Road, Marlborough, Wiltshire.

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The Ickwell Bury Chanting Group (nr. Bedford)

Free your voice - everyone can sing. Even if you think YOU can't sing, this group is still for you. Enjoy sharing the sacred chants from Taize, folk songs from Africa, Native American, Indian chants, as well as simple rounds and harmonies from around the world.

So come and join with us and experience the healing power of sound:
Every 1st & 3rd Thursday each month 8 - 9:30 pm

Yoga for Health Fundation
Ickwell Bury near Biggleswade / Bedford / Herts
Phone Len on (01727) 854 566
Cost: £ 3 (conc. available).
Bring yourself, a candle and a drink.

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The St. Albans Chanting Group

Would you like to relax your body, calm your mind, refresh your spirit and affirm your humanity?
Why not try
Learn Sacred Chants and Anthems from all traditions.
We sing songs and chants from all around the world and throughout the ages.

We meet at 17 Ely Road, St. Albans every second and fourth Sunday of the month, 7:30 - 10:30pm.
No special singing ability is needed and all ages are welcome.
Small, friendly group; bring yourself, a cushione and a drink. No cost; donations welcomed
Phone Andy on (01727) 842 495 or Len on (01727) 854 566 for more details.

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Taizé harmony chanting

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Chanting - spiritual songs round the world Die Berliner Chanting-Initiative traf sich von 1991 - 1999 jeden Sonntag selbstorganisiert in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Seit 2009 trifft sich einen neue Berliner Chanting Gruppe Montagabends in der Martin-Luther-Kirche in Neukölln: 19 - 21 Uhr, KOSTENLOS!

Wir sitzen im Kreis und singen einfache spirituelle Lieder verschiedener Traditionen: kraftvolle und erdverbundene indianische Gesänge, Lieder von Liebe und universeller Weisheit, innige Sufichants, strahlende indische Bhajans und Mantren, lebensfrohe hebräische Lieder, christliche Gesänge und einfache Lieder, die sich keiner Tradition zuordnen lassen.

Alle Chants sind einfach - Textbücher sind nicht nötig. Sie werden wie ein Refrain wiederholt und lange gesungen. Chanting ist Selbstausdruck und heilend. Dabei öffnet sich das Herz. Die Stimmung wechselt von powervoll-ekstatisch bis innig-meditativ. Die Chants werden meist mit Guitarre und Percussion begleitet.

Neue Gäste sind herzlich willkommen!
Kontakt in Berlin: Kerstin Tel. 030 624 1816 - E-mail: singing-Kerstin[AT]
(oder: Holger (030) 445 9397 & Anne: (030) 216 8925)

Ort: Martin-Luther-Gemeinde in Berlin Neukölln, Fuldastraße 50 / Sonnenallee

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