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Circle Dancing around Cambridge / England
updated 11 Oct. 2011

Please confirm the meeting times and venues outside of Cambridge with the contact given.

Contents of this page:
WHAT IS Circle Dance (Sacred Dance)?
Cambridge Circle Dance group
The Cambridge International Club - weekly
Last Sunday / month: Circle Dances in Granchester with Mary & Norman - monthly
2nd Sat. / month: Circle Dances in Godmanchester / Diddington with Mary & Norman
Stefan Freedman about the Dances of Universal Peace
LINKS for Circle Dance / Sacred Dance

Sun 4 Dec 2011: Seasonal Circle dances with Bethan & Stefan Freedman, 11 am to 5 pm

All about Bethan & Stefan: www.worldance.org ~ enquiries: Jill Hope, e: jrhope[AT]onetel.com ~ tel: 01277 363 085
Cost: £24 if paid in full by Nov 25th. Or £28 paid after that. Please mail cheque payable B & S Freedman, to 87 Lacey St, Ipswich, IP4 2PH.

Drinks provided – Please bring an item of food for buffet lunch
Booking essential with full payment to B & S Freedman, 87 Lacey St, IP4 2PH.
Venue: The Meadows Community Centre, 1 St Catharine's Rd, Cambridge - ONSITE PARKING - Web map with arrow on streetmap.co.uk

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Sorry: Suzy died on the 5th of Oct. Please check if this event will happen or not!
Sun 11 Dec.'11 BURY ST. EDMUNDS: "Encircling the Land with Sacred Dance", 4.45-6.45pm

Suzy Straw, the organiser and leader writes:
"The creative pilgrimages prior to the dancing have been very well researched and led previously by Julia Cleave and now by Clare Higson and have attracted quite a few people. We dance in St Edmundsbury Cathedral, just in front of the altar in the heart centre. Sarah Friswell, the Arts Coordinator for the Cathedral, who is a dancer herself usually introduces us and next year the new (female) Dean is going to welcome us. Sarah led two of the early pilgrimages and introduced us to St Edmund, whose story is based around death and rebirth, appropriate for Scorpio. The Cathedral is dedicated to St. James, the patron saint of pilgrims and is close to the ruins and lovely gardens of what was an enormous abbey. The Michael/Mary line runs through here. Caroline McCausland sings and plays drum for the Pilgrims’ Dance. Matthew, a verger, always chooses to be on duty for us and is completely helpful and sympathetic, decorating the area with many candles and sometimes wafting incense. In 2011 we will dance in the late afternoon on Sunday, which is good for this dark time of year. Previously we have danced on a weekday evening. Last year there were 26 dancers including more men than usual which is always very nice."
Contact for Bury St. Edmunds: Clare Higson, 01284 750266 - for the 11 other places like Ely, Norwich and London see the Calendar on
"Encircling the Land in Sacred Dance" www.sacred-dance.co.uk

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What is Circle Dance (Sacred Dance)?

The circle is a universal symbol of wholeness and unity. Dancing in a circle is one of the most ancient ways in which people celebrate community and togetherness. Many of the dances were brought to Britain as 'Sacred Dance' by Bernard Wosien, a German ballet teacher, who travelled widely in Greece, Serbia and Croatia, where the old round dances were, and still are kept alive, and was struck by the sacred quality and symbolism that their ancient steps and rhythms expressed.

Circle dancing is now well established here and abroad and the dance repertoire has greatly increased. As well as drawing on the rich and diverse traditional dances of the Balkans, Greece, the Middle East, Russia and nearer home, there are modern dances set to all kinds of music from around the world. Circle dance is varied in style and mood. The aim is to create a sense of well-being and communion with others, inviting a sense of wholeness into our lives through the dance.

To move together, beyond words, following gentle rhythms and widening our awareness to a more global sense of humanity' can be spiritually and physically uplifting. (Issa)

"Dancing together opens a door into a wealth of experience and insight. Being in a circle with a shared focus creates a supportive atmosphere - a place of sanctuary from the everyday world." (Brian Steere)

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The Cambridge Circle Dance Group

SORRY! Since Summer 2007 Pam is not leading her monthly 3rd Wednesday/month dance group any more!
There will probably be seasonal dance meetings or visiting guest teachers - please check the Rainbow Network Events Page...

Yes, the Cambridge circle dance group was a bit sacred. Having some candles in the centre, we dance along to recorded music from lots of countries while holding hands and moving to the right, to the left, to the center, turn round, meet a partner sometimes... and occasionally get lost with our feet (that's when the joy and laughter comes in).
Contact: Pam Adcock, 01223 501 908 - Why not try Dances of Universal Peace?

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The Cambridge International Club

The Cambridge International Club aims to promote friendship between people of all nations and is open to all - you are welcome to join in. The Folk dancing is rather straight forward without candles or spiritual words. Sometimes in rows or formations, a rota of teachers offers quite a variety of dances from all over the world.

It is a pity, that so few of the many foreign guests join in. The price is £ 1.50 only (members £ 1, membership for a year = £ 7)

The Club organizes regular sauna evenings on some Fridays, shared meals at the "GradPad" every Sunday evening (7 pm) and outings into nature as well.

Folk Dancing every Monday 8:30pm - 10pm
St. Columba's Church, off Downing Street, Cambridge.
For more information see: http://freespace.virgin.net/mike.gutteridge/intclub.htm
e-mail: Mike Gutteridge mike.gutteridge@virgin.net

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Last Sunday / month, Grantchester: Circle Dancing with Norman

This group meets usually the last Sunday / month.
Time: 2-5pm, Cost: £7 / £6 conc.
PLEASE contact Norman 07901826274 e: by the Friday of the preceeding weekend.
VENUE: Grantchester Village Hall, High Street, Grantchester (SW of Cambridge, west of Trumpington -
Click here to see location with arrow in Cambridge street map)

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2nd Saturday / month, Godmanchester or Diddington: Circle Dancing with Norman

This group meets monthly usually the 2nd Saturday.
Time: 2-5pm, Cost: £7 / £6 conc.
PLEASE contact Norman 07901826274 e: by the Friday of the preceeding weekend.
Jan, Feb, May, July & Oct.'08 in Diddington
March, April, June (22nd!), Sept. & December in Godmanchester
VENUE 1: Queen Elizabeth School (at the river side), Godmanchester, (just south of Huntingdon)
VENUE 2: Diddington Village Hall , Diddington (north of Little Paxton & St. Neots)

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Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph & Vitalija - truly sacred - and joyful...

Stefan Freedman (international circle dance teacher) about the Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph & Vitalija:
"My ambivalence with DUP on several past occasions has been that while I relish the idea of multifaith songs and dances I've sometimes found the dance element slow and samey. And I haven't always been in an open state where I could connect genuinely with people. This felt uncomfortable sometimes like trying or pretending.

I very much appreciated the variety in the dances you both introduce, and the way the energy is very celebrational, playful and ecstatic at times as well as going into softer meditative places. This helps me get swept up and stay engaged. I also like the concise way you gave a context and meaning for some of the dances, without going on at any length. The inclusive way you are, as both individuals and together gave me a safe and sweet feeling which helped me to leave aside my critical tendencies and to feel embraced by the circle." (Stefan Freedman, international circle dance teacher - www.worldance.org, April '09 after dancing with us in Lewes)

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General Circle Dance Contact around Cambridge is Pam Adcock, 01223 501 908.
Contact for this web page: Ralph (subject = "dancing")

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