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Ralph Nimmann & Vitalija Zelenevska-Nimmann
accompany the Peace Dances with drum & guitar
        Cambridge, September 2010

Cambridge Dances of Universal Peace
Saturdays with Ralph & Vitalija

(last updated: 8 Nov. 2012)

Ralph & Vitalija have moved to the Hebden Bridge / West Yorkshire. Sorry - we are not leading peace dances in Cambridge any more.

We are now part of the peace dance family in Calderdale
...well worth a visit!

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Cambridge DUP Afternoons with Ralph & Vitalija £15,-

Please bring: some snacks / finger food for the tea break - and an open heart.

Concessions: if the full cost is too much for you, please give as much as you can afford; lack of money should'nt prevent you from dancing & singing!

Contact & info: Angela de Burgh, 37 Howard Close, Cambridge, CB5 8QU. E-mail: phone: 01223 292618 (before 9pm please)

Venue: Friends Meeting House, 91 Hartington Grove, CB1 7UB, off Cherry Hinton Road (just behind the United Reformed Church) in south Cambridge.
A beautiful room (windows on all sides) & direct access to the garden with round lawn - perfect for dancing in a circle!
Free parking! Only 1 Mile from the Cambridge rail station. Bus: "Citi 3" (towards Cherry Hinton, stop: Coleridge Road).
Click here to see location with arrow in Cambridge street map

Ralph will offer peace dances with the focus on the seasonal theme
The dances cover a wide range from slow meditative to high energy dances honouring various spiritual / religious traditions, including partner dances, Sufi zikrs and some of Ralph's own dances.
No experience in singing or dancing is required - everyone is welcome.
Weather permitting, we hope to dance some dances outside on the round lawn in the sheltered garden adjoining the dance hall.
"If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance." (African saying)

Read Feedback from other dancers - View dance photos
If you have any requests for dances (list with Ralph's dances), please let Ralph know.
If you like to buy CDs or instruction booklets for the Dances, please let Ralph know which ones.

Experience the magic of the Dances of Universal Peace, their gentle uplifting and transformative effect:
Singing and dancing are elementary creative expressions of our being.
Focusing and using our bodies, hearts and souls, brings our whole being into balance and harmony.
The human voice is a gateway to the soul.
Forming a circle is a symbol and reminder of us being part of a community. In synchronised movements of the group as one organism, the separated individuality may dissolve into a blissful state of oneness.
Singing in harmony with others resonates with all creation: sun, moon and the planets, the elements around us - and the dancing atoms in us.
The soul can rejoice - and worries fade away . . .

Booking & contact: Angela de Burgh, 37 Howard Close, Cambridge, CB5 8QU, - phone: 01223 292618 (before 9pm)

Ralph Nimmann is a certified peace dance teacher and has led peace dances in Germany, England and Latvia and is experienced in creating a relaxed joyful and open atmosphere. Read feedback from participants.

Other singing / dancing events around Cambridgeshire:

Dances of      protected DUP Logo: circle of hearts      Universal Peace

Rainbow Network Cambridge

Ralph sometimes advertises the Dances of Universal Peace on the following web sites:

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