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2nd "Sacred Harmonies" - chanting workshop
Sat 6th October 2007, 2pm - 6pm, Cambridge
with Ralph Nimmann
=> max. 15 places.

This voice workshop consists mainly of harmony chanting of Taizé chants
and harmony chants from the Dances of Universal Peace.

Magic harmonies are not only found in the Taizé chants - many peace dance chants (especially the Sufi chants) are suitable for harmony singing, but often - due to lack of numbers or the inability of the dance leader - they are only sung in unison.

In this workshop there will be plenty of opportunity to learn simple sacred chants (honouring various religious / spiritual tranditions) - and to experience the magic of singing them in harmony with others.
The human voice is a gateway to the soul. Singing in harmony with others resonates with all creation: sun, moon and the planets, the elements around us - and the atoms in us.

The chants are usually short and easier to learn than those of Nickomo's "Harmonic Temple".
Some of them will be in English or in powerful mantric languages like Latin, Arabic or Sanscrit.

Be prepared for a journey into a blissful world of sound and magic.
No experience required; it would help, if you'd dare to open your mouth - and ideally your heart as well...

Foto: Ralph Nimmann
     - March 2006 - The leader Ralph Nimmann loves creating a sacred atmosphere combined with a good sense of humour. He has played the French Horn in various youth orchestras in Berlin and Dortmund for 10 years. Then he became the drummer of the Berlin Chanting Group, and in the 90s he became the main leader of the Berlin Chanting Group and discovered the Dances of Universal Peace, which he is leading with voice and drum since 1991 (More about Ralph & the peace dances).
In 2007 Ralph joined the Cambridge Georgian choir "Chela":

Ralph is offering a monhtly Chanting group and Taizé harmony singing twice a month in Cambridge.
At the international Sacred Arts Camps in England he offers Taizé harmony chanting lessons.
In August 2006 he led a series of chanting & harmony singing workshops at the Latvian ATMAN camp.
Read feedback from participants - Ralph's Singing & Dancing Programme

Cost: £8 - £12 (sliding scale, according to your financial situation)
Venue: Friends Meeting House, 91 Hartington Grove (off Cherry Hinton Road, just behind the church) Cambridge, CB1 7UB =>George Fox Room

Booking & contact: please send an e-mail (or deposit of £5 to secure your place) to Ralph Nimmann, 45 Walpole Road, Cambridge, CB1 3TH, phone 01223 510 442, e-mail: .
Please include your phone and email contact.

More singing / dancing events with Ralph:

  • Spring and Autumn Peace Dance & chanting weekends at Loudwater Farm in London-Rickmansworth

    More about Devotional Chanting | Ralph & the Dances of Universal Peace | Rhythm is life - get it in your body! | Ralph's life...

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