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Ralph & Vitalija & the Dances of Universal Peace

Vitalija, summer 2013

Ralph with drum 2014
Ralph with drum 2014

"Yesterday's dance session was powerful, uplifting and at times incredibly moving... Absolutely amazing"... Total bliss... Deep longing is added to the joy & happiness that are always pouring from you... truly magical... a wonderfully creative and healing experience" (comments from peace dancers) => Read more feedback from participants in Ralph's groups

Ralph is a free spirit in the universe. His spiritual home is in Subud, his religion is being a Quaker and he was chairing the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group for 6 years.

He says about himself:
"I come from my head - and I am on a journey into my heart; that's why I sing. The Dances are a never ending journey for me - and still a mystery, from time to time revealing new aspects. Leading the dances is never the same. Teaching the dances - and especially the feedback from participants - brings me always in contact with those sides of myself, that need to be worked on: my inner child, my sensitivity, my ego - it is all about inner and outer balance and timing. I have done quite some work 'polishing my inner diamond' (feels sometimes like a rough treatment) - and I know more is waiting for me."

Ralph & Vitalija have moved to Hebden Bridge in Calderdale / West yorkshire
See their peace dance listing Manchester / Calderdale / Leeds

Ralph's style leading the Dances of Universal Peace can be described by the following quote:

"God turns you from one feeling to another,
and teaches by means of opposites,
so that you have two wings to fly, not one."

(Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi)
See videos of Ralph leading DUP: www.youtube.com/RainbowDanceUK

Ralph moved to Cambridge from Berlin in 1997 and leads Peace Dances since 1991. He trained for the Dances in Germany and is a certified teacher and mentor-in-traing (supervising other DUP teachers. Philip O'Donohoe (www.philipodonohoe.co.uk) was his mentor in England for 10 years, and from 2007 - 2011 Amida Harvey (www.amidaharvey.com).
Since May 2011 Rassullah Clarke (http://www.nickomoandrasullah.com) is Ralph's dance mentor (Ralph likes to develop his gentle and female aspects more).

Ralph teaching harmonie singing
 at the Atman Camp Latvia 2006 Ralph has led workshops and evenings with singers, musicians and voice therapists in Berlin and since 1996 also in England.
He leads regular Spring & Autumn residential peace dance weekends (mostly with his wife Vitalija) and DUP days & afternoons See programme.

He is a member of the "Natural Voice Practitioners' Network (www.naturalvoice.net).
He lead a Taizé harmony chanting group in Cambridge twice a month for 12 years (see also what is chanting?). Since March 2014 he leads a weekly Taizé harmony chanting group in Hebden Bridge
Ralph is an active member of the "Dances of the Universal Peace UK" (www.dancesofuniversalpeace.org.uk/)
Since 2003 he is helping organising the international "Sacred Arts Camp", www.sacredartscamp.org, where he leads Taizé harmony chanting and Dances of Universal Peace
2005-2006 Ralph & his wife Vitalija were learning to dance Argentine Tango (completely different, but also led from the heart).
In 2006, he began giving "Rhythm is Life" workshops.
In 2005 Ralph introduced DUP at the 12th Subud World Congress in Austria.
In August 2006 Ralph was the main dance teacher at the Latvian ATMAN peace dance camp.
Since May 2007, he sings in the Cambridge Georgian choir "Chela": http://georgianchoircambridge.wordpress.com.
In July 2009 and August 2010 Ralph & Vitalija were invited as main teachers to the international "Dancing Heart Camp" (http://dup-lv.webs.com/latviancamp.htm)

Ralph & Vitalija in Latvia
    - summer 2008 -

Ralph's wife Vitalija is a certified DUP leader and mentor-in-training in DUPUK. She was a founder member of the Latvian Dances of Universal Peace Network (http://dup-lv.webs.com). Vitalija leads and accompanies the peace dances with her gitar 'Kaliqa'. She is part of the Sufi Movement http://www.sufimovement.org.

Ralph & Vitalija have lead Dances of Universal Peace groups in Cambridge, St. Neots, Norwich, Oxford and around London (Islington & Richmond) until september 2012.

We are also leading DUP in Latvia and sometimes in Berlin.
Ongoing Spring & Autumn residential peace dance weekends @ Loudwater Farm London-Rickmansworth.
For details of upcoming events see Calderdale DUP & Chanting.

Ralph has created and published several Dances Universal Peace, some of them include movements, which are unique or different to the 300 dances known to him. He is happy to share them with others.

Ralph and Vitalija are mentor-in-training for the Dances of Universal Peace and supervise new peace dance leaders.
Please Contact Ralph, if you are interested.

You are invited to join one of Ralph's peace dance e-lists (max. 2x / month). Please let me know where you live!

More about Ralph's other activities

Read more feedback from dancers

Ralph & Vitalija preparing to lead a sun dance
          at the Atman Camp Latvia 2006
Ralph & Vitalija preparing to lead a sun dance at the Atman Camp Latvia 2006

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More peace dance workshops at www.dancesofuniversalpeace.org.uk

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