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Ralph's Dances of Universal Peace

( updated December 2017 )

Below you find a list of Dances of Universal Peace, which came through Ralph.
We are gradually adding the music and dance descriptions one by one as a pdf file.

Our YouTube video channel with Ralph & Vitalija leading Dances of Universal Peace:
=> www.youtube.com/RainbowDanceUK
(updated January 2018!)
Watch a Playlist with 14 peace dances, led by Ralph on youtube.com/watch

We are looking for someone, who would be happy to video more of our dances!
Special thanks to John Rees in Stroud, who is writing the musical scores for us!

All dance movements and melodies by Ralph, if not stated otherwise.
If you have any information about the origin or background of the melodies (see below), please contact Ralph!
More dance descriptions will be posted soon.

Dances of      protected DUP Logo: circle of hearts      Universal Peace

The overview below with dances sorted by speed, rather than by religious categories is a useful way to plan a dance programme:
Slow Dances:
Om Tare Tam Soha   P
Holy God, holy and strong 4
A Chassidic Melody Dance
Jaya Jaya Devi Mata namaha   P, 2
Bismillah Erahman Riga Cycle1&3   2
Breath, you are breathing me   3
Medium speed:
I love what comes & I love what goes  P, 2
Taizé Alleluia   2
Scooping Halleluja   3
Spirit is around us like a rainbow
Jai Mata Kali, Jai Mata Durga   P
La illaha il Allah ("Haqq Allah") Zikr Dance  
Washroom Zirkr  
We are opening up in sweet surrender P, 2
Fast Dances:
Celebratory Hallelujah   P, 2
Modern Halleluja   3
Lai lai lai lai (clap)   P
Jalalalalai (And be Joyful)
Bismillah Alhamdulila Riga Cycle2   P
Round and round we go   P, 3
Under the full moon light we dance
P = partner dance  -   2 = 2 voices  -   3 = 3 voices   -   details of these dances see below.

Ralph & Vitalija have moved to Hebden Bridge in Calderdale / West Yorkshire
See their peace dance listing Manchester / Calderdale / Leeds

Yemaya dance in the Baltic Sea with Ralph @ the 'Dancing Heart Camp' August 2010
Yemaya dance in the Baltic Sea with Ralph @ the 'Dancing Heart Camp', August 2010

Since 1997 Ralph has created the following dances ( [...] = not quite ready yet):

Dances of Universal Peace created through Vitalija Hayat, Gary M - and friends:

Coming... I hope to publish here:
  • 2 dances by Max Reed: (Ya Kuduz - Leila Umma) and (Aneia hibi wahanna)
  • one dance by Gary Meitiņ,: ("Latvian Hineh Matov Umanaim")
  • one dance by Vitalija Hayat: Allah Allah Allah Allah.

    Chants by Ralph

    Apart from the melodies listed above which came through Ralph, here are some chants,
    which have not evolved yet into a peace dance:

    LINKS & Peace Dance write ups on the web

    Dances of      protected DUP Logo: circle of hearts      Universal Peace

    Each of the Dances has it's own history - some came within a second while cycling in a happy mood, others gradually evolved...
    The process of creation, and "who created this dance?", is a bit of a mystery, and probably a co-creation of inspiration, intuition and experience. I would describe the process like: "The inspiration came into me - and the dance came out of me."
    In Ralph's case the background of many years of Sacred Dance / circle Dance has certainly been helpful.
    Having beeng on a spiritual path and practicing the Subud Latihan, or listening to "the still small voice within" in the Quaker Meeting, may also have helped the creative process.

    If you want to journey deeper into the dances or share them with others:
    Ralph is also supervising dance teachers, training to become a mentor - please contact Ralph.

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