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Articles about Dances of Universal Peace
by Ralph Nimmann

Dancing and singing in Pompey (Portsmouth)! article by Janet Ayers for the NVPN Newsletter Spring 2012 - also published in the DUP UK Newsletter Spring 2012 - web posted here 7 April '12

Publishing and Advertising the Dances of Universal Peace
written for the DUP UK Network Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2010, web posted 28 Oct. 2010

Dances of Universal Peace an Inter-Faith experience
web posted 3 February 2010

International Dancing Heart Camp Latvia, July 2009 - articles by Ralph & Matthew Heyse-Moore (13th Dec. '09)
1st published in the UK Network for the DUP Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2009

Credit Crunch and the Dances of Universal Peace a positive perspective (1st Feb. '09)
posted on the Email discussion forum for the DUP: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dancingpeace/

Introducing the Dances of Universal Peace at the 12th Subud World Congress
(September 2005) - This article was first published in the European Journal fo the Dances of Universal Peace (#31, Dec. 2005)
to be published in the "We Circle Around" magazine of the International Dances of Universal Peace Network in 2006

Subud - a spiritual path involving sound and movement
(incl. a chapter: "The Dances of Universal Peace and Subud") - printed in the European Journal for the Dances of Universal Peace, issue 26 Spring/Summer 2003

About Dances of Universal Peace outreach
by Ralph Nimmann, UK Newsletter Dances of Universal Peace January 2003

Peace dances, Rainbow parties, inter-faith and a full(filled) life
published in the Subud Britain Bulletin August 2002

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Other Articles by Ralph

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