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Dances of Universal Peace Afternoons in Norwich
Please contact Frances if you are interested!

DUP weekend days @ the White House, Norwich:
Dances of Universal Peace with Diane Cheshire

Free of charge - donations welcome. Please bring lunch to share.
Numbers are limited
; if you want to come please
contact Maddie on 01603 627197 - maddie[AT]phonecoop.coop
(also known as: peace dancing - Sacred Circle Dances - Sufi dances... a kind of international spiritual folk dance / movement meditation)

Ralph & Vitalija have moved to Hebden Bridge in Calderdale / West Yorkshire
See their peace dance listing Manchester / Calderdale / Leeds

Dances of Universal Peace @ Norwich Subud House 
     with Ralph & Vitalija, October 2011
Dances of Universal Peace @ Norwich Subud House with Ralph & Vitalija, October 2011

Be prepared for a light and deep, uplifting experience from joyful ecstatic high energy dances to slow meditative movements...

"Absolutely amazing"..... "Total bliss"... (comments from Norwich peace dancers after the session 21st January 2012 - read more feedback from dancers)
Dances of Universal Peace: singing simple chants while holding hands and dancing in a circle - a powerful joyful spiritual experience.
Ralph’s & Vitalija’s style is intense, deep into the heart - and yet light and humorous, supported with drum & guitar.
We love playing with polarities by offering a mix of dances like joyful Jewish dances, harmony Hallelujas, Sufi zikrs, partner dances - and adding harmonies (men and women singing different voices at the same time).
In the left link box you find more about the Peace Dances, about Ralph & Vitalija, feedback from dancers, photos, articles, our programme & more...

Norwich Dancers of Universal Peace (@ the Subud House) 
     with Ralph & Vitalija, April 2012
Norwich Dancers of Universal Peace (@ the Subud House) after dancing with Ralph & Vitalija, 28 April 2012

Dances of      protected DUP Logo: circle of hearts      Universal Peace

The info below refers to the time until summer 2012, when Vitalija and Ralph used to visit Norwich every few months:

Foto: Ralph & Vitalija Nimmann, 2008 in Latvia Do something for your soul - awaken your inner light - feel the spirit of community - enjoy chanting and dancing in our circle. Read more about the peace dances

No experience in singing or dancing required. Everyone is welcome: "If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance" (African saying).
Children are very welcome, if they like singing and dancing - otherwise chances are high they will be bored and disturb.

Times: arrive 11:45, begin 12 noon, short lunch break 1:30pm, tea break 3:45, end 5pm, (we'll fine tune times with the dancers present)

Please bring: food for sharing for the lunch & tea break, loose clothing - and an open heart.

Cost: FREE taster session from 12-1:30pm (lunch break)!
£20 (If this is too much for you: please give as much as you can afford - lack of money should not prevent you dancing!)

The leader Ralph Nimmann is an experienced peace dance teacher and mentor-in-training. He has led many dance weekends in London and days in Berlin and Latvia on several occasions and was a main teacher at 2 peace dance camps in Latvia. He is experienced in creating a relaxed joyful and open atmosphere. Ralph leads a Taizé harmony singing group and sings in the Cambridsge Georgian choir CHELA. Read feedback from participants of the peace dances.

Vitalija accompanies the peace dances with guitar. She is part of the Sufi Movement http://www.sufimovement.org. Together they create a harmonious atmosphere.

Contact & enquiries: Frances, 01603 662243 (before 8pm please)
If you intend to come, please contact Frances - max. 20 places!

VENUE: Subud House, 6 The Close (in the grounds of Norwich Cathedral), NR1 4DH. Go through the "Ethelbert" Cathedral gate (opposite Queen Street), then after 50m Subud House is on your right. Phone: 01603 614883.
Very limited parking! - Click here to see location in Norwich street map
=> Park & Ride Norwich: www.norfolk.gov.uk/consumption/idcplg?IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&nodeId=278
=> St Andrews Car Park Norwich (£5 all day): www.norwich.gov.uk/webapps/atoz/service_page.asp?id=148

More Peace Dance events in the region:

Dances of      protected DUP Logo: circle of hearts      Universal Peace

[ this page is www.rainbow-cambridge.org.uk/dances/norwich.htm ]

More peace dances in the UK with other teachers: www.dancesofuniversalpeace.org.uk
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