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Publishing and Advertising the Dances of Universal Peace
article by Ralph Nimmann - [web posted 28 Oct. '10]
This article was written for the DUP UK Newsletter Autumn / Winter 2010

      Ralph Nimmann
at the Sacred Arts Camp
        June 2010
Dear peace dance sisters and brothers in the UK,
I like to share some experiences, projects and inspirations with you:

Publishing new Peace Dances on the web:
I am sure, I am not the only dance teacher, who occasionally gets kissed by the muse (or inspiration), and as a result a new peace dance is born. I like to get in contact with other dance creators!
I have three projects on my mind:

  1. to publish all my dances which are matured and ready on my website www.rainbow-cambridge.org.uk/dances/our-dances.htm
  2. to produce a booklet with these dances
  3. to arrange a video-dance session for a DVD, or for www.youtube.com or http://revver.com/u/thedances
I have published over a dozen dances so far on my web site; each dance published was a lot of work, and felt like having given birth (sorry ladies for comparing). Do we need more dances? Well – I did not “produce” them because I felt I need more – they came to me! Of course I welcome them – and share them – and dancers love them. I changed several little things in the way I present them: the font, dance words and movements next to each other, one dance = one page... I hope it may inspire others.

The booklet will be titled: “Dancing with Fire”. I may include some dances from others – are there any?

For videoing a peace dance session, I found a Cambridge based semi professional volunteer. Originally I just wanted my new dances filmed, which would take about a day. My volunteer would like to also interview dancers and ask them questions like: “why are you dancing?” and “what do you get out of this?” and then make a documentary about it. Good idea, but I do not want to give the impression I am the one and only in this country leading the dances! My idea for next year is to arrange one video session with my dances and another session with other dance leaders leading a variety of dances.

My questions: who of you would be interested to lead one or more dances in a video session? And who of you would be interested to come and dance (yes, we need dancers! Our Cambridge circle is embarrassingly small). Or is there already a biggish circle of willing dancers somewhere, ready to go? Hear from you!

I also do wonder, if there are any competent volunteers to check the YouTube peace dances (over 320 dance videos) and write comments with the original movements (if they were changed) or make it clear where the melody was changed and add a note with a link to the dance write up (if available). I know some people, who learn to lead some peace dances from the Internet; unfortunately quite a few of the videos are incorrect, and a hint in the right direction would be really helpful.

FREE Dances of Universal Peace!
A Unitarian minister encouraged me to advertise the DUP better, in order to get more dancers to join. Good idea - but how? “Buy one, get one free”? We have some 4-hour sessions on Saturday afternoons in different cities; I came up with the idea to offer: “The first hour will be a FREE taster session!” That way everyone can come and try the dances without any financial commitment. Chances are high, that some of the newcomers will stay – or come again – or share their (hopefully amazing) experience with others. So far (2 sessions) I had 3 new dancers in the 1st free hour – encouraging.
Why don’t you to try it as well in your dance circle – or have you got a better idea?

Advertising the DUP for free on the Internet:
Of course, the best is to make sure your dance group is listed on www.dancesofuniversalpeace.org.uk – if you need a password, e-mail billthompson[AT]metronet.co.uk
If you search the web for “event dance mytownname” (or “What’s On”), you will find several web sites with “What’s On” listings in your region. Many of them allow you to submit your dance event yourself – and it’s free! Of course, the 1st time it takes a while to find the way how to get there, and you may need to create a username and password… but once you’ve done it, it’s easy! Often you can submit multiple events (1st Sunday / month), and sometimes you may find categories like “Dance” or “religious/spiritual”, where chances are higher that people will be interested.

Local Newspapers sometimes have free event listings – why not use them?

And then there are facebook.com and many other social web sites; some people spend hours there, because so much is going on there. You could add your peace dance event there and see what happens (well: probably not much – but you never know!) there is an excellent collection of web site information on the North American web site www.dancesofuniversalpeacena.org/ => Resources.

On the same web site you find a useful "Dance Organizer Toolkit", which has colourful pre-formatted posters, postcards and leaflets ready to download and edit.

Having said all that: cyber space somehow sucks energy, and I do understand, when people don’t like to waste their time in front of a screen! If you would increase your magnetism, dancers would somehow “smell it”, and find their ways to join your group…

Whatever you do: good luck!

Ralph Nimmann, Cambridge - www.rainbow-cambridge.org.uk/dances

More about Ralph (the author)

PS: NEW from November 2010: Dances of Universal Peace UK Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/dupuk


[ This article is on www.rainbow-cambridge.org.uk/dances/dup-pub-advertising.htm ]

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