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Sun 5 Dec 1999: "The Reconnection of the Human Biocircuitry through coded Ceremony" 2 - 5:30ish pm

Another CEREMONY for those who could not come on Nov 21st; I will definitely be there - for me this ceremony feels like being the crowning of my present and my past lives - Ralph. An amazing opportunity to upgrade your body from the current 2-string DNA (double helix) to the full power body with 12 activated circuits as designed in the Divine blueprint! Simon Penton will conduct this Sacred Ceremony. Simon is a master of several Reiki systems. He is living in Mexiko and has done this ceremony in Mexico and other places. This is a PERMANENT reconnection - it is tested by kinesiology and works! Healing effects have been reported after the ceremony by various people. A new book on this subject by Juliet Carter is just released in November: "Original Innocence" (£11). more about the ceremony. Or see:

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Sat 12 Feb: "Cross and Crescent - and exploration of the Muslim and Christian traditions", 10-1pm

In the past, Christianity and Islam have co-operated and co-existed peacefully; but today relations between the faiths are difficult and have fuelled many ethnic conflicts. Speakers: The Rt Revd Mano Rumalshah, formerly Bishop of Pakistan, Tim Winter, lecturer in Islamic studies, George Bebawi, Egypian theologian at St John's College, Nottingham. Organized by Great St Mary's - the University Church, Lent Term; see:
VENUE: St Michaels Church Cambridge, Trinity Street (opposite Gonville and Caius College). Contact: The Revd Dr John Binns, phone 01223 355 285

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Wed 16 Feb: Open Afternoon: Michaelhouse Centre Cambridge Development, 4:15-6pm

To create a new centre for the community of Cambridge inside the historic church, this open afternoon addresses possible future users. Aims of the Michaelhouse Centre: to provide low cost facilities for meetings, activities and exhibitions for community and charitable groups. Please come along!
VENUE: St Michaels Church Cambridge, Trinity Street (opposite Gonville and Caius College). Contact: The Revd Dr John Binns, phone 01223 355 285

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Sat 20 May Vhesac - joint celebration with Ato Rinpoche, 2pm

At the Morley Memorial School, Blinco Grove (near Homerton College and Cherry Hinton Road), there'll be a joint celebration of Vhesac with Ato Rinpoche. Vhesac is the anniversary of the Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death. Organized by Cambridge University Buddhist Society. Details:

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Sun 11 Jun "Peace & Healing through Breath" - a day with Philip O'Donohoe, a top UK teacher, 11-5pm

CANCELLED (due to lack of interest) "Every element in the breath attracts a similar element in another person's breath. This is one of the reasons for harmony between people... Dis-harmonies arise because of clashes in the rhythm of the breath. These dis-harmonies can be removed by singing, dancing, devotion and esotericism." (Samuel L .Lewis, founder of the Dances of Universal Peace)

This day of dances will be an opportunity to experience the way of peace and healing through the breath. Through dance, voice, rhythm and walking practice, through awareness of the breathing process and of the breath as energy current

Philip is a leading exponent of the Dances of Universal Peace, a form of spiritual dance. He gives workshops throughout the UK and internationally. A singer and musician he has a long background in sufi practice, yoga and the use of sound in healing and spiritual training. He has released two recordings "The House of Tansen" and "The Medicine Buddha Dharani".
This Breath is the One that Counts! Programme Dances of Universal Peace & Chanting
£20 (£18 before 8 Jun), Odd Fellows Hall. contact Ralph 01223 510 442

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Sat 9 September "Millennium Community Fair Cambridge", Jesus Green 12-5pm

Lots of community, voluntary and charity groups from around Cambridge with more than 60 stalls. An ideal event for networking and meeting people!
On stage:
VENUE: Jesus Green Cambridge near pedestrian bridge and toilet house.

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SUN 10 September "Healing Spiritual Fair Cambridge" 10am - 6pm

There are many Holistic therapies to choose from including, Indian Head Massage, Hypno-Psychotherapy, homeopathy, The Radiance Technique, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Energy & Chakra balancing, Magnetic therapy, bio-dynamic Massage, Breathing, Astrology, Cclairvoyant consultation, colour reading, Crystal healing, reflexology and much more.

2pm Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph
SPEAKERS & WORKSHOPS: Simon Moss (Buddhist Centre) Yoga 10.30am
Karen Knowler (Co-author feel-good food - The Fresh Network) Raw food 11.00am
Katherine Huddlestone (The Natural healing centre - Crystals) 11.45pm
Jill Westwood (Body Psychotherapy) 12.30pm
Francis Greywolf (Chats magazine Agony Uncle - Psychometry) 1.30pm
David DeForest Higher Visions Good Answers Ltd - Magnetic therapy) 2.00pm
Fiona Nichols (Well known local clairvoyant medium) 2.30pm
Bipin Patel (The Aetherius Society - The Gods from space) 3.30pm
Linda Graham (Higher Visions - Breathing into 5th Dimension) 4.00pm
Dr Prashant kakody (The Mind-Body Connection) 4.30pm

VENUE: The Guildhall. The Fair is open from 10 - 6pm - admission £1 only. Organized by Higher Visions - phone: 01353 863 142

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Sun 17 Sept: "Chanting in the Tipi" 5-10pm in Histon

"Chanting in the Tipi" with Ralph & guests. Please bring some food or drinks to share.
VENUE: @ Michael & Karin's home, 46 Cottenham Road, Histon, Cambridge CB4 4ES, T: 01223 563 403

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Wed 20 Sept: "A Meeting of Souls" - Timeless traditions in Dialogue Concert 7:30pm

Dominique Vellard, Gregorian Chant and monophonic songs of the middle ages - Ken Zuckerman, Classical Ragas of North India on Sarod (25 stringed Lute) - Sanju Sahai (Vishnu), Tabla (North Indian Drums) - Susanna Harrington, Bharatha Natyam Dancer
This performance gives a rare opportunity to experience several age-old traditions which are at the same time almost worlds apart and yet closely intertwined. Both traditions combine and contrast aspects of the sacred with the sensual. As an added expression the universal language of Dance is presented during the Programme to give another perspective and visual expression to the modes, rhythmic cycles and devotional themes. We are pleased to invite the listener to this unique meeting of Souls.

Presented by GDS Promotions (see for more information)

VENUE: West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge 7:30pm
Tickets: £8 (conc £5.50) Box Office 01223 503 333

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Tue 26 Sep: "The role of Angels in different religions" - discussion; 8pm Wesley Church", 8pm

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group begins their Autumn programme with a discussion. EVERYONE is warmly invited to attend.
Wesley Church entrance King Street, Upper Room - free. See more details

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Wed Nov 22: "Dancing in the Street", 5pm until 7, Market Place Cambridge in front of the Guild Hall

Dances of Universal Peace and Chanting for everyone to join in - see article

Wed Nov 22: "A Muslim View of Christ" talk by Tim Winter, (Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Faculty of Divinity), 5:30pm

Christians are often unaware of how Christ has been revered in the Islamic world. Tim will convey something of what Christ has meant to Muslims.
Venue: St. Edward's Church. Donations welcome

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Sat 16 / Sun 17 Dec: WINTER SOLSTICE VOICE WEEKEND with Carolin Comberti, CANCELLED!

At the Darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the return of the light, the rebirth of the Sungod Arthur and of Yuletide, when the wheel of the year stops and starts again. It is the Celtic festival on which Christmas is based, when in Christian belief Christ, the "light of the world", was born. It is traditionally a time to pause, focus on our future intent, make resolutions and to celebrate together in sociability and generosity with friends and family. It represents the quiet surviving of the lifeforce at the darkest time of the year, after which the days will lengthen and warmth will come again.

This weekend is a chance to celebrate this time in festive dance, song and sacred chant.
On the Saturday we will be working with healing sacred sound and chant, learning sacred vowel sounds which "fine tune" our bodies and nervous system, producing a sense of inner harmony and balance. We will also learn the basics of "overtone chanting" as practised by the Tibetan monks, making the "sound of the spheres" by forming vocal harmonics.

On the Sunday we will share seasonal songs, chants and also learn some "caroles", which are the Medieaval ring dances sung to Yuletide themes on which the modern carol is based. Each day we will bring and share a festive lunch together. Each day can be taken separately, or both together.

Venue: St. Mary's School Hall, Castle Street, Saffron Walden.
Cost: Reduced price: 20 for one day 35 the whole weekend. Concessions on request.
Times: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Booking: contact Carolin Comberti, phone: 01440 785203 / 07950 037660

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Selected 2001 Events

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