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Whitsun family camp near Poole / Dorset UK:
Saturday 26 May - Sunday 3 June 2001
Dances of Universal Peace - singing - outings - games - ideal for families with children - low cost - self organised

www.cam.net.uk/home/aaa315/dances/camp.htm  -  NEW: UPDATE 21 May 2001

Dances of      protected DUP Logo: circle of hearts      Universal Peace

The camp: This is a spontaneous co-operative camp based around singing, peace and circle dancing, games and outings. It relies on your active contributions. We did not invite or mention any peace dance teachers or names because of our focus on community and co-operation - but everyone is very welcome to join us and share their talents.
If you just want to hang around and be entertained: this is NOT your camp.

We have full use of the campsite facilities, toilets, showers, launderette, small shop and access to rope swings, a stream, and small woods and use of canoes. Unfortunately no ground fires, only raised half-barrels or barbeques. We are asking every adult to take an area of responsibility for camp running and to do two sessions with children (including outings). Please bring peace dances, circle dances, songs, stories and games to share.
We do not have a café or catering tent; if you have gas cookers and pots for camp fires, please bring them with you. Shopping trips and cooking should be organized by the participants.

Draft of flexible Programme:
8 - 9am: yoga/meditation/healing prayer/song.
9 -10am: peace dance/gospel alternative.
10:15 - noon: Community dance, followed by Pow wow, followed by Dances of Universal Peace and songs for everyone.
noon - 6:30 free time for nature outings and option for additional peace dance or other sessions.
7:30 - 9:00pm: peace dance/circle dance/games.
9:15-10:30pm: gospel singing/teenage fire and games time/adult stories/night games/social time/bed!

It is possible to attend this camp for part of the time only (for example after the Hazel Hill Wood event), but you have to pay the full price. Roger is running a singing weekend with Dee and Ali, Luke and Emma from the 25th till 28th near Bristol (tel: 01934 823 867). We'll welcome people from there.

The location is near Swanage, Wareham (next train station) and Poole, DORSET. The camp is set in beautiful nature with lots of inviting hiking trails, on a large field adjoining Burnbake campsite 5 miles (across dunes and moorland) from the sea at studland bay. The field is backed on one side by trees and adjoins a pine forest, the other side is overlooked by the access road to the campsite. The setting is secluded, off-road and peaceful.
The next supermarket is 12 miles away. Detailed map after booking.

Cost: £90-100 per family, £80 for single parents with children, £50 for adults. There are small concessions available for people on low incomes and Baltic or Russian guests (£20).
If you can, please send a check before 21st May - otherwise you'll pay at the camp gate.

Booking and contact are essential: numbers are limited (we cannot cope with unexpected masses suddenly arriving).
Phone Keith and Chrystia Hertogs before 10th May on 020 877 685 97
From 10 May phone Renate 020 885 727 46 -
Send cheques (in the name "Renate Lallo") only before the 21st May to
Renate Lallo, 50 Sandstone Road, London SE12 OUU (and add a note "for camp".)
After 21st May you still must contact Renate, but pay at the camp gate when you arrive.

Update from 21 May 2001

  • Last minute check list - please bring with you: paraffin lanterns, gas stove, metal drum container for shared fire (to protect the grass from getting burnt), a spare tent to offer for visitors from abroad, platers, mugs and cuttlery.
  • If you can offer lifts to the camp, please let Renate and Ralph know.
  • Camp office contact telephone number (during office hours): 01929 480 570
  • Nick considers running a mini café - if you feel inspired, please bring some things which are ueseful to run this café.
  • The camp needs a van on Friday 25th for transporting marquees and poles - can someone help? Contact Renate.
  • My suggestion: could some of us offer our Baltic guests some food or invite them for a meal during the camp. They would not ask for it - but it might be a nice gesture.

    If you have anything for this update box (eg. lifts to offer), contact Ralph (camp webmaster) on 01223 510 442 - or e-mail (subject = "camp")

Dances of      protected DUP Logo: circle of hearts      Universal Peace

CONTACT the webmaster for this page (Ralph)

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