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Dances of Universal Peace - Outreach
by Ralph Nimmann,   R a i n b o w   Dance Cambridge   (Dec '02)

On our DUP UK Network AGM in November '02 we decided, that there should be a co-ordinator / supporter for outreach activities of the peace dances. I volunteered to be the contact for the future outreach team. Are you interested in actively getting involved?

What is outreach?

        1. If you write an article or advertise about the Dances of Universal Peace in a newspaper, magazine or any publication, including the Internet
        2. If you introduce the DUP geographically to a new place
        3. If you introduce the DUP to an organisation or specific group of people e.g. to religious / spiritual groups (Baha'i, Pagan, Sai Baba, Subud, Unitarian, inter-faith or any traditional faith group), body related (circle dance, 5 rhythms, Tai Chi, yoga), voice related groups like choires, Body Mind Soul Exhibitions / spiritual and healing fairs and special groups like children, old people, disabled people
        4. Generally: if you are reaching out to introduce the DUP to new people
By sharing our experiences, ideas, strategies and by using our connections and expertise we can become more efficient. Some groups / organisations are quite likely to be interested in the peace dances: if they are into meditation, especially moving meditation, if they dance or chant, focused on healing, if they are an inter-faith involved group or at least open to other faiths.

The outreach team collects information about DUP teachers, who are members or involved in the groups mentioned above: who is member of a Unitarian Church / a Jewish community etc.?

Example: since I became the chair of the Cambridge Subud group, I was in a position to introduce the DUP to an international Subud congress with over 1000 participants from many countries; other peace dance teachers would not have had a chance to teaching there. As a result some people from Austria, the Ukraine and England were interested in looking for peace dance groups near them. I also organised a residential follow up weekend, among them 10 Subud members joining in for the first time. Since I also wrote an article in the members Bulletin, all 60 groups in Britain know now about the peace dances; a general suspicion about getting involved in other non-compatible spiritual activities is slowly giving way to an acceptance, that is OK for Subud members to do the peace dances.
[Update 2005: see also Introducing the DUP at the Subud World Congress 2005]

The same can happen, if one of us would introduces the peace dances to a meeting of the 'British Wheel of Yoga', to the summer camp of the Quakers etc. Magazines like "Positive News" or "Kindred Spirits" are likely read by people, who might be interested in our dances as well as various local "What's On" magazines. If anyone feels inspired to write an article, they should let the outreach team know. We can check and collect the article and pass them on.

Next steps:

All information will be kept as confidential as you wish; but it should be considered to make some outreach information available on the Internet, so everyone can easily access it. Naturally the outreach team needs to co-operate closely with the DUP networkers.

If you like to help creating an outreach team or can provide some information or ideas,
please contact me or send me an e-mail: .
(You are welcome to join my e-mail lists to receice e-invitations)

PS (from Nov. 2010):

I suggest, we make the following listing of all DUP teachers on our web site www.dancesofuniversalpeace.org.uk available, giving the following information in a table:
name, based in,
dance groups where? status (in training / supervised teacher / supervising / mentor) willing / able to travel (public transport / car, area) playing an instrument? Special DUP focus? member in other bodies / religion web site contact and more

This overview will enable dance enthusiasts, event organisers or other groups to directly find a DUP teacher who may be suitable and able to come and lead a DUP event.