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Rhythm is Life - Get it in your Body!
- workshop with Ralph - (updated on February 2013)

Rhythm workshop graphic imageRhythm means: to be at the right time at the right place.
Rhythm is life: every step - every heartbeat - breathing in and out, day & night...
Rhythm is within us - and all around us.
Rhythm is a basic principle on which all forms of life are based.

We will practice various exercises which will help you to "get the rhythm into your body" - or discover the rhythm in you: walking in rhythm - clapping in rhythm - 'talking' in rhythm - 'TaKeTiNa' rhythm school - hearing the rhythm in melodies - using the body as a drum - vocal rhythm band with different "instruments" - and more rhythmical exercises...

Wether you sing in a choir, play a musical instrument or you struggle to step and move in rhythm at any form of dancing like folk dancing, Circle Dancing, ballroom dancing, Samba, Argentine Tango, the Dances of Universal Peace or line dancing: this evening may just come at the right time for you!
No experience is required - everyone is welcome.
Please bring your body (you don't need a drum) and be prepared to move a bit around the room.

Cost: tba
Time: tba

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The leader Ralph Nimmann Foto: Ralph Nimmann
     - March 2006 -
has played the French Horn in various youth orchestras in Berlin and Dortmund for 10 years. He joined the Samba Street band "Ramba Samba" in Berlin in the late 80s, bought a djembé drum and eventually became the drummer of the Berlin Chanting Group in the Zeitlos-Zentrum. In the 90s he became the main leader of the Berlin Chanting Group and discovered the Dances of Universal Peace, which he is leading with voice and drum since 1991 (More about Ralph & the peace dances).
At previous international Sacred Arts Camps in England he offered 'rhythmical accompanyment for the dances' sessions.
In August 2006 he led a series of rhythm workshops at the Latvian ATMAN camp.

Ralph has been offering regular Chanting groups and Taizé harmony singing. Read feedback from participants.

Ralph now lives in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. In February & March 2013 he is leading this workshop with children in the Montessori School Hebden Bridge.
The original inspiration to offer a rhythm workshop in Cambridge came while attending an Argentine Tango workshop, where he noticed, how several participants seem to struggle stepping in rhythm.

Booking & contact
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Singing & Peace Dancing with Ralph

I am open to offer more rhythm workshops if you are interested.

    Ralph, leading a rhythm class
at the Atman Camp 2006 in Latvia

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