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Fri 10 Jan '03: "Reflections on Good and Bad Religion" talk and discussion with The Rev. Robert Van de Weyer, 7.30 for 8pm

'Sea of Faith' - exploring and promoting religious faith as a human creation. Affirming the continuing importance of religious thought and practice as expressions of awe and wonder and as celebrations of spiritual and social values. Inspirer of this group is Mr. Don Cupitt (former Dean of Immanuel College Cambridge). It was named and founded after a BBC TV series in 1984 with the same title.
The Cambridge 'Sea of Faith' group meets 3-4 times per year. Free of charge - all are welcome. Convener of the group is Frank Walker, phone 01223 355 221.
VENUE: Unitarian Hall (Common Room) (behind the Unitarian Church) , entrance Victoria Street, Cambridge (near to Drummer Street Bus Station, opposite Christ's Pieces).

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Sat 18 Jan '03: 'Meditate to Liberate', Cambridge, from 11am

Meditate to Liberate invites you to join a day of spiritual remembrance for and witness on behalf of the many thousands of animals that have died in Cambridgeshire through scientific and commercial experimentation and product testing. This event is also linked to our sense of deep concern at the proposed new monkey vivisection laboratories at 307 Huntingdon Road.

People of all faiths are invited to join us on the day. We will assemble at 11am for an hour of meditation and prayer, and then walk in procession to the Senate House in Cambridge town centre carrying animal size coffins. At the Senate House further ceremonies will be performed and a wreath will be laid.
Please come to Cambridge, the vivisection capital of UK, to support this event.
Visit our NEW web site at for more information.

VENUE: 307 Huntingdon Road, north Cambridge

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Sun 19 Jan '03: Inter-Faith visit to a Quaker Meeting, 10:20am

Today the Inter-Faith Group Cambridge ( will visit the Hartington Grove Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends ("Quakers"). for a Sunday Morning Meeting: we will sit in silence and listen to the still small voice of God for one hour. Sometimes, when somebody is inspired, he or she will stand up and speak out their ministry. There are no religious symbols or preaching ministers. All Quaker meetings are open to visitors. If you are new, you may like to come a few minutes earlier. Please be quiet in the hall and Please be there BEFORE 10:30am
VENUE: Friends Meeting House 91 Hartington Grove (off Cherry Hinton Road)

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Tue 28 Jan: SCIENCE AND FAITH, 8pm - 9.45 pm, Wesley Church

The Inter-Faith Group invites: Three scientists speak about the relationship between their faith and their work. Speakers: Volker Heine (Quaker physicist), Stephen Lawrence (Eastern spiritual mathematician) and Yildiz Bozkurt (Muslim biochemist).
THIS will be our last meeting at Wesley Church - from February we will meet monthly on a Friday at the the Unitarian Church Hall.

Check the NEW homepage and whole programme of the Cambridge Inter-Faith group at

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Sat 1 Feb: Cambridge STOP THE WAR COALITION MARCH, 1pm

Crucial anti-war march in Cambridge.. Come along and say "not in my name" to Tony Blair.

Speakers include: Lindsay German, convenor of the national Stop the War coalition, Nick Megoran of CamPeace, and representatives of the Muslim Community, Globalise Resistance and the FBU.

Assemble with banners, placards, whistles, etc at 1pm outside Gt St Marys, Kings Parade side.

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8-16 Feb 2003: One World Week Cambridge

Want to get involved:? Contact or check

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Fri 14 Feb '03: WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY - "The Sound Heard Around the World", @ noon local time

Global project: for five minutes, sound healers, meditators, peace activists and lovers of all humanity and sentient consciousness will send a Sonic Valentine to the Earth with the heartsound "AH" filled with the intention of Peace and Love! (please visit: to download an "AH" sound you can tone along with)
Click here for details

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Sat 15 Feb: fund raising tea party with bazaar, auction & live music, 3:30-6pm in aid of Cambridge artist Vitalija Zelenevska-Nimmann

Everyone is invited for a cup of tea, coffee and cheesecake, baked by Vitalija, and live music.
You are welcome to bring something you don't need any more, which can be sold on the fund-raising bazaar and auction. Some of Vitalija's drawing prints and originals will also be available.

Entrance fee: donation. All money raised today will go to help Vitalija to participate at the Bienniale International Art Exhibition ("Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea") in Florence in December 2003 ( Vitalija has been invited by a jury and needs to pay the registration fee of €uro 1800 by the middle of February.

If you want to donate things for sale, please come 15 min earlier and let us know - also if you like to perform something (juggling, music, dance...) or bake something...

You can view some of Vitalija's art:

VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (Old Library) 117 Mill Road, Cambridge [web map]
Contact: Vitalija or Ralph.

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Fri 7 March: New peace dance group with Margaret, 7.30 – 9.30pm

This will be an opportunity to explore sacred dance as a form of body prayer. No experience is necessary: we will be singing and dancing simple chants from the different sacred traditions, attuning our hearts to love, peace and harmony. The world needs our prayers for peace at this time. All welcome!
Cost £4 (contribution unwaged). Check the complete programme
VENUE: Friends Meeting House 91-93 Hartington Grove

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Sat / Sun 12/13 April '03: "We are opening up in sweet surrender" - residential weekend with peace dances, devotional chanting and Taizé harmony singing with Ralph

Last year's participants suggested, that this weekend shall be repeated. Another opportunity to do something for your soul & spend a weekend in joyful singing and dancing in a spiritual retreat centre. Mark in your diary! click here for workshop details

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Saturday 10 May: Meet the Quakers - Open Day

350 years Quakers in Cambridge. Come and meet The Qakers and find out more about them..
Time: 10:30 - 5pm
VENUE: Friends Meeting House Jesus Lane.

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Mon 12 May: Hare Krishna festival with THEATRE, MUSIC & VEGETARIAN FEAST, 7pm

Details to come. Contact Michelle
VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (Old Library),117 Mill Road (railway bridge)

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Saturday 17 May Cambridge "Spring Celebration" with Ralph

Heart centred - peace in motion. Chant, movement and meditation from the world's spiritualand religious traditions. After the most amazing residential weekend 12/13 April and after dance days in Norwich, Peterborough and Ipswich Ralph has organised a day with peace dances in Cambridge. Quite a few friends from around the region will come and join us today. Everyone is welcome. Please bring food to share.
Time: 2-7pm. Cost: £10-£15. click here for more details
VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (Old Library),117 Mill Road (railway bridge) Mark in your diary!

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23 May '03: world wide The Great “OM” Event, 5:00 pm - midnight local time

Like a gentle healing wave of higher resonating frequencies pulsing around the earth, join us in The Great “OM” Event. Read more on "National Events"

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23 May - 1 June 2003: 'Sacred Arts Camp' - world's biggest international Dances of Universal Peace and Voice Camp

In Dorset: 'PTA (Peace Through the Arts) Camp reborn' - some early booking discounted tickets available before February - Click here for details

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Sat 7 June '03: Strawberry Fair Cambridge

The Strawberry Fair is a local festival of music, entertainments, arts and crafts that takes place in Cambridge on Midsummer Common each year. Over its 30 year history, Strawberry Fair has evolved into one of the largest, free, open-air festivals of its kind in the country.

For many people, Strawberry Fair is the main event on the Cambridge calendar, offering a totally unique Cambridge event. And, believe it or not, it is completely free to attend. Ralph will be at the Subud stall near the Wigwam, opposite Fort St George Pub.
Midsummer Common, Cambridge. For details see

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Mon 9 June: "THE PSYCHIC CHILDREN: Dolphins, DNA & The Planetary Grid", 7.30pm

Paul Newman returns from 'The Psychic Children conference' in Hawaii with tales of stargate openings, DNA activation, dolphin and whale communication, the planetary grid and crop circles. The innate wisdom these children offer is beyond the comprehension of the mind, but speaks directly to the heart. As we make our way into the big changes leading up to 2012, Paul takes us on a journey unravelling the mysteries of the knowledge of the Psychic Children, describing what WE need to do RIGHT NOW to get back in line with the new energies that are surrounding our planet. The one question these kids want answered by us all is this : 'What would you do right now if you knew you were an emissary of love?....BEGIN!!'. £3 or £2 concessions.
VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (Old Library),117 Mill Road (railway bridge)

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Sat 14 June: Vegetarian Festival - Cambridge, 2:30pm

Speakers, awards, veggie food and Indian folk dances - save the animals - save the forests - save the planet. Organised by 'The Young Indian Vegetarians'.
Preceded by a walk through the streets of Cambridge led by Hare Krishna devotees. Contact: Nitin Mehta 020 8686 6931
Meeting for the procession 1pm Parkers Piece
VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (Old Library),117 Mill Road (railway bridge)

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Fri 20 June: Sitar and Violin Concert, 8pm at Wesley Church

Tickets £10.00 and £8.50.

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Sat 21 June: Ralph celebrates his 50th birthday, 4pm - details

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A talk by Fr Raphael Armour, Russian Orthodox priest in Cambridge. What is the Inner Life of Orthodox Christians and how does it relate to life in the Church? What is an icon and are they important? What part do fasting and Confession and the other sacraments play in the life of an Orthodox Christian? These are some of the topics we shall explore during this session.
VENUE: Unitarian Hall, Victoria Street (opp. central bus station, behind Unitarian Church)

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Wed 9 July, Vedic philosophy, bhajans, singing and feast evenings, for six consecutive Wednesdays, from 7pm

Talks on all aspects of Indian vedic culture, and of course enlivening bhajans music and singing. These meetings are free, and wonderful Krishna prasadam will be served also.
You can still join this class even if you have missed the first session.
Contact Michelle 01638 669057, mobile 07976608852 or Marianne 01223 562 818.

You have the choice from 8pm in the hall to join Peace Dances with Ralph (every 2nd Wed each month)
VENUE: kitchen space of Bharat Bhavan (Old Library),119 Mill Road (railway bridge).

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Tue 15 July: "Practical Healing Techniques" - free public lecture by Mike Meredith, 7.30 pm

An holistic approach to healing in the 21st century. On Thursday a new healing course with Mike will start; read more
The presentation will be followed by a demonstration (with opportunity to join in if you wish) of meditational chants and dances on holistic healing themes by Ralph Nimmann.
More information at:
VENUE: The Michaelhouse Centre (church), Trinity Street (close to Great St. Mary's Church, opp. Conville & Caius College), Cambridge city.

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Thu 17 July: Healing - Ensuring a Return on Your Investment!

Begin of a NEW healing course:
REAL (i.e. sustainable) HEALING requires an investment of time and effort. It often also involves re-experiencing old pain and facing the challenge of implementing new ways of operating in the world.

There are of course benefits in the form of improved well-being, wholeness, vitality and self-confidence. On the other hand we all have crowded lives and there are many calls on our time and money - no wonder that many people choose to stay stuck in their old familiar dysfunctional patterns!

Having a specific reason to heal will greatly empower our choice of entering a healing process. What could be a specific objective of your own healing journey?....
a) an abandoned (impossible) dream from the past which somehow just won't "lie down" in our mind
b) a dream or plan for our future which is "blocked" or "stuck"
c) a situation or relationship which is causing us distress
d) symptoms of mental or physical ill-health
e) addictions we would like to bring under control, such as alcohol, smoking, coffee, sugar, drugs, medications or high-fat foodstuffs.
f) enhanced self-development or self-actualisation - becoming more of the person you would like to be!

Workshop 1 of the "Healer Development" course at the Michaelhouse Centre asks participants come "armed" with one or more ways in which you would like to change your life or change some aspect of yourself.

You will be guided in how to do a "process" on your goal's) that will first refine and clarify them, then raise the quality and energy of your motivation to heal your life and thereby increase your fulfilment.

Once we have set our direction and "turbo-charged" it, we will get to work on clearing our blocks and finding our "stepping stones" to a bigger experience of ourselves and our world.

Workshop 1 is on this Thursday evening, July 17th. 7.30-9.30 at the Michaelhouse Centre. Cost of the workshop is £25, or £120 for the full course of 6 workshops. More information at or email Mike at or telephone him at: 01954-780695.

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Sat 19 July: Sing and swim for water, 6-8pm

Talking in Tune invites you to a Celebration of Water for Water Aid at Jesus Green Swimming Pool, Cambridge.

Bring your swimming gear, friends and family who like singing, picnics, (but no glass bottles please), rugs, folding chairs, bright summer clothes (with thermals/waterproofs if needed - we will sing (and swim!) whatever the weather!!)
6-7pm Swimming and picnicking to music
7-8pm Shared Singing of Watery Songs from round the globe with singers from Good Vibrations, Women of Note, Chela, Arbury Youth Singers and other guests

TICKETS IN ADVANCE £5, £3 children and concessions (Extra donations welcome!) from TALKING IN TUNE, tel 01223 573288

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until 31 Aug: Visible Thought: Exhibition of Rudolf Steiner's Blackboard Drawings, 9.30am - 5pm

For 70 years these spiritual illustrations have been hidden in an archive. .. Read more
VENUE: The Michaelhouse Centre (church), Trinity Street, Cambridge city.

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Wed 10 Sept. '03: WORLD HEALING DAY - a global linkup to raise world consciousness and promote world healing

Simultaneous worldwide meditations will take place at 12 noon GMT (1pm in the UK) and 16.30 GMT (5.30pm in the UK). Each meditation will last for at least 20 minutes, and will consist of clear, focused positive thought.
Cambridge: meeting out in nature ("Nine Wells") at 5pm for 5:30 - (maybe also 12:30 noon for 1pm)
Venue details & more info at 'National Events'

Wed 10 Sep: Dances of Universal Peace with focus on world healing, with Ralph, 8 -10pm

As it happens, the 2nd Wednesday this month with peace dances coincides with the World Healing Day. We also have Full Moon this afternoon. So please join us for a special evening for world healing with chants, Peace Dances and meditation. Cost: £3 - £5 (sliding scale)
VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (Old Library) 119 Mill Road / railway bridge, Cambridge [web map]

Wed 10 Sept: Visit to Cambridge Baha'i Community, 8 pm

You are warmly invited to come to a tranquil evening of prayers and reflections drawn from the sacred texts of the world's faiths (2nd Wednesday each month). Refreshments are served afterwards. This visit is organised by the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group
VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge

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Thu 11 Sept. '03: Global Meditation: "SHIFTING FROM GLOBAL TERROR TO GLOBAL LOVE

Details see National Events

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Sat/Sun 20/21 Sept. '03: "We are opening up in sweet surrender" - residential Peace Dance weekend NW of London

This WE includes peace dances, devotional chanting and Taizé harmony singing with Ralph.
This is the 3rd weekend, repeated on request of the participants of the previous weekends - another chance spend an unforgettable weekend surrounded by wonderful nature - camping possible! Low cost - high quality. [Details] - contact Ralph.

Sun 21 Sept: Multi-Cultural Special Event 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Organised by the Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum ( Free Food and Entertainment provided. There will be a short discussion session. You can express your views. We need to plan the future. RSVP to Office: 01223 315877
Venue: Netherhall Upper School Hall, Queen Edith’s Way, Cambridge

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Thu 25 Sep: "Mysteries of Life and the Cosmos" - Lecture by Sir Martin Rees, 7.45 pm

Sir Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal, will give this talk, followed by questions and informal discussion over light refreshments.
VENUE: Castle Street Methodist Church, Cambridge

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Fri 26 Sep: "Christians and Muslims - friends, not foes", talk by John Martin, 7:45 for 8pm

John Martin is respected by both the Christian and the Islamic communities in Cambridge. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the Koran and the Bible, to show how much both communities have in common. As a living bridge between the 2 religions he is a shining example for others and a brilliant speaker. We usually have a discussion afer the talk and end by 10pm
Organised by the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group. Venue: Unitarian Church Hall, Victora Street (opposite central bus station)

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Sat 4 Oct: St Neots Green Fair, 10-4pm

Various green theme stalls, groups, information, also healing and Peace Dances with Ralph (12:15 - 12:45 noon).
Contact June for details or stall bookings on 01480 473 291
VENUE: "The Priory" between the river and the library, just north of the central Market square in St Neots.

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Sub 5 Oct: "Dragons and Knights, Fairies & Heroes - the truth behind myths" - talk by Lotta, Sweden, 7:30pm

hidden spiritual significance of ancient myths. Free of Charge. Organised by Brahma Kumaris, phone 46 46 16
VENUE: Inner Space, 6 King's Parade opp. King's College Cambridge

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Tue 7 Oct: CUSU "Freshers Fair", 1pm - 7pm

The annual 2-day CUSU "Freshers Fair" is always a great opportunity for networking.
VENUE: Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall, Gonville Place opp. Parkers Piece

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Wed 8 Oct: CUSU "Freshers Fair", 10 am - 4pm

The annual 2-day CUSU "Freshers Fair" is always a great opportunity for networking.
VENUE: Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall, Gonville Place opp. Parkers Piece

Wed 8 Oct: John Polkinghorne: "Mind and Soul - The Pattern of Information at the Heart of Personality, 5.30pm

John Polkinghorne, an Anglican priest and former Professor of Theoretical Physics at Cambridge, is a prolific author, and leading exponent of the relationship between science and religion. His latest book is "God of Hope and the End of the World".
Contact: Revd Dr Fraser Watts: 01223 359223
VENUE: St. Edward's Church Cambridge (between Guildhall and Kings College).

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Wed 15 Oct: John Teasdale: "Mindfulness - Being, Doing, and Freeing the Mind", 5:30pm

John Teasdale is a research psychologist at the Medical Research Council in Cambridge. He has recently co-authored "Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Depression".
Contact: Revd Dr Fraser Watts: 01223 359223
VENUE: St. Edward's Church Cambridge (between Guildhall and Kings College).

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Sun 19 Oct: "We are all on a journey" - 1st Religious / Spiritual Fair Cambridge, 3 - 6pm The Inter-Faith Group ( wants to bring spiritual matters more into public awareness in this city, which is predominantly associated with studying and computing. Cambridge is rich in religions and offers a wide choice of spiritual paths.

More than 15 Cambridge religious and spiritual groups will each have a stall, eg. Baha'is, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Quakers, and less well known groups such as the Jain Society, Subud and Sukyo Mahikari. Visitors are encouraged to explore what all groups have in common.

The Fair is part of "One World Week 2003", which starts on the same day with the theme: "Moving stories" - see . ALL religious and spiritual groups around Cambridge are invited to participate (there are still some spaces available).
Snacks and drinks will be available. Entrance will be free of charge - donations are welcome.
Contact Ralph for bookings on 01223 510 442
VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (Old Library),119 Mill Road (railway bridge)

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Wed 22 Oct: Fraser Watts: "The Mystical Mind - Developing Spiritual Intuition", 5:30pm

Fraser Watts, a former research psychologist, is Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Science in the University of Cambridge, and Chaplain of St Edward¹s. His latest book is"Theology and Psychology".
Contact: Revd Dr Fraser Watts: 01223 359223
VENUE: St. Edward's Church Cambridge (between Guildhall and Kings College).

Wed 22 Oct: Natural Healing available, 7.30pm

Natural healing sessions available at the Yellow Rose Healing Sanctuary, a non-profit making organisation, run by volunteers.
NEW: healing sessions here now the last 2 Wednesdays each month. Contact: Cambridge 01223 359074. Admission free - donations welcome.
Venue: Small Hall, Arbury Centre, Camkin Road (100 m from Arbury Road), Cambridge

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Thu 23 Oct: 7.45 pm "Believing in Science: Believing in God" - Lecture by Revd Dr Philip Luscombe

Revd Dr Philip Luscombe is the Principal of Wesley House. The lecture will be followed by questions and informal discussion over light refreshments.
VENUE: Castle Street Methodist Church, Cambridge

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Fri 24 Oct: "Creation of the Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel & Fire Ceremony" introductory talk with Littlesun, 7pm

Complementary teachings by Eagle Singing Moon. Introduction to following weekend workshop - see below. Littlesun has built many medicine wheels around the world and 'programmed' them. Details to come later - or see [click on the left bottom corner of the screen "Instruction" button - check: MEDICINE WHEELS / BRITAIN / Milton Keynes - every black stone in the Medicine Wheel opens a new menu, which you can scroll down at the right screen border] .
Cost: donation. Contact 07742 219399
VENUE: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), 119 Mill Road / railway bridge, Cambridge.

- - - rainbow line - - -

Sat / Sun 25 /26 Oct: seminar "Creation of the Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel & Fire Ceremony" with Littlesun, 9-6pm

Complementary teachings in Ceremony of Eagle Singing Moon. Limited spaces. Details to come later - or see
Fee: £40 minimum. Contact 07742 219399
VENUE: near city centre, Cambridge. Details after booking.

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Sat 25 Oct: Inter Faith Issues Post 11 September, 10 am - 12.30 pm

Course led by Anne Davison, Bishop of Chelmsford's Adviser for Inter Faith Relations and Vice Moderator of the Inter Faith Advisory Group of the World Council of Churches. £10, payable to Focus Christian Institute. Enrolment forms and Institute programmes available from the Enrolment Secretary, Focus Christian Institute, 110 Wulfstan Way, Cambridge CB1 8QJ, phone 01223 246419.
VENUE: St James' Church, Wulfstan Way, Cambridge

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Sun 26 Oct: "Celebrating Peace" - 3rd Annual Cambridge Inter-Faith Celebration of Community, 3 - 4 pm

On the last day of "One World Week" this event aims to celebrate the many religions, faith groups and communities which are represented in Cambridge and the surrounding area. The meeting will last for one hour and will be followed by refreshments.
Organised by the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group (
VENUE: Unitarian Church, Emmanuel Road (opposite central bus station)

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Mon 3 Nov: "Healing Meeting" - informal sharing, exchanging experiences, information & discussion, 8pm

This evening will consist of informal sharing of who we are and what our involvement and experiences with healing are - in small groups as well as in a circle.
Marie Therese wants to introduce "Diamond Water" (by French/Belgian quantum physicist, Joel Ducatillon - it holds special 4th and 5th dimension codes for our evolution).
Also we'll have a discussion on the potentially controversial theme: "healing means to deprive the person from learning a lesson".
This meeting is not only for healers, but for everyone who is involved in healing - one way or the other.
If you want to contribute to structuring this evening, please contact Ralph.
Cost: donation - organized by Rainbow Network Cambridge
VENUE: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), 119 Mill Road / railway bridge, Cambridge.

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Wed 5 Nov: Kevin Dutton: "Mind, Brain, and Spirit - Beyond the 'God-Spot' in the Brain", 5:30pm

Kevin Dutton is a Lecturer in Psychology, and currently a Visiting Fellow in the University of Cambridge. He is writing a book on The Fall and the Evolution of Consciousness.
Contact: Revd Dr Fraser Watts: 01223 359223
VENUE: St. Edward's Church Cambridge (between Guildhall and Kings College).

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Sun 9 Nov'03: Harmonic Concordance - international "PROJECT OM" at 1:29AM

At 1:29AM (British time) on Sunday morning November 9, 2003, a geometrically perfect six sided (Star of David) configuration will appear in the sky, linking and balancing the energies of six astrological bodies; the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and the Moon. In addition, there will be an eclipse of the full moon at this time. The interaction of this significant planetary alignment at the moment of the eclipse combines to produce a powerful alchemical transformation offering the opportunity for both personal and planetary shifts in consciousness. The name that has been given to this particular energetic window of time is the Harmonic Concordance. It goes from November 5th through the 11th with the peak at the time above!
Read more on Global Events

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Mon 10 Nov: "Ode to Joy and Freedom - The Fall of the Berlin Wall", video, 8pm

To commemorate the fall of the German wall on 9 Nov 1990 this moving documentation will be shown. A token of history you will never forget. The beginning and end of the infamous cold war Berlin wall. Walls tumbling down - what a powerful symbolism! "The Wall" was much more than bricks and mortar; its fall was like a miracle - with an overwhelming emotional outburst. No love or any other made up story - original recordings commented in English with music.
One hour video documentation, made in Germany. Please bring your handkerchiefs.
Cost: donation. Organized by Rainbow Network Cambridge (contact Ralph)
VENUE: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), 119 Mill Road / railway bridge, Cambridge.

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Wed 19 Nov: talk by Geshe Dorji Damdul, Tibetan monk & new translator for the Dalai Lama, 7-30pm

Geshe Dorji Damdul, a Tibetan monk, is in Cambridge this Autumn. He has been chosen as a new translator for the Dalai Lama and he is here as an ELST scholar.
VENUE: Latimer Room in Old Court, Clare College.
Clare College is at the back of Kings College Chapel. Access from town is via Senate House Passage, which goes from the Trinity Street end of Kings Parade towards the river. Turn left at the end of it and the main entrance to Old Court is on the right. The Latimer Room is through the archway and turn immediately left.

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Thu 20 Nov: 'The Music of God and the God of Music' - Lecture by Revd Professor Jeremy Begbie, 7.45 pm

Tonight's speaker is from Ridley Hal and the lecture will be followed by questions and informal discussion over light refreshments.
VENUE: Castle Street Methodist Church, Cambridge

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Sat 22 Nov: Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph, 2-7pm

A joyful, soulful and worshipful afternoon. It helps if you bring an open mind and an open heart. Open for all - beginners are welcome to join our circle. Please bring food to share. Click here for details. Cost: £10 - £15 (sliding scale)
VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (Old Library) 119 Mill Road / railway bridge, Cambridge [web map]

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Wed 26 Nov: Return to the Land of your Soul - Songs of Universal Peace with Ralph, 8pm

[4th Wednesday each month] The human voice as the most perfect instrument provides the possibility to connect with our soul and with God. This is why in many faith traditions the use of the voice plays an essential part. It resonates with the chakra system, activates the flow of subtle energies, upliftis the mood, balances mind and aura and can lead to a state of blissful joy. The deeper breathing activates and rejuvenates the body.

Chanting chooses sacred phrases or mantras from various traditions. They are sung repeatedly for minutes or hours and can create a strong feeling of community and connectedness.

Chanting can lead to mystic experiences beyond understanding. It helps to bring body mind and soul into balance and is very beneficial in our mind dominated society, especially for intellectuals.

We will be sharing heart centred chants from various traditions, some simple, some with harmonies (like Taizé).
Please bring a drink and an open heart, candles or other items for the center of our circle.

VENUE: Ralph's home, 25 Hills Avenue (off Hills Rd.), Cambridge.

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Fri 28 Nov: Teachings by Ato Rinpoche, 7-30pm

Rinpoche is recognised as the eighth incarnation of the Tenzin Tulkus, he is fully trained in the teachings and practices of both the Kagyu and Nyingmapas. In 1959 after leaving Tibet for India, His Holiness Dalai Lama placed him in charge of a monastery housing teachers of all four lineages.
In 1967 he married and moved to Cambridge, where he lives with his wife and daughter. He worked at Fulbourn Psychiatric Hospital, Cambridge, until his retirement in 1981.
He regularly teaches at the Nezang Buddhist Meditation Group which meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 1-45pm at Morley Memorial School, Blinco Grove (off Hills Road).
Enquiries about the group to Jane Sandeman tel (01223) 246461
VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge

Fri 28 Nov: Celebration of Swami Vivekananda in drama & music &
Cambridge Inter-Faith Group AGM, 7:45 for 8pm

This year's Inter-Faith AGM is introduced by the Cambridge Sri Chinmoy Group, who will give a short presentation of Swami Vivekananda in drama & music, based on works of Sri Chinmoy.
The following AGM is open for all. We will review the last year and discuss plans for the future. What would you expect and wish from us? What would you be happy to do?
PLEASE come and share your visions and inspiration with us.
Cambridge Inter-Faith Group - back on-line again! See
Venue: Unitarian Church Hall, Victora Street (opposite central bus station)

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Sat 29 Nov: Buy Nothing Day

This is an event that opposes (in a very friendly, creative way) consumerism and over consumption, especially over the Christmas period. We will be in the market square, making cards, presents and a variety of exciting objects from recycled materials. Last year a banner was also made by children stating what they would like to DO for Christmas, rather than HAVE, something similar will be made this year. Hoping to target a wide age group - children, young people, adults. Free fair trade tea and coffee will also be be given out. It is a very fun, as well as constructive, event.

Organised by CAMBRIDGE PEOPLE & PLANET (University Soc.) -
VENUE: Market Square, Cambridge city

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Mon 1 Dec: "Meetings with remarkable men" - video about Gurdjeff's spiritual journey, 8pm

When we showed this video 2 years ago, most people wanted to see it again. So here it is:
A very quiet and extraordinary spiritual film. Dialogues go straight to the essentials. Beautiful landscapes in Russia and Afghanistan and the desert. Gurdjeff's search for hidden knowledge and his journey as a seeker to meet the mystics. In the end we see sacred mystic dancers. 108 minutes.
£2 - £4 (sliding scale) - organized by Rainbow Network Cambridge, phone 510 442
VENUE: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), 119 Mill Road / railway bridge, Cambridge.

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Wed 17 Dec: Circle Dancing with live music, 8-10pm

As always on the 3rd Wednesday each month Click here for details. Cost: £3.50 - £5 (sliding scale)
VENUE: Friend's Meeting House Jesus Lane /Park Street, Cambridge city

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Fri 19 Dec 7:45 for 8pm: Spirituality and Art - Inter-Faith discussion, Unitarian Hall

dicussion led by Isoble Stemp, from a family of artists. Her mural at Papworth Hospital was featured ain a recent Cambridge Agenda. You are invited to bring a picture along which is important to you.
Organised by the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group (
VENUE: Unitarian Church Hall, Emmanuel Road (opposite central bus station)

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Mon 22 Dec.: "Ode to Joy and Freedom - The Fall of the Berlin Wall", video, 8pm

This moving documentation about the rise & fall of the German wall in 1990 will be shown again on request. A token of history you will never forget. The beginning and end of the infamous cold war Berlin wall. Walls tumbling down - what a powerful symbolism! "The Wall" was much more than bricks and mortar; its fall was like a miracle - with an overwhelming emotional outburst. No love or any other made up story - original recordings commented in English with music.
One hour video documentation, made in Germany.
Cost: donation. Organized by Rainbow Network Cambridge (contact Ralph)
VENUE: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), 119 Mill Road / railway bridge, Cambridge.

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   Clown & Christmas trees 
               design by 
Vitalija Zelenevska - Nimmann 
               Dec.  2003
            (see Art folder)

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