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Ralph Nimmann & Mo'unisa Zelenevska-Nimmann
accompany the Peace Dances with drum & guitar
Loudwater Farm, October 2018

Feedback from participants about
Ralph's & Vitalija's 'Dances of Universal Peace' groups

Ralph & Vitalija have moved to Hebden Bridge in Calderdale / West Yorkshire
See their peace dance listing Manchester / Calderdale / Leeds

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Photos sometimes say more than words - view some photos from our peace dance weekends.

"Dearest Ralph and Mo’unisa and all,
Thank you for such a beautiful day on Saturday, it was just lovely to be with you and the rest of the group.
When I got out of the taxi and heard you all singing my heart really settled, opened and I felt really moved and when I saw you all in the circle on the lawn all of that deepened still! Thank you. It was hard to leave.
Have a lovely week in the cooler weather surrounded by flowers!
Much love and gratitude, Lindsay xxx"
[after our 24th DUP w/e in London-Rickmansworth 20-22 Oct 2018]

"Good morning and Thankyou one hundred times for a wonderfull weekend of connection and dances in a beautifull environment of peacefull nature .... I feel blessed to have been a part of this.
My journey back flowed like the river and people smiled and gave me their seats... I'm sure it was because my energy was glowing after everything we shared... I hope your journey was also fluid and you are both rested....
I'm sending big hugs to you both and feel honoured and gratefull that you are both a part of my journey xxx
Hugs of infinite light x Ajani xxx"

[after our 23rd DUP w/e in London-Rickmansworth 6-8 Oct 2017]

"Thank you for the peace dances I shared with you on Saturday. It was extraordinarily beautiful and vibrant to constantly invoke goodness and love whilst holding hands with strangers in circles of devotion. Lydia x
Wishing you both continued joy and may your work spread."

[after our DUP w/e in London-Rickmansworth March 2015]

"Thanks very much for the session / shared meal yesterday. It is a wonderful energy that you both share with so much commitment and enthusiasm. I think it's amazing that a group of people (many of whom haven't previously met) can be brought together to celebrate the many joys of life in such a whole-hearted way. I did agree that the 'partner' dancing helped to generate more of a sense of inter-connection but all of the dances added to the bond between those who came along."
[Tony S., Leeds, after dancing with us in Hebden Bridge 6th Dec. 2014]

Feedback from dancers at our 17th Peace Dance weekend at Loudwater Farm 24-26th October 2014:
"Dear Ralph & Vitalijia, This was my very first DUP and it was an uncomfortable experience for me... for about 5 minutes. After just a few short moments, my mind dropped into my heart where I found a beautiful meditative peace in the simple yet deep chants, dances and songs. I was made very welcome and the atmosphere was relaxed and supportive. I could come in and out as I wished and there was no pressure to join in. There were lots of different songs and chants from all religions and each tradition was given genuine respect. Thank you both for leading. Love to both of you until we meet again. Mike" - www.languagetree.org.uk

"Dear Ralph & Vitalija, The weekend was wonderful as always, full of love and friendship with old and new dancers becoming instant "family". Hazel and I look forward to your weekends, a time to put things in perspective, to reflect on things that really matter, to come home with more love in our hearts. (My youngest daughter says can I please "dance" often as it makes me a much nicer person).
The less busy format to the weekend with time to chill out without having to miss any precious sessions made the weekend more enjoyable. I look forward to seeing the video's, it will bring the weekend back to life for me. Bless you both, and look forward to seeing you in March, if not before. Much love, Heather W"

"Hi Vitalija and Ralph, thank you so much for the weekend - or at least the Saturday I was with you. It was just what I needed to oil the (well)springs of life once more. Phil" [London]

"Dear Ralph & Vitalija, Thank you for another nourishing and very varied day. I’ve never warmed to the walks before, but have done so this last two times with Vitalija, so that was an extra gift!" [John R. Stroud]

'Altisimo Corazon' - DUP with Ralph & Vitalija, Loudwater Farm, Oct 2014

'We are opening up in sweet surrender' - DUP with Ralph & Vitalija, Loudwater Farm, Oct 2014
More videos with Ralph & Vitalija leading Dances of Universal Peace on www.youtube.com/RainbowDanceUK/videos

“Thank you to Ralph and Vitalija for hosting a beautiful evening of song and music in Hebden Bridge. You created a space in which we evoked the divine and the sacred up high in your loft uplifting own energies to new highes of connection. In our hearts we are one. Till next we meet may the God and Goddess hold you in their hearts. Ho"
[Weaver of Webs from Leeds, after Full Moon Chanting in Hebden Bridge, October 2014]

“Vitalija’s teaching creates a gently supportive safe environment allowing penetration of the deepest and most subtle aspects of The Dances of Universal Peace. Her leadership enabled me to have the most profound experience of the Dances and the joy remains!”
With love and thanks, Helen [April 2014, after dancing a whole afternoon with Vitalija at our Todmorden DUP group]

Feedback from dancers at our Eat, Dance & Pray Together w/e @ Loudwater Farm London-Rickmansworth, 18-20 Oct 2013:
"Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I loved the few dances, that I was able to do - the openness towards the children and so generously being invited for lunch. No suggestions for improvements at the moment, but it would be great to make it more sustainable for you. Love from Siri Shanti"

"Dear Ralph & Vitalija, The weekend was uplifting as always. It would also be good if we could get more people coming, they don't know what they are missing. Love to you both. Heather"

"The dancing was really special - I like the open way in which you both lead the dances - allowing for contributions and suggestions of dances. So thank you for a lovely full moon celebration. Love to all, Jandy"

"Hi Dance Camp North folks! Love to report... Yesterday: my shoulder-injury preventing me from playing my weekly saturday Volleyball, i thought 'I'll wander down to say hello to Ralph'. (I'm not a h-u-g-e fan of D.U.P., but can still pop down...) :D Well what a treat!!
I'd not met Vitalija before - & she's adorable! What a sensational combination: Ralph, with his wee drum, & Vitalija with her both energetic & soothing guitar-playing! And they are sooo responsive to the attendees' needs & requests!
Very wee small turnout for this seminal workshop - but, as a local Chorlton lad, i'm gonna help them out with some local publicity.
I wanna share how i love what Ralph is offering our DCN community. We are so fortunate that he & Vitalija have chosen to make the North their home! We are privileged to have them offer us DUP in the Manchester-to-Leeds region. And it's exactly the sort of social & spiritual lubricant that we as a community hanker for! Hope to see u at the next one! :)"
Pete Kos [Oct. 2013 after dancing with us in Chorlton, south Manchester]

"Hello Ralph, I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and cannot think of anything you could have done better. I particularly enjoyed the arabic ones, and the ones where there was more repetition. It felt quite difficult learning the jewish ones and I found the pronunciation a challenge, but once I got used to it I enjoyed it. Maybe an evening event, using candles or other soft lighting would be lovely. I really enjoyed meeting you and the lovely Vitalija, and the interaction and love between the two of you was touching to observe.
Much love and hugs, Jan"
[September 2013 after the Todmorden DUP group]

"Dear Ralph, thank you for a wonderful afternoon, i thoroughly enjoyed it, and would recommend your events to others, as you both create a pure space for people to immerse themselves in the joy and beauty of dancing and singing. very uplifting. This was a new experience for me, so a lot to concentrate on initially ... many thanks and i am grateful for what you both created and for your lovefilled light,
in love light peace and joy, Susan"
[April 2013, Todmorden DUP group]

"Thank you both, it was lovely to join you... I very much enjoyed the afternoon Dances of Universal Peace with both you and Vitalija - the meanings behind the dances, and the little touches of extra interpretations from yourselves was lovely. Having some dances being led from each of you, and music played by both of you was such a nice blend - and the sharing we had after the break, before we danced again felt a real connecting of community. I look forward to joining you both again..."
[Jan T., after the Todmorden DUP group Sat 26 January 2013]

"Dear Ralph and Vitalija, Thanks again for a deeply spiritual experience on Saturday. It was just what I needed!"
[Tom, after the DUP Todmorden group January 2013]

"Dear Ralph and Vitalija, Dancing with you is the best thing in my life these days, and it has been so wonderful that you have been coming to Norwich regularly. The way you lead the dances speaks to me at a very deep level and opens my heart in a way that nothing else does ... Lots of love to you both" (Frances, Norwich, July 2012)

"Hi Ralph, I am still enjoying Saturday. What a lovely experience I had with such warm and friendly people. I will never forget it and will certainly come again." (Jeanette, London-Islington DUP group, April 2012)

Feedback from dancers in Portsmouth after a peace dance day (Sun 4 March 2012)
with Ralph & Vitalija, organised by Janet Ayers (www.portsmouthvoices.blogspot.com)

"Thank you so much Janet for organising. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was inspired. My word for the day. Was Yummy, Yummy Yummy. It was nourishing with spirit, food and love. Making new friends and reconnecting with a higher spirit that had been flagging. Thank you, with love (Sallie, Portsmouth, March 2012)

"I thoroughly enjoyed dances for peace and would be interested in further events. It was a shock going back into ordinary life after the day - so much tension and clanging!... (Hilary, Portsmouth, March 2012)

"I wasn't sure what to expect, and it took a little while to get into it. I was also worried about picking up the words of the songs. But Ralph was very good at putting you at ease, and I soon realised that the movements of the dance helped you learn the words. I was surprised how calming the dances were - the mantra-style of the music induced a mindfulness state. I wasn't sure about the quiet after the songs.... Thanks for arranging this - it was a special day and I certainly would be up for doing some more. (Christine, Portsmouth, March 2012)

"Thanks to Ralph and Vitalija whose loving, peaceful and meditative qualities were so refreshing and needed by me. ... Thinking about arranging other events like this, I like the idea of it. But the unspoken ingredient [the silence after each dance] could possibly be missing? Perhaps I have too little faith?" (Sue, Portsmouth, March 2012)

"Abby and I had a wonderful time on Saturday. It was a completely new experience for us, quite difficult to adjust to at first and tiring, but we were having such a good time by the end that we didn't want to leave. Everyone was so lovely and we were glad to have met them all. We felt like they were friends! We definitely left smiling, which was appropriate for 'World Happiness Day', and would love to come again." (Jessica, February 2012, London-Islington DUP group)

"Absolutely amazing"... "Total bliss"... (comments from 2 dancers)

"Yesterday's dance session was powerful, uplifting and at times incredibly moving, especially the last dance. I came away feeling blissed out and full of goodwill to all mankind. Thank you and Vitalija for facilitating such a wonderful experience. And my new beginning wish seemed to be taking shape that very evening! Thanks again and many hugs to you both" (Sue B., Norwich)

"I have very much enjoyed yesterday's dances. I have no criticism of any part of it. You and your wife are wonderful people. I have never met anybody as unselfish and as caring as the two of you." (Martha W., Norwich)

"The dances are joyous, and imbue a feeling of calm, in a very welcoming and friendly environment" (Mark, Norwich)

(Above feedback from Norwich peace dancers after the session 21st January 2012, theme: "New Beginnings")

"A lovely afternoon in a lovely containing space. A small group and everybody very open, friendly and welcoming. All new dances to me, but explained easily. Simple Meditative chants with the dance accompanied by music with Vitalija on guitar and Ralph on Drum. What is so nice is that I could work on getting the dance or chants right but if I made mistakes it didnt matter, a great relief finding structured dance challenging and forgetting complicated chants. The whole was a practice of connecting in spirit and that being seen in connection with one another. (David, after dancing @ London-Richmond, August 2011)

"Dancing with Ralph is always a special day in my diary. No matter how busy I am, the three hours with our group always relaxes, calms, and give me a taste of inner peace. Ralph seems to know how to bring this about with the dances. A very spiritual man." (June, St. Neots July 2011)

"Hello Ralph,
I was at The dances of universal peace last Saturday in Islington, I wanted to tell you that it was a very good experience for me, I didn't know what I was putting myself through and I have to say that it was an energetic experience, feeling the energy within the circle and a good harmony between the people in it.
Thank you for making me feel part of your circle and I'll see you soon in dance.
Montse" (after the themed dance afternoon: "Spring - Awakening!" in London-Islington, March 2011)

"It was one of the best Dancing evenings with you, Ralph!
Deep longing is added to the joy & happiness that are always pouring from you - that resonates nicely with my being!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautful harmonies and diving into the heart of the One!
love, Yelena"
www.dup-lv.webs.com March 2011 (after a DUP evening in Riga)

"Dear Ralph, it was a lovely session and felt like coming home, & being part of a family of peace dancers - praying, dancing and eating together, as Sam said. Many thanks for your lovely teaching and leading. With love from Mary" (Norwich Peace Dance Group, February 2011)

"Just to say thank you for the very insightful DUP session on Saturday. It was truly magical and was received with perfect timing. It was a wonderfully creative and healing experience for me. I would love to explore this theme with the dances further sometime. Thanks again," (Jo, after a themed dance session: "Honouring the Darkness" in London-Islington, November 2010)

"...thanks to you for the very enjoyable, uplifting dances you led for us. Love," (Maureen, after a London-Islington dance afternoon Oct. 2010)

"...I enjoyed everything about camp.... I love your dance leading!" Charlotte Sabora, Montana / US, after the 'Dancing Heart Camp' Latvia (http://dup-lv.webs.com/latviancamp.htm), August 2010

"Dear Ralph, I cannot really offer any critical feedback. I loved it all. It was very human (also very “spiritual” ). Even the problem finding things in the kitchen was OK. Even people dancing or not dancing was OK. For me one of the highlights was the contribution made by Vitalija. Her music, support, peace, and spirit were for me a solid rock upon which the whole weekend rested. Sometimes I found it difficult to balance my feelings, to be able to mix exuberance with peace, laughter with meditation, loudness with silence, and freedom with discipline, but that’s life and I really enjoy it. It is how I like to live anyway. I did love the people in our group and would have welcomed more time to “socialise,” but for me the dance was the thing, the Number 1 !
As always I am grateful for your efforts and skill in teaching complicated 3 and 4 part harmonies synchronised with people doing different moves. I often thought that it could never work, but your sure control not only kept thing going but kept us learning and improving. I like your teaching style.
Love to you both,"
(Anthony O., London, March '10 after our weekend 'Sacred Joy')

"Thank you again for all your preparations and enthusiasm and energy spent! And thank you for your generosity of bringing all those publications such as dance manuals, Subud info etc.
I liked the timing, having some space on Sunday morning before the Taizé singing. Some retreats and weekends don't give that space, they start earlier. I really need it.
I found the whole event very relaxed. The venue helps to be relaxed, for example finding one's own space in the dormitory. For me this group size was wonderful.
The entire experience of this weekend was one of having been in a completely different world, in different realms. The environment was part of it, the meadows outside, the horse couple with their foal, the stream, spring bursting out... And the lovely group! I came home nurtured, at a different place in my life's journey, full of memories, aware of my heart. Today it is as if I'd dreamt it all.
With much love, Sabine"
(London, after the 'Sacred Joy' weekend, March 2010)

"Thanks for a good afternoon yesterday. It was amazing how you could get us to some fairly complicated dances and chants with such ease! I did enjoy the atmosphere, the peace, the balance of energy, the tea break.... I look forward to more dancing with you and am planning to join you at Loudwater."
(Anthony O., London-Islington, Febr.'10)

"A big THANK YOU to you and Vitalija for a wonderful session at Subud House! The way you provided a mixture of higher energy dances and more meditative ones was just right for me. I do need that joyful stronger energy to loosen me up and help me connect with my own inner energy (which often gets submerged beneath the stresses of life). Also I find the partner dances wonderful for helping me to open up to other people at a deeper level." (Frances, Norwich, January 2010)

"Dear Ralph,
Thank you for coming to Norwich, it will be wonderful if you manage to get a regular group dancing here several times a year.
To start off with I wasn't too sure about whether I would like the session. Your style is very different from Glenda and Trevor's and I missed having a guitar accompaniment and the group was much smaller than I was used to but I was quickly able to let go of that and then I loved every minute. I particularly loved the dance you developed in which we were singing and dancing different parts simultaneously. It was beautiful and must be very special when there are more dancers. I can imagine 16 or 20 of us dancing it on the lawn in the summer."
(Caroline, Norwich, January 2010)
[Vitalija did not play guitar, because she has been unwell. Caroline is referring to the Bismillah Riga Cycle - Ralph]

"Thank you so much for the very special dance afternoon today. It was very meaningful to me. Not just any odd dances...
Love, Sabine"
(Sabine G-B, London, January 2010 after a themed dance session: "New Beginnings")

"I got ecstatic just by watching you dance and sing!"
(Ricky, watching us dancing "in public" at the Mill Road Winter Fair Cambridge, 5th December '09)

"The last dance in Norwich was very beautifully and thoughtfully set up and there was enough space for everybody to feel comfortable and welcomed. It was a grounding and uplifting experience." (Sebastiana M, Norwich, Nov. '09)

"Dear Ralph and Vitalija, I enjoyed the weekend in Rickmansworth very much and found it very powerful. Somehow there was a strong feeling of Latvia energy there! And I felt a real sense of dedication in you both and among the dancers. It felt like the weekend was very healing for all of us and for the Earth. Thankyou for your hard work, the organising and the holding." (Matthew H-M, Bristol, October '09)

"Dear Ralph and all, my feedback for the weekend at Loudwater:
for me this weekend was about connecting to the group. We were a small group and I had met everyone before except for one person, and as we moved deeper into the dance the heart connection with everyone became deeper and deeper until even the cooking and washing up together felt like a joyful celebration!
Thank you Ralph, Vitalija and everyone. In Peace, Angela d B"
(from Cambridge, October 2009)

"Thank you all for a delightful weekend, totally satisfying at every level, I think you Ralph and Vitalija make an excellent well-balanced team which was shown by the synchronistic flow of the programme. Love & Light and Gratitude to all of you." (Ann M., from London-Richmond, October 2009)

"The dancing and singing that you created for us, at Richmond yesterday, Ralph, led me to that beautiful and undeniable feeling of peace and harmony within. It is when you see love in the eyes of another, and you give love to them, through the dancing, that your heart fills with love and gentleness. To see devotion in the heart of another, brings it out in ourselves. Yesterday, I felt that I was dancing with other lovers of God, (or the Universal Source - whatever name we choose to give it), and that we shared in the beauty of the Divine together. Is there any more beautiful feeling than the feeling of mystical love? I felt that in my being, when I walked home afterwards.
With loving gratitude."
  (Ann H., London-Richmond, October 2009)

       Peace Dancing at Loudwater Farm,
London-Rickmansworth with Ralph, July 2009
Peace Dancing with Ralph at Loudwater Farm, London-Rickmansworth, July 2009

"It was such a pleasure to meet you that day!:) I arrived at Loudwater feeling exhausted and unwell. I ended up singing and dancing and leaving feeling really alive and connected to the spirit of humanity that we created together. It was great to meet a kindred spirit and combine love and light to nourish the mind, body and soul. Be well and I hope we meet again." (Sahera, Birmingham, after a dance session with Ralph in London-Rickmansworth, July '09)

"The best peace dance session I had - ever!" (Matthew H-M, Bristol, after a dance session with Ralph & Vitalija at the Dancing Heart Camp Latvia, July '09)

"I like your style of leading very much. My ambivalence with DUP on several past occasions has been that while I relish the idea of multifaith songs and dances I've sometimes found the dance element slow and samey. And I haven't always been in an open state where I could connect genuinely with people. This felt uncomfortable sometimes like trying or pretending.
I very much appreciated the variety in the dances you both introduce, and the way the energy is very celebrational, playful and ecstatic at times as well as going into softer meditative places. This helps me get swept up and stay engaged. I also like the concise way you gave a context and meaning for some of the dances, without going on at any length. The inclusive way you are, as both individuals and together gave me a safe and sweet feeling which helped me to leave aside my critical tendencies and to feel embraced by the circle."
(Stefan Freedman, international circle dance teacher - www.worldance.org, April '09 after dancing with us in Lewes)

"Thank you for a blissful weekend. I enjoyed every minute – dancing under the willow tree, singing Taizé together before breakfast, Vitalija’s element circle ritual, cooking and sharing delicious food and the company of warm, open-hearted people. You and Vitalija are very special souls and I truly love dancing with you. Thank you!" (Sue Mira, Kent, April 2009)

"Thank you so much for leading the wonderful weekend at Loudwater!
It was such a heart-filling experience: singing and dancing in the spring sun-warmth of the beautiful garden, with the background sound of birdsong and the rushing little river; the powerful spirituality of the prayer-wheel ceremony; later in the barn the special intimacy of continuing our dances in the dark; the glorious, uplifting Taizé singing before breakfast; dancing in the medieval hall, including the ancient Latvian dance Vitalija led; and the closing session ending with the love-energy of hugs with people I'd become so close to in only 24 hours.
For me it worked better than ever with Vitalija leading some sessions/dances, and Ralph others - an ideal balance. The variety of settings, mentioned above, was also great. I also felt that the balance of starting some dances with minimal talking worked really well, while others had some helpful background explanation."
(Simon from Manchester, April 2009)

"I want to thank you so much for the dancing yesterday. You truly embodied the spirit of the dances in a way which I have not previously seen; and it was, indeed 'light and deep.' I felt very happy to be there. All in all, an excellent afternoon.
Thanks also, Ralph, for creating a dance space in North London - and it is a lovely space, certainly.
It was a pleasure to see you again and to see how you have developed into such a wonderful sensitive Dance leader, Ralph, and a pleasure to meet you, Vitalija and also experience the lovely dances you taught so flowingly."
(Shan, London - www.livingexcellently.co.uk, 1 March '09)

"Looking forward to more dancing in the light. I felt such a connection to the peace dance in the peace dance and since." (Sherab, Cambridge 2008)

"For me this was very beautiful and very worthy trip. I can only thank God that He has sent me exactly what I was searching for - a dynamic meditation, connected with dancing. I have been practising a static meditation, but as I feel, this spiritual practice helps more to establish this meditative state in the material life (because when you move, it's more difficult to keep your mind peaceful). So its like a middle step, like a bridge witch unites the spiritual and the material world. That's how I feel about the Dances now. ...
One of the most beautiful events of my life so far!"
(Rasa V., Latvia, 2008)

"The Dance programme Ralph and Vitalija prepare for us is always deep. We always feel a subtle atmosphere of love, harmony and beauty. …. you always feel lightness, joy and light in the circle, bringing dancers to that special state, which one still can feel a long time after. Ralph’s and Vitalija’s energies are: fire, air and bubbling deep water." (Gunta Saule, Latvia, 2008)

"I like very much the peace and joy atmosphere of these dances and songs. It was very easy to participate although it was my first time. I like also very much the diversity of traditions from which these dances and songs are coming." Ludivine, May 2008

"I enjoyed the dances and chanting very much and would like to come again. ... Thankyou for making me feel welcome! Warmest wishes, Suryamani", May 2008

"Dear Ralph & Vitalija
thank you for coming to Richmond to lead the creation of such a beautiful approach of love, peace, community and upliftment - it was lovely to meet you both... many sweet and exciting blessings, Lindsay" (February 2008 after a peace dance afternoon)

"Hello Ralph & Vitalija,
I returned from your 'We are opening up in sweet surrender' weekend with such energy & an openness, that friends and work colleagues noticed with no prompting! Thank you for such a wonderful weekend." (Sallyann, November 2007, Liverpool)

".... We have a similarly gifted teacher, right here in our midst at Hartington Grove. Ralph Nimmann takes us in Taizé chants for three-quarters of an hour before meeting for worship every second Sunday. It is hard to think of any better way of coming to meeting with "hearts and mind prepared".
...could I encourage everyone to think seriously about coming? Ralph is wonderfully patient and takes great care to make sure that everyone feels included. I am sure that, like Lizzie, Ralph could get even the most hardened non-singer to surprise themselves. In the words of the Quaker hymn, "How can I keep from singing?"
July 2006, Jan Arriens [about the Taizé harmony chanting 2nd and 4th Sunday morning]

".. I wish you every success on your path. Your heart and soul are in excellent shape! - just watch out for the behavioural patterns and look into what is driving them!
I have learned and grown much from your teachings over recent years, Ralph and from the love, community spirit and spirituality which you model so well." Mike

"Dear Ralph - April 13th 2003
With regards to the DUP weekend just finished at Rickmansworth: thank you for a fantastic couple of days. I found it very moving and inspiring. The site was lovely especially with the sun and the river. Your leadership was sensitive and caring.
The dancing and chanting seem to let me express something which I've been wanting to express for years but I which I seldom could before, so I'm very grateful."

partner dance
@ a residential weekend 2003

"The best session of this week" (an 82 year old lady after participating in a Taizé harmony chanting at the International Subud Gathering, August '02)

"I enjoyed last night's peace chanting & dancing - I didn't know what to expect but it was nice to feel so accepted and to mix with a bunch of gentle folk... I am very happy that there is a local 'movement' along these lines - I thought with the demise of The Cambridge Centre it had disappeared, so thank you for doing so much to keep it alive!" (March 2001)

One participant even cancelled a trip to Bali (seriously!) after attending our Cambridge peace dance group. "I so enjoyed the evening, even though at times it was a little challenging - I just kept surrendering. I had little idea that I could experince such an event just round the corner from me in Cambridge and not in Devon or Bali! Thank you for holding the space the way that you do..." (January 2001)

[A Chanting experience from a singer and voice teacher:] "... I felt more able to strip away and let go of the conditioning of "having to be perfect and getting it right". I found myself deeply immersed in the centredness of the sounds and the engaging with others in the group at a level that connects us all to the Divine, I experienced a transcendence. With reflection I am highly aware that this was reached via my willingness to let go and not by feeling I had to sing. My whole being sighted with relief!" (Dec 2000)

"I am writing this message to thank you for bringing to me the wonderful experience of your chanting and dancing group. It is one of the most powerful and beautiful experiences I have had in the whole of my life. I am so pleased and grateful..." (April 2000)

"Thanks for the chanting group last night. I do find I get an immense amount out of it. It is odd feeling so connected with people I don't know! but I suppose it is something about joint purpose or community: the spiritual part."

"Dear Ralph, Thank you for last night. It was a lovely evening."

"Thanks again for the chanting yesterday, it's so revitalizing! I don't know if it helps but today it seems that my conversations through telephone are deeper, more conscious, kind of joyful exchange, whatever the subjects could be!"

"I'm thrilled to be coming to the chanting group, because is one of the things I've wanted to do for years.... Towards the end of last evening I began to feel very strongly that now, finally, was the time to find and free my voice, because most of what I had previously, got in the way of my full vocal self-expression, had now been released.... I do very much appreciate the passion & enthusiasm you bring to what you do, & the very open-hearted & vulnerable way in which you're willing to do it."

"Although I didn't feel the effect strait away, I've realized since I've been home that the chanting tonight did me loads and loads of good. I feel recharged for tomorrow."

"Thanks for bringing so much song and dance and joy to Cambridge and to me..."

Read about the adventures & feedback while "Dancing in the Street" in Cambridge, Dec. 2001

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