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Tue 9 Jan: Full Moon 8:24pm & Lunar eclipse tonight!

The moon may color itself blood-red. The data of the eclipse in MEZ (for England subtract one hour!):
Beginning: partial phase 19:42;
Totality 20:49. Middle of the eclipse: 21:21. End: Totality 21:51; partial phase 23:59.

(The Cambridge diary says: Full Moon 8:24pm. Total eclipse of the Moon begins 6:42pm ends 9:59pm; with totality from 7:50pm to 8:52pm.)

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Fri. 19 Jan: Dr Alan Howard: "Has Christianity a Future?", 8 pm

Dr Alan Howard, Hon. Fellow of Downing, will speak on "Has Christianity a Future? Reflections on 'Here I Stand: My Struggle for a Christianity of Integrity, Love and Equality' by Bishop-John Spong of the Harvard Divinity School". Organised by "Sea of Faith", Cambridge Local Group.
VENUE: in the Unitarian Church, Emmanuel Road / Victoria St, Cambridge.
Coffee will be served from 7.30 pm. All are welcome.

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Sun 21 Jan, 7:30pm: "IS GOD FAIR?" talk by leading British Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

Leading British Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg will speak on the challenging issue of justice within religion. An author of several books and co-ordinator of the multi-faith chaplaincy at the North London Hospice, Rabbi Wittenberg is a fantastic, dynamic speaker. This event is definitely one not to be missed.
VENUE: Cambridge L'Chaim Society Centre, 33 Bridge Street (in between Oxfam and Galleria), first floor (phone: 01223 366 335)

Fri 26 Jan: "Everyday Life" talk by Lama Ato Rimpoche, 7:30pm

Rupert is a lecturer in Indian Religions and Co-Director of the Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol. He is the author of 'The Buddhist Path to Awakening' and 'The Foundations of Buddhism.' Organised by the Cambridge University Buddhist Society. Enquiries tel. 249732 or e-mail
VENUE: Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane.

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Wed 14 Mar: Hare Krishna special guest Kripamoya in Cambridge kirtan & Bhagavad Gita followed by a feast, 7-11pm

Kripamoya, known troughout Europe for his humor, wisdom and inter-faith embracing attitude, will come for a visit to Cambridge! He is an "elevated and inspiring personality" from the ISCON Watford ashram, initiator of the Cambridge Hare Krishna group and will chant with us, play the medunga and explain the deeper meaning of some passages of the Bhagavad Gita. Gopal & Michelle will cook heavenly vegetarian dishes.
Contact: Gopal & Michelle at 01223 890 693 or 0777 333 1450
VENUE: @ Ralph's & Tony's home, 45 Walpole Road, Cambridge [next to Cherry Hinton Park, off Cherry Hinton Road, opposite TEXACO], phone 571 517 (Tony).
The evening and food is free of charge - you are welcome to bring something to drink.

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Fri 16 Mar: The Original KRIYA YOGA of Lahiri Mahasaya 7.30pm
As preserved in it's undiluted form through his dynastic tradition

The 19th century sage Lahiri Mahasaya (see photo) is revered throughout India as one of the greatest householder saints. His life and teachings became known to the West through the book, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Parahmahansa Yogananda. Shibendu Lahiri, great grandson of Lahiri Mahasaya and the current representative of his dynastic tradition, will introduce the techniques of the original Kriya Yoga as taught to Lahiri Mahasaya and his master, Babaji. No modifications to the techniques and teachings have been permitted in this Rishi tradition, so those receiving instruction can be sure that they are obtaining an authentic and potent spiritual transmission. Shibendu will also offer advanced instruction to initiates.

Shibendu invites seekers to share the insight that flowers, generation after generation, in the Lahiri dynasty through the Kriya process. Like his ancestors, Shibendu Lahiri is also a householder with a family and past career. Kriya Yoga is intended to offer householders a deeply spiritual path that is practicable while remaining engaged in normal life.

This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from a master of the original Kriya Yoga. Shibendu speaks excellent English and is a powerful and engaging communicator whose words have the force of direct spiritual experience.

"Don't propagate your faith asserting that it is the best and the last word. Find out if your faith can reduce conflict in yourself, in your family, in your society, in your country and also among nations. Don't convert your faith into a fetter, make it an instrument of freedom." (Shibendu Lahiri).

Contact Dan and Amy Ellis, 01223 354 310, email
Fri March 16th 7.30pm - 9.30pm. Introduction to Kriya Yoga. Friend's Meeting House, Jesus Lane. 5 (3 concs).
Sat March 17th 10am - 2pm. Initiation into Kriya Yoga. Friend's Meeting House, Jesus Lane. 15 (10 concs). Those wishing to be initiated must first attend the evening introduction talk on March 16th.
Sun March 18th 10am - 2pm. Kriya practice and advanced teachings. Initiates only. 15 (10 concs). Beve's Room, Kings College.

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Sun 18 Mar 10:20am visit to the Friends Meeting (Quaker), Jesus Lane

Did you ever wonder what Quakers are doing when they have their "Meeting for Worship"? We are kindly invited to attend a Sunday Morning Meeting in the Quaker style: we will sit in silence and listen to the still small voice within for one hour. Sometimes, when somebody is inspired, he or she will stand up and speak out their ministry. There are no religious symbols or preaching ministers.

After the Meeting everyone is welcome for a chat with tea or coffee downstairs, followed by an optional singing of Quaker songs at 12 noon in the Annex. The meeting begins exactly 10:30am - the room door will be shut until 10:45 (admission for late comers). You are welcome to enter the room earlier in silence. This visit is organised by the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group.
Quaker contact: Simon Mackingtosh 01223 525 179 (see More about Quakers).
VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane / Park Street.

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Wed 21 Mar: MONEY - talk by Fraser Watts, St. Edward's Church, 5:30pm

'Money' and Christian life talk will be followed by a discussion. Contact: Revd Dr Fraser Watts: 01223 359223
VENUE: St. Edward's Church.

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Sat 24 Mar Mar: The Andreasen Centre for Wholistic Health - 15th Anniversary Open-Day 2-6pm

The Andreasen Centre for Wholistic Health celebtrate their 15th anniversary and everyone is invited to join. Celia Radha will give a talk on "What does a healer look like", Paddy Squires and Hugh Frost will give a talk and demonstration on breathing techniques, a short vidoe on Complementary Care and Cancer will be shown. Spiritual Healing and refreshments will be available.
VENUE: Friends Meeting House 91 Hartington Grove

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Thu 29 Mar: Dances of Universal Peace & Chanting - focus on HEALING, 8 - 10pm

On the occasion of the current foot and mouth desease we will concentrate on healing of the animal kingdom as well as of our thinking.
Read more about the spiritual aspect behind this desease: click here. More chanting & peace dance events: see programme
VENUE: Odd Fellows Hall Cambridge, 131 Newmarket Road [£2-4]

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Sat 31 Mar: Cambridge Satya Sai Baba Study Circle 6.30pm

The topic for the Study Circle will be: "Detachment and The Spiritual Path". Terry Reeds from the Stevenage Sai Centre has kindly agreed to facilitate the discussion.
VENUE: Bharat Bhavan - Indian Cultural and Community Association, Old Mill Road Library (adjacent to Cambridge School of Languages at the foot of the railway bridge) 117 Mill Road Cambridge.
Contact: Rajeswari Sathappan phone 07855 115 937

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Sun 8 Apr: "Hanuman Jayanti Celebration" with Sitaram Bhajan Mandal 3pm - 7pm

The Indian Community and Culture Association Cambridge invites to their center - with Indian Bhajans.
VENUE: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Mill Road Library), adjacent to Cambridge School of Languages at the foot of the railway bridge, 117 Mill Road, Cambridge.
Contact: ICCA - for more information see

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Thu 10 - Sat 12 May: Human and Universal Energy (S.H.Y. Spiritual Human Yoga) healing course

"This is a complete course where the students are taught the theory, method and Technique and also how to meditate. They have their energy centres (Chakras) opened progressively over the 3 days. S.H.Y. Spiritual Human Yoga - For Self-Healing and the treatment of illness in others.

I'm giving this healing course in the Cambridge area. It's also called S.H.Y. Spiritual Human Yoga and is taught in over 60 countries. The head centre for the world is in the U.S.A. The head centre for Europe is in Holland. Most countries have a main centre with sub-centres. I first learned this method while living in Germany. i was so impressed I went on most of the higher seminars, which were in Holland, Switzerland and Italy. I have the Level 7 to complete this year. I always promised to start a centre in the UK when I returned home, as surprisingly there wasn't one here.

On completion if the practitioner is content to stay at this Level they can be an effective healer for the rest of their life. For all who want to learn more about the spiritual side of healing and or want to teach, the higher courses are available. Even if the practitioner doesn't want to practice healing on others it's a valuable tool or spiritual door opener for all other personal and spiritual self-development work. Limitless love and generosity of the universe flow your way" Pamela

The Base Course in 3 Levels will be held on 10th Thur. evening 11th Fri. evening and 12th all day Sat. If you cannot attend in the evening, we have arranged an alternative morning meeting at 10am. The cost - 80 - some S.H.Y. students eligible for special rates - ask about this when applying.

If you want more information, see S.H.Y. website and EMF - website or send for leaflets and application forms: Pamela Ann Sinclair, 27 Winchester Close, Bishop's Stortford, Herts. CM23 4JG - phone 01279 321 869
VENUE: in Ickleton - late bookers please phone 01799 531 148

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Mon 14 May: talk on arua's and other subjects by British Order of Witchcraft Cambridge, 7:30pm

The round table group will meet again on Monday the 14th of May at 7.30pm for 8 at the Bath House, Mill Road / Gwydir Street. There will be a 1 charge this time to cover the cost of the hall and tea/ coffee etc. This month there will be marcie doing a talk on arua's and other intreasting subjects. Look forward to seeing you all - any comments or queries drop me an E-mail. Thanks - Bright Blessings - Drew

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21stJune 2001: sixth World Earth Healing Day

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1 - 6 July: LIGHT & COLOUR & SOUND for the 21st Century - international conference Cambridge University

Light, colour, sound and music for health and wellness. The program includes research and pioneering discoveries linking the science of Light Consciousness with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. For the Medical Profession, Health Therapies, Psychology, Teaching/Education, Interiors of Hospitals, Schools, Prisons, etc., Business & Industry, The Creative Arts. We respect the finer quality of light born out of classical understandings from the world's traditions, Western, Eastern as well as the indigenous peoples of the planet. a non profit making organisation based in the U.K. but with global connections. U.K.registered charity No. 1068807. The LIGHT Trust is affiliated to the Complementary Medical Association & The British Holistic Medical Association. VENUE: Queens College. Details see:

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Sat 7 July: Awakening the Heart through meditation - by School of Sufi teaching London, 1-4pm

The School of Sufi Teaching is a branch of the Institute of Search for Truth (New Delhi, india), whose founder and director is Shaykh al-Tariqat Hazrat Azad Rasool. The School offers Instruction in the five main Sufi Orders: Naqshbandi, Majadaddi, Chisti, Qadiri and Shadili.

VENUE: Friend's Meeting House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge. Free of charge.
Contact: Irfan 01223 504 783 (evenings) or 07971 370 931.
For general information call 0208 556 77 13 - for links see also Cambridge Sufi Group

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Sun 15 July: Multi-Faith Garden Party, 5-9pm

An opportunity to chat and socialise in a relaxed setting. Everyone is welcome - please bring food / drinks for sharing. Organized by the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group.
VENUE: 38 Eachard Road (off Huntington Road, access via Sherlock Road). Bus no 2 and other Huntingdon Road buses stop at Storey's Way (opposite Sherlock Road). Contact: Ralph 01223 510 442

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NOW: crop circles at Gog Magog Hills / Cambridge

Just west of Wandlebury are two very interesting crop circles. Click here for details and find out yourself what the truth is about them.

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Sat 11 Aug: Sunset meeting on Gog Magog Hill

As a result to all this fascinating crop circle business my friend Tony suggested to meet at Sunset on top of the Gog magog Hill West of Wandlebury, just above the car park (off the road to Stapleford). The view is really spectacular, the atmosphere quite magic. We could contemplate the sky, the crop circle, meditate, listen to the birds or chant something. You are welcome to join us. I intend to visit the big crop circle anyway Sat afternoon / evening. Cambridge Crop Circles

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Tue 21 Aug: video, talk and discussion about the Cambridge Crop Circles, 7:30pm

Ra in bo w Network Cambridge presents: an evening with video, talk and discussion about the crop circles. Hoaxes? Anonymous art? Earth magic? Or created within seconds through an intelligent force by a ball of light?
We do not claim to have "the" answer - but we promise a very inspiring evening. More information on the Cambridge Crop circle web site
. We do hope that other people share their experiences as well and look forward to an inspiring discussion.

A visitor of the Cambridge crop circles: "I am deeply impressed by the beauty and mathematical precision of the circles. I am so grateful to you for drawing this extraordinary phenomenon to my attention. Apart from the sheer beauty there is also a great deal of humour and happiness in the circles."
VENUE: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), Mill Road / bridge, Cambridge.
Cost: £3-£5 sliding scale.
contact Ralph or phone 01223 510 442

For other interesting events check the Special Events page.

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Fri 21 Sep: Inter-Faith solidarity visit to the evening prayer of the Cambridge Mosque, 8:20pm for 8:30

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group encourages everyone to support people from Arabic culture or Islamic religion by a symbolic visit to the Cambridge evening prayer in the mosque, 1 Mawson Road / Mill Road.

Please be prepared to take off your shoes - the ladies are requested to cover their hair.
Inter-Faith contact: Ralph Nimmann, 510 442. Secretary Cambridge Islamic Centre Mr. Hisham: 01223 411 695

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Sunday 23 September '01, 5 - 11pm

INVITATION to Ralph's next Ra in bo w Network PARTY
and Autumn Equinox celebration including a peace meditation and a few peace dances.

@ Ralph's - click here for details

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Mon 1 Oct (1pm tp 7pm ) and Tue 2 Oct (10am to 4pm) "Freshers Fair" with 100s of University Societies

This is your chance to contact ALL University Societies AND many more organisations and charities. Several societies accept members from outside the university or offer information via their email lists. A heaven for networkers! See
The Ra in bo w Network Cambridge (Ralph) hopes to be present with a stall. Your support and attendance during fair time would be VERY much appreciated!
VENUE: Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall (next to Parkside Pool) facing Parker's Piece

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6 Oct: 13th St Neots Green Fair (stalls and talks), 10am - 4pm

Eco Technoligy, Organic Cafe, Natural Health Therapists, Environmental Groups, Crafts and Book Stalls, Children's Activities, Alternative Clothing, Organic Produce,
Afternoon talks on GM Risks, Meditation, Herbs for Menopause
VENUE: The Priory Centre / riverside, St. Neots. Contact June, T: 01480 473 291

Sat 6 Oct: NO to TERROR - NO to WAR in Afghanistan - demonstration & Rally, 11am

After 11 September... Organized by The Cambridge Campaign for Peace (CamPeace This event is supported by the Ra in bo w Network Cambridge and several other organizations. Contact: 01954 719 644 -
VENUE: meet @ Gt St Mary's, Kings Parade Cambridge

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Thu 11 Oct: "Meetings with remarkable men" - video about Gurdjeff's spiritual journey, 8pm

An extraordinary spiritual film. Dialogues go straight to the essentials. Beautiful landscapes in Russia and Afghanistan and the desert. Gurdjeff's journey as a seeker to meet the mystics. In the end we see sacred mystic dancers.
£2.50 - £5 (sliding scale) - organized by Rainbow Network Cambridge, phone 510 442
VENUE: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), 117 Mill Road, Cambridge.

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Fri 12 Oct: "Time & Tide: new Sea of Faith essays" talk and discussion with Fr David Hart, Director of Derby University Multi-Faith Centre, 7.30 for 8pm

'Sea of Faith' - exploring and promoting religious faith as a human creation. Affirming the continuing importance of religious thought and practice as expressions of awe and wonder and as celebrations of spiritual and social values. Inspirer of this group is Mr. Don Cupitt (former Dean of Immanuel College Cambridge). It was named and founded after a BBC TV series in 1984 with the same title.
The Cambridge 'Sea of Faith' group meets 3-4 times per year. Free of charge - all are welcome. Convener of the group is Frank Walker, phone 01223 355 221.
VENUE: Unitarian Hall (behind the Unitarian Church) , entrance Victoria Street, Cambridge (near to Drummer Street Bus Station, opposite Christ's Pieces).

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Tue 16 Oct: Gnostic Shamanism of Light, 7:30pm

More info from 01825 72 44 32 -
VENUE: Friend's Meeting House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge.

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Oct 20 & 21: "Healing Tao Fundamentals" - Inner Alchemy through Meditation and Chi Kung - Weekend workshop, 10am - 6pm

Workshop led by Barry Spendlove, an authorised instructor of Mantak Chias Universal Tao system of practical self development

Tao Fundamentals practices include Inner Smile, Micro Cosmic Orbit, Six Healing Sounds, Taoist Rooting and Breathing. Core Taoist practices from which emerged Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, I Ching and the Tao te Ching. 70 for the weekend

NEXT workshop: November 10th & 11th: Iron Shirt 1 & Healing Love.
For more details please contact Shey on 01223 358 482 or Barry on 01492515776 / 07813 700 713 or
Contact for workshops for the Peterborough area: Lesley (01733) 576429,

VENUE: Orwell Centre of Mind & Body Management, 1 Barrington Rd, in Orwell near Cambridge. The venue is a Dojo set in a beautiful Japanese with Koi Carp ponds, weather permitting we will do some Chi Kung outside. There is a kitchen next to the Dojo, and bunk bed accommodation available at 10 per night.

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Sun 21 Oct: Civic Multi-Faith Celebration of Community - theme: 'compassion', 3pm Unitarian Church

religious symbols around the world The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group invites you warmly to attend the first Cambridge Civic Celebration of Community In the presence of the Mayor of Cambridge, Councillor Lakin.

This event aims to celebrate many of the religions, faith groups and communities, which are represented in Cambridge and the surrounding area. More details
VENUE: Unitarian Church (The Memorial Church) , Emmanuel Road / Victoria Street, Cambridge (near to Drummer Street Bus Station, opposite Christ's Pieces). Free of charge - donations are gracefully accepted.

Sun 21 Oct: QUAKER ESSENTIALS - Basic beliefs, 7:30 for 8pm

Especially people from different faiths are invited to take the chance and find out what and how Quakers (or "friends") believe and how they put it into action. More Sunday evening meetings to follow. Tea and coffe will be served from 7:30, the evening is free of charge and everyone is welcome. End will be around 9:30
VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 91 Hartington Grove off Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge

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Wed 31 Oct: Night of SAMHAIN - Ritual and Celebrations, 7pm

"Merry meet, Merry part Merry meet again!!" Samhain, the month that heralds the rule of darkness, no other festival in the old Celtic year fires the imagination in the supernatural mysteries of life and death. On this night we honour those who have gone before. The Ancient Ones and other creatures who have lived and left their legacy of wisdom and experience for us to build upon.

Like all Celtic festivals, it was celebrated on three levels: on the material level it was the time of stock-taking on supplies for the winter ahead.

On the second level this was a very inner time for the people. As a warrior race Death was never very far away, yet to die was not the tragedy it is in modern times. What was of great importance to these people was to die with honour and to live in the memory of the clan and be honoured at the great feast Fleadh nan Mairbh (Feast of the Dead) which took place on Samhain Eve.

Finally, on the third level of Cosmic event, the rising of Pleiades, the winter stars, heralds the supremacy of night over day, the dark half ruled by the realms of the moon.

Old games are associated with this night. Suggestions on what to bring: torch, lanterns, wine, food, apples and pumpkins, something warm and comfy to sit on for meditation and pick nick! Lighter, any pictures or objects of departed loved ones.
Wear warm clothes in darker shades. There are a lot of stinging nettles about so please be aware.

Brought to you by The Cambridge Mysticism Society. Contact: Adelle Shedd
VENUE: Meet and Greet (Wandlebury Car Park) at 7:00 to 7:30

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Thu 1 Nov - All Souls Day: Meditate to Liberate - peaceful prayers, meditations, chants, outside Huntingdon Life Sciences, 6am - 6pm

Inspired by a Buddhist retreat - a purely positive alternative - committed to no violence - invited are all spiritual people whatever their faith. HLS is Europe's largest animal contract testing laboratory.
Let us demonstrate the power of love and compassion and hope to warm the hearts of all living beings. A buddhist nun, a Jain and a Christian minister are holding rituals. More information

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Sat 3 Nov: Peace/healing circle, 3.30 - 5.30p.m

We will send peace and love out to all in the world. We hope that Pagans, Christians, all other religions will join together for this event. It would be helpful if people could confirm their attendance so that we can have enough seating. They can phone Divanna 078-908-326-45 for further information or email Roselyne: - Thank you Ralph
VENUE: Arbury Community Centre, Campkin Road nr. Arbury Raod, Cambridge

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Thu 8 Nov: Peace Gathering - meditation and sharing with special guests, 8pm

Calling all spiritual people around Cambridge: let's join our hearts and share our visions and insights of peace. Through sharing our individual insights, feelings and inspirations we may receive deeper insights about what the current world situation REALLY is about. Together we can approach the truth, create a positive vision and send out love, peace, understanding and compassion.
The evening will consist of sharing and meditation. If you have any inspiration about leading the meditation, please contact Ralph.

You may like to read the Cambridge Peace Pages before you come. Organized by Ralph - Rainbow Network. EVERYBODY is welcome - please bring an open heart and an open mind. No Peace Dances tonight.
Venue: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), 117 Mill Road, Cambridge. Your donation towards the hall hire would be appreciated.

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Sun 11 Nov '01 at 11:11 am and pm, local time: THE GREAT PLANETARY COMMUNION

This is a call for the 11th November at 11:11 am and pm, local time, a call to action, a call to service, a call to the awakenings of the New Humanity in all places of the planet that vibrate with the proposal of holding hands and revealing Unity in Action. . GAIA IS CALLING US, THE UNIVERSE IS CALLING US ... SURROUND THE PLANET ...

"Times have arrived and every person is necessary to all of us, we are one with others, in Earth and Heaven, we are ready to walk together. Changes are many, and more are the ones to come. You need to be opened to faith to be able to go on. Give egos away, give fears away, be love, ... light runs very quickly and faith is light. Please expand faith so that we can be guided on our way back to the ONE, to the SOURCE. The 11th of 11, beloved ones, is the day of THE GREAT PLANETARY COMMUNION, and your hearts do know that..." (more on Global events)

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Thu 6 Dec 8pm: discussion and sharing about "Why are we all so short of TIME?" with Ralph

A phenomenon: the Mayans call it "time of quickening", time seems to slip faster away than we can enjoy it, everyone is busy doing things.... WHERE IS THE QUALITY of relaxing, leaning back, counting the clouds on the sky or taking really time for your family, friends or yourself? After some inspiring introducing words from Ralph (specialist in having no time) we will open the discussion and sharing. We will also try to "create" some REAL quality time experience.
NO peace dances tonight.
Venue: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), 117 Mill Road, Cambridge.
Donation for hall hire appreciated.

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Sat 8 Dec: Workshop on Personal Integration Through Voice 10am - 4.30pm

Using the voice, energy fields and soul, we will unravel the blockages in our lives that keep us disconnected from our authentic and empowered selves. Flick has worked professionally with the voice for 23years. Having observed the condition of the soul through the sound in the voice, she now offers personal integration and healing using her experience and current training in EnergyHealing(Chakras and energy fields) as well as Pathwork (psychotherapeutic skills)
"through heart and voice we find ways to wholeness"

For more info on this event, healing, singing and other workshops, call Flick on 01223 247953 or

Cost: 35. 5 discount if paid by Dec 1st; 20 for unwaged /or single parents
VENUE: Cambridge (venue to be announced)

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Fri 14 Dec: New Moon Meditation 7:45pm

A special group meditation at this time and then another at the time of the full moon makes the best possible use of this cyclical flow of cosmic energy. Our planet badly needs this form of healing. A meditation group is being cultivated in Cambridge to use this cycle in the optimum way to advance the spiritual development of the planet and of those individuals who join.

New moon meetings include four short meditations. The bulk of the meeting involves discussions on problem areas in the world and then topics on esoteric knowledge. Appropriate areas have been channeled; contact Robert if you would like to know what they are.

VENUE: 129 Ditton Walk, Cambridge at 7:45 pm - everyone is welcome.
For further details please Email Robert: or phone 01223 740326 evenings.
Further information see or

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Selected 2002 events

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