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Mon 7 Jan: Hare Krishna kirtan & Bhagavad Gita followed by a feast, 7pm

Restart WEEKLY (every Monday) meeting. The Cambridge Hare Krishna group invites everyone. We will read some passages of the Bhagavad Gita. Michelle will cook heavenly vegetarian dishes..
Please contact Michelle at 07970 331 216 if you want to come.
VENUE: @ Michelle's, Ralph's & Tony's home, 45 Walpole Road, Cambridge [next to Cherry Hinton Park, off Cherry Hinton Road, opposite TEXACO]
The evening and food is free of charge - you are welcome to bring something to drink or leave a donation towards the expenses.

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Fri 18 Jan: Inter-Faith visit to Friday evening worship at Thompson's Lane Synagogue, 6pm

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group invites to visit the Jewish Friday night service at 6pm (lasts 45 minutes). Men are requested to cover their heads.
If you would like to stay for a Sabbath meal after the service (cost will be £4 per head), please contact Barbara Moss ( or 01223 741 719) before 11 January.
VENUE: Synagogue, Thompson's Lane, Cambridge city.

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Fri 25 Jan: "Structure of the enlightened mind" talk by Richard Reoch, the director of the London Shambhala Centre, 7:30pm

This Friday we are invited to the town Buddhist Society's talk by Richard Reoch, the director of the London Shambhala Centre. He is an excellent speaker, and this promises to be a very interesting talk.

Shambhala is the name of a mythical enlightened society, and the Shambhala Training offers instruction in meditation and contemplative practice within a secular context. The form of their practice derives from the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, whose many writings include, "Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior", "Meditation in Action", and "Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism."

Richard is the author of "Dying Well - a holistic guide for the dying and their carers". He has worked in many parts of the world as a senior member of Amnesty International.
For more annuoncements and information about the CU Buddhist Society and its activities, visit our web-site at
VENUE: Friends' Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane (next door to the ADC theatre)

Fri 25 Jan: "Islam and the West - Islam in the West" talk and discussion with Cambridge Muslims, 7.30 for 8pm

'Sea of Faith' - exploring and promoting religious faith as a human creation. Affirming the continuing importance of religious thought and practice as expressions of awe and wonder and as celebrations of spiritual and social values. Inspirer of this group is Mr. Don Cupitt (former Dean of Immanuel College Cambridge), who will be present. It was named and founded after a BBC TV series in 1984 with the same title.
The Cambridge 'Sea of Faith' group meets 3-4 times per year. Free of charge - all are welcome. Convener of the group is Frank Walker, phone 01223 355 221.
VENUE: Unitarian Hall (behind the Unitarian Church) , entrance Victoria Street, Cambridge (near to Drummer Street Bus Station, opposite Christ's Pieces).

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Tue 29 Jan: 'Visions of Paradise' - panel of speakers and discussion, 8pm Wesley Church

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group invites to this panel discussion. Guest speakers are: We are looking forward to a lively discussion. More information see: Details evening
Contact: Ralph Nimmann 01223 510 442

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2 Feb: Imbolc, also known as Candlemass

Imbolc, celebrated on Feb. 2nd is also known as Candlemass. Candles are important at this ceremony. Days are lengthening, and although the weather may be cold we are aware that life is definately stirring and returning to the earth.

At Imbolc the accent is on the goddess, in youthfulness. One of the customs associated with Imbolc is making a Bridie Doll (a corn dollie) and in Ireland they celebrate St. Briget's Day. In one coven we used to dress up the youngest female all in white and she would wear a wreath of candles on her head.

Sat 2nd Feb (Imbolc / Candlemass), 6-12pm
to Ralph's next Ra in bo w PARTY
click here for details

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Fri 8 Feb: begin 'One World Week' at Cambridge university

More information and the programme on

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Sun 10 Feb: SUBUD 'Get Together' with video, 6pm

Hello, this is Ralph - I am the new chair of Subud Cambridge. This events page is always good for a surprise:
The subud policy world wide is, NOT to advertise, but to provide information for the spiritual seeker. I am convinced, that many people who have a faith believing in God (Christian, Jewish, Islam, Hindu, Baha'i and especially Quakers) would benefit and deepen their faith by joining our spiritual practice (letting go of our own will and opening / surrendering to and 'receiving' God's will). Subud is NOT a religion - but most members have their own religion or are 'free spirits'.

So this Sunday we have an informal party style socialising and will watch a video about Subud. This time it will be open for interested people as well.
VENUE: private (in central Cambridge).

If YOU are interested, please contact Ralph or another Subud member. I recommend, that you come to East Barnwell Centre on a Tuesday or Friday just after 9pm for a chat and cup of tea (details).

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Wed 20 Feb: "Jesus in the Q'ran; affirming our common beliefs so that we can positively look at our differences" - talk and discussion led by John Martin, 7:15-9:15 pm

This discussion adds another bridge of understanding in the Christian Muslim dialogue. John Martin is from the Cambridge Christian Heritage Group.
VENUE: The Round Church, Bridge Street, Cambridge city.

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Are you hearing voices in your head?
Or seeing things?
Meeting and sharing
with people who are on their spiritual path
knowingly or unknowingly

Thursday 21st Feb. '02, 8pm
VENUE: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library)
117 Mill Road (foot of railway bridge), Cambridge

Some people think they are 'mad', because they experience strange things. Maybe you are just spiritually very sensitive and just need some help with distinguishing one reality from the other. Most of the evening will consist of sharing our stories and getting to know each other. If there is interest, we could form a sharing group of people who have problems with their spirituality and more experienced ones.
Interested? Click here to read more. Cost: donation.

If you are interested (also in future meetings in private homes), please contact Ralph - 01223 510 442.

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Wed 13 Mar: "Christians and Muslims: what can we learn from each other?" - talk and discussion led by John Martin, 7:15-9:15 pm

This discussion adds another bridge of understanding in the Christian Muslim dialogue. John Martin is from the Cambridge Christian Heritage Group.
VENUE: The Round Church, Bridge Street, Cambridge city.
Please note: probably you need to enter through the side entrance, a small door on the left of the main entrance.

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from Sat 16 Mar: art exhibition: "The Four Elements"

You are invited to reflect on the traditional four elements of creation: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. There will be an exhibition of Art and Poetry in the church's St Andrew's Chapel inside Gt St Mary's Church, including contributions from three members of the Inter-Faith Group: Anna van Wonderen, Vitalija Zelenevska and Barbara Moss, open during the daytime from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm from Saturday 16 March for about a week, except Sunday morning. There will also be a service of music, prayers and readings on the theme Celebrating Creation on the evening of Sunday 17 March at 6.30 pm. All welcome. See some of Vitalija Zelenevska's latest art works.

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Sat 13 April 7:50pm for 8pm: visit to the Cambridge mosque

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group invites everyone to visit the Islamic Evening Prayer in the mosque, which will last only about 5-10 minutes, followed by some minutes of individual prayer. Click here for details

VENUE: the Mosque (Abu Bakr Siddiq Islamic Centre), 1 Mawson Road , Cambridge CB1 2DZ (Mosque hall phone: 350 134).

Sat 13 Apr: Vaisakhi (Bengali New Year) 8pm

Musical Evening to mark Vaisakhi - delicious Punjabi food and Bengali Rasa Malai - Bangra music - dance. Organised by the Indian Cultural and Community Association
VENUE: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), 119 Mill Road

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Wed 17 Apr: Unitarian video 'Four Personal Stories', 7.30pm, Newcomers' Meeting

An opportunity to see the recently-released Unitarian video 'Four Personal Stories' followed by discussion.
VENUE: Unitarian Hall, Emmanuel Road (entrance Victoria Street), Common Room. See more about the Unitarian Church.

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The C.M.A has just started a pub moot in St Neots on the Market Square. This will be the third Sunday of every month. It will begin at 8:00 and entrance is free. All those wishing to attend can ring Marcie on 077209 55249 or Em on 01480 219233 or 07814 153873. The pub in question is the Old Falcon and is located on the market Square. We will be in the Harleys Vodka bar and not the main bar. Hope to see you all soon!! Em ~x~

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The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group invites everyone, especially Christians for tonight's lecture with discussion. Click here for details

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Tue 21 May: talk by Gayatri Naraine on potential for peace within each individual, 7.30pm

Gayatri Naraine is the representative for the Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations in New York. In her talk, Gayatri will take up the issue of peace. Exploring the essence and nature of peace, Gayatri will bridge the gap between inner and outer experience and the potential of each individual as a powerful catalyst for bringing about global peace.
Organised by Inner Space, 6 King's Parade, Cambridge
VENUE: Ramsden Room, St Catharine's College, Trumpington Street, Cambridge.

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Sun 26 May: Buddhist Wesak ceremony, 3-4pm

The Cambridge Buddhist Society invites all Buddhists and non-buddhists to celebrate the birth, enlightenment and paranirvana of the Buddha.
Presided over by Ajahn Assaji, a Sinhalese monk formally at Amarvati Buddhist Monastry. Phone Dan 01223 246 257 for more details.
VENUE: Quaker's Friend's Meeting House, 91 Hartington Grove off Cherry Hinton Rd.

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Sun 26 May: full moon meditation with Rob, 7:30 pm

VENUE: 129 Ditton Walk (off Newmarket Road) Cambridge

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TUE 28 May '02 7:30PM: MEETING re new passenger terminal @ Marshall's airport Cambridge

Terry Holloway (the Marshall's spokesman) will be there. He is going to have 15 minutes to put the Marshall's case and then he will answer our questions. We hope, that at least some of the SCDC councillors involved in this process will also be there.

Do please come if you possibly can - and please let your neighbours know as well. It is important that everybody who is concerned about this is there a) to hear for themselves what Marshall's is saying and b) to impress upon both Marshall's and SCDC the depth of the opposition to this proposal.

VENUE: St Johns Church, Hills Road (opposite Hommerton College), Cambridge

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Fri 31st May - Sun 9th June 2002: the world's biggest international "Peace Through the Arts Camp - PTA" in Dorset / UK

Be there - or miss it. Ralph and Vitalija will be there - what about you? Click here for more information.

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Tue 25 June: Chanting - a devotional practice for all faiths
presentation by Ralph Nimmann, 8pm, Upper Room Wesley Church

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group invites: The human voice as the most perfect instrument provides the possibility to connect with our soul and with God. This is why in many faith traditions the use of the voice plays an essential part. It resonates with the chakra system, activates the flow of subtle energies, upliftis the mood, balances mind and aura and can lead to a state of blissful joy. The deeper breathing activates and rejuvenates the body.

Chanting chooses sacred phrases or mantras from various traditions. They are sung repeatedly for minutes or hours and can create a strong feeling of community and connectedness.
Chanting can lead to mystic experiences beyond understanding. It helps to bring body mind and soul into balance and is very beneficial in our mind dominated society, especially for intellectuals.

The evening will consist of talk, presentation with optional participance and discussion.

Ralph Nimmann has led chanting groups since 1988. He is also a teacher of Dances of Universal Peace, which add movements to the chanting.

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Sat 20 July: Ra in bo w PARTY, 6pm

Another of Ralph's famous Ra in bo w parties! Please bring something to eat or to drink. Click here for details

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Wed 31 July: Circle Dancing in the garden and some peace dances, 8pm

The Cambridge Circle Dance Group meeets in private gardens in the summer, tonight @ Tony's, Vitalija's & Ralph's home, 45 Walpole Road, Cambridge near Cherry Hinton Park. Everyone is welcome - no cost - you could bring a drink.

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World Healing Day Thu 22 Aug '02
Open-air Healing, Singing & Dancing out in nature near Bar Hill, 8.30pm - 11:30pm

Local healers will be available for anyone who wants a little free healing or simple massage. Come earlier for the sunset and picking blackberries. This event is organised by Mike Meredith. More information & venue details:

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From Sun 15 Sep: Days of Truth: Doorway to Global Awakening

These are the Days of Truth. What I am proposing this year, on the Sunday closest to the anniversary of the first Day of Truth on September 17, 2001, is for people all over the world to gather together to share our common truth. Let us come together as families, groups and communities around the world in celebration of our awakening truth, releasing old patterns of human relating, and opening to the possibilities of a quantum shift in planetary consciousness.

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Tue 17 Sep: Whirling Dervishes in Cambridge, 7:30pm

The Sema Ceremony of whirling dervishes was inspired by the scholar and mystic, Rumi. The Istambul Historical Turkish Music ensemble with Ahmed Özhan will be performing in Cambridge. See more at
Box office tel 357 851 - tickets £16.50 / £12.50.
VENUE: Corn Exchange, Cambridge city

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Sat 21 Sep: UN International Day of Peace

Dear Ralph, 'Peace One Day' is asking the people of the world to honour and celebrate the UN International Day of Peace, a day of global ceasefire on the 21st September. The vision of the Day extends far beyond the cessation of violent conflict and represents an opportunity for the people of the world to create a moment of global unity. I am writing on behalf of Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day to ask if you would be willing to help us gain awareness of 21st September, the UN International Day of Peace, a day of global ceasefire.

Please visit our website at; alternatively I can be reached at Peace One Day on 020 7456 9180, or at If you should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Peace, Rebekah Cairns, 'Peace One Day'

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Sun 29 Sep: visit to the Sikh Diwans Cambridge 3:30 pm

he regional Sikh community meets on the LAST Sunday of each month in their temporary Gurdwara. We will listen to Indian music and recitals from the Guru Grand Sahib (sacred book) followed by a vegetarian meal.

Please be prepared to take off your shoes and cover your head with a cloth (can be provided). Everyone is welcome. The beginning time is rather flexible. Sikh contact: Amrik Sagoo, phone 01223 232 519.

VENUE: Arbury Centre, Campkin Road (near Arbury Road, next to the nursery)
Check the NEW homepage of the Cambridge Inter-Faith group at

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Sat 5 Oct: GREEN FAIR St Neots with sacred circle dances, peace dances & devotional chanting

This year's fair will again be open from 10-4pm and include stalls from various individuals, groups and organisations around the ecology and healing. In the afternoon there is an upstairs programme with Stefanie (circle dances) and Ralph (peace dances & chanting).
Green Fair contact: June on 01480 473 291.
VENUE: The Priory St Neots, near the river just north of the market square.

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Fri 18 Oct: "Multi-Faith Britain" talk and discussion, 7.30 for 8pm

Discussion with some of the authors of a new book of that title, including Fr David Hart of Derby University Multi-Faith Centre and the World Congress of Faiths. A meeting of the Sea of Faith Network, exploring and promoting religious faith as a human creation.
Inspirer of this group is Mr. Don Cupitt (former Dean of Immanuel College Cambridge). It was named and founded after a BBC TV series in 1984 with the same title.
The Cambridge 'Sea of Faith' group meets 3-4 times per year. Free of charge - all are welcome. Convener of the group is Frank Walker, phone 01223 355 221.
VENUE: Unitarian Hall (behind the Unitarian Church) , entrance Victoria Street, Cambridge (near to Drummer Street Bus Station, opposite Christ's Pieces).

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Sat / Sun 19 / 20 Oct: a workshop for those who wish to communicate with spirit, 10am-4pm

This is a workshop for those who wish to communicate with spirit. It includes many aspects of mediumship. The teacher / facilitator is Fiona Smith - she is excellent, and I can guarantee plenty of love and laughter in the experience. For details please contact Ginah on 07967 153 799.
Cost: £15 one day, £20 two days
Thanks Ralph - great to share such a wonderful opportunity. Ginnah

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Sun 20 Oct: “CELEBRATING LOVE” - 2nd Celebration of Community, 3-4pm

In the presence of the Mayor of Cambridge, Councillor Philippa Slatter This event aims to celebrate the many religions, faith groups and communities which are represented in Cambridge and the surrounding area. The theme of the meeting is ‘Love’ and more than a dozen different groups and communities are expected to offer a short contribution. The meeting will last for one hour and will be followed by refreshments.
This event is organised by the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group (NEW homepage: and will be followed by refreshments in the adjoining Hall.

VENUE: Unitarian Church (The Memorial Church), Emmanuel Road, Cambridge (near to Drummer Street Bus Station, opposite Christ’s Pieces)

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Fri 25th October: talk of Lama Ato Rinpoche, 7.30pm

Rinpoche is recognised as the eighth incarnation of the Tenzin Tulkus, he is fully trained in the teachings and practices of both the Kagyu and Nyingmapas. In 1959 after leaving Tibet for India, His Holiness Dalai Lama placed him in charge of a monastery housing teachers of all four lineages. In 1967 he married and moved to Cambridge, where he lives with his wife and daughter. He worked at Fulbourn Psychiatric Hospital, Cambridge, until his retirement in 1981.
He regularly teaches at the Nezang Buddhist Meditation Group, which meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 1-45pm at Morley Memorial School, Blinco Grove (off Hills Road). Enquiries about the group to Jane Sandeman (01277) 222941
VENUE Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane

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Sat 26 Oct: One-day conference on Spirituality and Healing 10 am-4.30 pm

- Michael H Torosian: Surviving Cancer and Spirituality
- Veruschka Biddle: Healing the Human Mind and Spirit
- Margaret Bowker : The Patient's Experience
- John Bowker: A Multi-Faith Perspective
Tickets £15 (£5 for unwaged / retired / students) + £7.50 for lunch at Selwyn College if required; otherwise bring sandwiches. Send cheques payable to University of Cambridge to Rajashree Dhanaraj, Psychology and Religion Research Programme, Faculty of Divinity, West Road, Cambridge CB3 9BS. Tel: 01223 763016.

VENUE: Cambridge University Faculty of Divinity, Sidgwick Site, West Road.

Sat/Sun 26/27 Oct: Body Mind Soul Exhibition, 10-6pm

The yearly "Natural Healing Exhibitions" will be again near Cambridge with 90 stalls, 11 lectures / workshops and 13 stage demontrations.
NEW this year: devotional chanting with Ralph (1pm both days) and Dances of Universal Peace Sat 5:15pm, the Subud Group Cambridge (stall#1) and much more... Admission £4.50 for one day, £3.50 concessions. Lifts can be arranged via Ralph

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Thu 7 Nov: Depression - meeting and sharing experiences, 7pm

Experience the power and magic of sharing and listening to each other. This meeting is open to everyone who is affected by depression, directly or indirectly.

Special guest and speaker: Cambridge therapist Marianne Rodolakis will give a short introduction to "The Journey", based on the book by Brandon Bays - see (Journeywork may last several hours and helps you access the root cause of your issue, whatever it may be, in order to let go and start the healing process.)
organised by Ra in bo w Network Cambridge. For more details click here

VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (old Library), 117 Mill Road, Cambridge.

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Sat 9 & Sun10 Nov: "We are opening up in sweet surrender" - residential weekend with peace dances, devotional chanting and Taizé harmony singing with Ralph

A wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend in joyful singing and dancing in a spiritual retreat centre - click here for workshop details

Sun 10 Nov: Inter-Faith Visit to the Arati of the Indian Cultural and Community Association 6:20pm, Bharat Bhavan

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group ( invites to join us and visit the ICCA to attend their weekly traditional Hindu Arati. It will start at exactly 6.30 pm. The ceremony will last no more than 45 minutes and prasadam (blessed sweets) will be distributed afterwards. Please be prepared to take off your shoes.
VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (Old Library), 117 Mill Road

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Sun 24 Nov: Cambridge Steiner School Art & Craft Advent Fair, 11.00a.m. - 4.00p.m.

The Cambridge Steiner School (reg. charity 1028116) organises hteit first Christmas Fair. There will be an organic cafe, craft stalls, massage, bio-dynamic food, candle dipping, puppet shows at 11:30 & 2pm, childrens crafts to make, face painting, a gnomes grotto and much more. Contact 295 691
Admission£1 incl. raffle ticket
VENUE: At the Barnwell Community Centre, Newmarket Rd. (opposite Ditton Lane) and Methodist Church next door

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Mon, 25 Nov: "A general introduction to Zen Buddhism" by Rev. Raymond McGowan, 7-30pm

Rev. Raymond McGowan will be giving a general introduction to Zen Buddhism. He comes from Throssel Hole Monastery in Northumberland which follows the Soto Zen tradition, and he has been teaching for many years.
Everyone welcome - you do not have to be a student.
VENUE: in N7, Pembroke College

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Tue 26 Nov: WHAT MAKES THINGS SACRED? 8pm, The Octagon, Wesley Church

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group invites everyone for tonight's talk and discussion.
What do we mean when we say something is ‘sacred’ rather than ‘profane’? What kinds of things can be sacred, and how do they get that way? How do we treat sacred things and people? How do they become desacralised, deconsecrated, secularised? Please come with insights from your tradition.

Check the NEW homepage and whole programme of the Cambridge Inter-Faith group at

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Thu 28 Nov '02: Meeting NEW Cambridge Flight Path Association 8pm

VENUE: St. Stephen's Hall, Coldham's Lane round about (opp. Sainsbury's)

Thu 28 Nov: "GANDHI" - the Oscar-winning biopic about Mahatma Gandhi 9:30pm

"His triumph changed the world....." The Oscar-winning biopic about Mahatma Gandhi, a young Indian lawyer who renounces worldly things in order to fight British imperialism in his native land.
PRICE: 2 pounds (free for Robinson College Film Soc members)
VENUE: Robinson College, Auditorium, Grange Road /Herschel Road, Newnham

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Fri 29 Nov: Craig Jamieson: "The Perfection of Wisdom manuscripts", 7-30pm

An illustrated talk on the earliest dated illustrated Indian manuscript in the world and the earliest dated illustrated Nepalese manuscript in the world, with explanations of some stunning images from a thousand years ago, in remarkably good condition, and also a few unanswered questions for you to ponder.

Craig is the Keeper of Sanskrit Manuscripts at the University of Cambridge, having previously taught Buddhism at the University of Leicester. He has published a number of books including: The Perfection of Wisdom (Penguin Viking, with a preface by the Dalai Lama) and A study of Nagarjuna's Twenty Verses on the Great Vehicle (Mahayanavimsika). for more information go to
We do not charge for these Dharma talks but room hire and travelling costs have to be met, so do please remember the Dana bowl.
Queries to or telephone 249732

VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge city

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Sat 30 Nov: German 'Weihnachtsmarkt' (Christmas bazaar) 11am - 3pm

If you are interested in the ethnic background of the director and webmaster of Rainbow Network Cambridge, you might like to visit a German style "Weihnachtsmarkt" with Glühwein, Erbsensuppe and more.
At 3pm the Christmas bazaar will end and the Advent season will be started with a service and singing at St. Mary's School.
Organised by the Lutherische Kirche Cambridge, phone: 356 167

VENUE: St Mary's Convent School, Bateman Street (next to the entrance of the Botanic Garden near Trumpinton Road).

Sat 30 Nov: "350 years Quakers" Celebration, 5-9pm

The Cambridge Hartington Grove Meeting of Friends celebrates with Music, entertainmment, presentations, activities for all ages... interspersed by comments from John Fox (Quaker founder 350 years ago). Friends from other meetings, Quaker friends and everyone interested in Quakerism are as always welcome.
Please bring and share 'finger' food.

VENUE: Friend's Meeting House, 91 Hartington Grove (between Hills Road & Cherry Hinton Road)

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Sun 1 Dec: Cambridge Pagan Moot 8pm

Every 1st Sunday of the month, 8pm onwards. Tonight 'Pagan Pub Quiz'. All are welcome. People coming to this meeting are from various groups or backgrounds . See - more details see Pagan Moot Cambridge

VENUE: "Fort St. George" Pub, Midsummer Common (at the pedestrian bridge).

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Sun 8 Dec: "Towards the Light" - a day with peace dances, devotional chanting and Taizé harmony singing with Ralph, 12noon - 6pm

Do something for your soul: get away from pre-Christmas stress - awaken your inner light - experience the spirit of community...
Cost: £8 - £12 (sliding scale according to your financial situation)
VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (Old Library) 117 Mill Road, Cambridge. workshop details

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Tue 31 Dec - new Year's Eve: 8pm - midnight bonfire

Short notice - last minute event for friends of the Rainbow Network Cambridge, Ralph, Vitalija and Tony:
From 8pm we will start a bonfire in the garden and have a little quiet (maybe some chanting) time until midnight. Please come straight into the garden if you are late and bring a drink or something to nibble.
Venue: @ Tony's - Ralph's previous home - 45 Walpole Road Cambridge phone 571 517

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more recent events

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