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Sun 6 Jan: ONENESS BLESSING - Deeksha, 2pm

May you live in Peace and Harmony within yourself. This is all you need for love, prosperity and happiness to flow. There is a Special New Year Oneness Blessing at 2pm on Sunday 6th Jan Sukhmani Centre in Cambridge. The beginning of any venture becomes the foundation on which you build. Come along on Sunday 6th and make this beautiful Blessing your cornerstone for 2008,
Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) is the transfer of energy (usually through touching the top of the head). The intention behind this wonderful blessing is to allow the recipient to draw closer to a state of Oneness, harmony and connection.
People who have received Deeksha often describe the experience in terms such as meditative, expansive, peaceful, full of contentment even bliss. Deeksha is healing and can be physically and mentally soothing.
contact Fateh Singh: 07811 459 229 - frankygoestoindia[AT]
Venue: Sukhmani Centre 68 Humberstone Road (garden house, entrance from Cutter Ferry Close)

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Every Wed: "get your-self" - sensing, feeling, moving, with music and in stillness, 7-9:30pm

I have discovered and joined this amazing group and recommend it highly! - Ralph
We long so much to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships. And yet we are hardly ever there to experience ourselves, let alone the other. Lost in thinking, we are in our body most often when it hurts.
The world invites us to join in and yet we feel reluctant, feeling lost, having no sense of self, no point of reference from which to relate.
These evenings are an opportunity to focus upon ourselves. The scattered mind coming home, taking residence in the body. Having got our-self we are then ready, curious and open to meet another, to begin the dance of mutuality in an authentic and real way.
We will work with movement, music and touch based on the integration of the disciplines I have personally trained in and studied in depth.
Kama Korytowska - has studied Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement, Somatic Psychology), and Family Constellations. She offers workshops in embodied consciousness and family constellations in England and abroad and practices bodymind therapy in private practice in Cambridge.
Classes run every Wednesday (last 19th Dec.- start 9th Jan.'08)
Time: 7.00-9.00 pm (you can join at any time)
Cost: £60 for 5 consecutive sessions; £15 for single session - free 1st trial session.
Contact: - 07951 149030
Venue: Ross Street Community Centre, off Mill Rd, Cambridge

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Tue 15 Jan: "The Myth of the Mousetrap - How to Get Yours Ideas Adopted (and Change the World)" by author and inventor Anne Miller, 7pm

Cambridge author and inventor Anne Miller will be presenting her new book in a free event at Libra Aries Books. The event will comprise a short talk, followed by informal discussion and booksigning.
Build a better mousetrap, the saying goes, and the world will beat a path to your door. In reality, though, new ideas are more often not listened to, not given serious attention, or never implemented. "The Myth of the Mousetrap" is an enlightening new book that explains why it is so difficult to get a new idea adopted, and offers practical advice on how to get your ideas taken seriously and put into action.
Anne Miller is one of the world's most successful female inventors. She has 39 patents for inventions ranging from the manufacturing system for the first female condom, to power tools and medical products. She is also a board member of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition.
Venue: Libra Aries Books, 9 The Broadway, Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3AH, Tel: (01223) 412 411 -

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Thursday 17 Jan CHANGE: 'Sing Out!' drop-in daytime workshop led by Rowena Whitehead 1:30-3pm

(From today on THURSdays weekly, new term) These workshops give you the opportunity to have a Good Sing in a relaxed, friendly and supportive setting, singing songs and chants from around the world, experimenting with harmony, rhythm, tone and improvisation. No previous musical experience necessary - just bring your vocal chords! It's guaranteed to be fun and relaxing and there are no solos!
Cost: £5.50 per session, £4 concessions
For more workshops or details, phone Rowena 01223 573 288 or or simply come along.
Venue: Ross Street Community Centre, Ross Street (nr. St Philips Road, off Mill Road), Romsey Town

Thu 17th Jan. '08: Dances of Universal Peace - with Ralph, 8 -10pm

(usually 3rd Thursday / month) FIRST DUP SESSION this year - NEW venue - new year - new beginning - plenty of free parking space
A nice clean & warm place (please bring socks or dance shoes - the flor might be cool). Please bring an open heart - everyone is warmly welcome to share some magic moments in our circle. No experience whatsoever required.
Cost: £6 - concessions
NEW VENUE: East Barnwell community Centre (Barnwell Hall), Newmarket Road (near airport), CB5 8RS

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Sat 19 Jan '08: "Living Circle Dance" - Live Music Song and Dance with Brian Steere, 3-9pm

"Circle dance offers a vehicle for whole-ing us in community - in mind, body and feeling. A heart-felt meditative, recreational and celebratory form though which to join. The dances are mostly simple in line or circle and are of diverse cultures and express many qualities of emotional colour or tone. Being in a circle at rest also allows attention to ground so that we can experience the passionate amidst spaciousness. I share and teach the dance in a musical way - more in the ‘body’ and less in the the ‘head’. Previous experience or a partner is not required - but bring some willingness to join and be open to inspiration - the joy in us which would know itself and be known. We seem to lose our Soul - the dimension of presently felt connectedness - by focusing on externals or forms as realities in themselves. Yet only the purpose we hold in our heart gives or deprives us of meaning. If this is overlooked - we recycle old choices. Grasping at life makes us into ‘hungry ghosts’ - yet life IS here and now - and joy arises from appreciation of being. A false sense of unworthiness in our self and each other leads to disallowing joy. This relies on you continuing to think, rather than experience directly. Embracing simple movement in trust and allowing the influx of felt connection releases the false by waking up. We use the forms - the dances - in serious play, for renewal and refreshment - and in freedom to discover the particular energetic quality of this day in the spirit that we meet." - Brian
Cost: £10 donation – supporting Karuna and Ethiopaid charities.
Please Bring Veg food for shared meal.
Booking contact: Angela Dyer, 37 Howard Close, Cambridge, CB5 8QU, e: - phone: 01223 292618 - More Info:
VENUE: Cambridge Buddhist Centre. 36 Newmarket Rd. Cambridge, CB5 8DT

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Sun 20 Jan '08: begin Weekly Oshana Energy Work Class with Patrick, 7-8pm

A new moving meditation developed by Enlightened Teacher Dave Oshana to help: restore energy flow, release trapped energy, break unwanted habits, tune into life purpose. Free class with Patrick: Weekly meeting at Downing College, Starting Sunday 20th January. See Patrick's web page: For detailed information about Oshana Energy Work please visit - please contact Patrick for more information on

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Thu 24 Jan: "Mind the Gap" - Inspirational Talk in Cambridge, 7.45pm

You might lead an amazing life or be stuck in a rut. Either way, this evening is for you.
Did you know that on average we only live 4,000 Saturdays during our lifetime?
If you, like most of us, are struggling with New Year Resolutions, or wondering how another year in your life has gone by so quickly, then join Mark Desvaux for an inspirational evening, as he explores ways you can make 2008 your best year yet.
There are limited spaces available for this talk. For more information, please visit or call Sima on 0845 003 0714.
VENUE: St John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge. (web map with arrow)

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Fri 25 Jan: Cambridge Inter-Faith Group AGM, 19:45 for 8pm-9:45pm

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group ( invites everyone interested in Inter-Faith dialogue in Cambridge to come tonight to the AGM.
The long standing chairman, Ralph Nimmann, has decided to step down tonight. This will leave the group to an unknown future - and with some secretarial and monetary work to be sorted out. Hopefully this vacuum will attract others to come forward and allow the universe to unfold its creative ways of self organisation. Whether there will be an inter-Faith programme for 2008 or not, will become clear tonight.
In the last years other interfaith organisations and activities have emerged in Cambridge. May be the Inter-Faith Group is not needed any more? Or maybe the role of the Inter-Faith Group in Cambridge should be redefined?
We especially invite people who are involved in Inter-Faith dialogue to come tonight and share their experiences.
Free of charge - donations are welcome.
PS: since the webmaster (Ralph) has a new computer, the password for updating the Inter-Faith web site is mysteriously not working any more.
VENUE: Unitarian Church Hall, 5 Emmanuel Road (opp. central bus station), entrance Victoria STREET, Cambridge, CB1 1JW (see location on web map)

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour (from Tue 8 Jan.)
"Declutter your home & life" - with Lulu Agate

NEW: Sat 26th Jan. 1p-2pm repeat FM broadcast on 105FM!
The New Year has just started - a good time for resolutions like decluttering your home! - Read more about Lulu & this show
This show sound file was available 24 hours on until Tue 4 March'08 midnight.

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Tue 5 Feb: Deeksha (Oneness Blessing), 7pm

Most Tuesdays Deeksha meeting in Cambridge!
Dear all, Deeksha = energetic transfer of a blessing, usually by touching the top of the head. Deeksha moves the recipient closer and deeper into the sense of Oneness and connection. It's very meditative, peaceful and healing. Open to everyone, from any background. see
Very happy update, Sally Tolhurst and Susan Firth will be joining us at the Sukhmani Centre. So there will be up to 4 Deeksha Givers. Susan has only just come back from India! Bless You All - Fateh - 07811 459 229
Venue: Sukhmani Centre: Lovely yoga space in Cambridge, just off Elizabeth Way. From Newmarket Rd roundabout, turn into Elizabeth Way. At the bottom of the bridge turn immediately into Cutters Ferry Close. Park there, if you've come by car. At entrance of Cutters Ferry you'll see a private gravel lane (back entrance to houses on Humberstone Rd). Look for no.68 and Sukhmani Centre sign on door.

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Sun 10 Feb: interfaith bagel brunch, 12 noon

There will be an interfaith bagel brunch, hosted at 'CUlanu', above the fudge shop on king's parade. There will be lots of food, and we will also be having some informal discussion on a couple of relevant topics. It will be running from 12 noon until 1.30pm - all are welcome! [info from CUFF - Cambridge University Faith Forum]

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Wed 13 Feb: Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph, 7:45 for 8pm - 10pm

Joy comes dancing & singing: holding hands - touching hearts - dancing towards Oneness while chanting in a circle... You are welcome to join in for a memorable evening. No experience whatsoever required.
Cost: £6 - concessions
New venue: The hall of the United Reformed Church, Hartington Grove / Cherry Hinton Road, CB1 7UB - click here to see location in Cambridge street map Contact: Ralph 01223 510442. More information at

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Sat 16 Feb: Rumi's poetry and stories by Ashley Ramsden and Duncan Mackintosh, 8.00pm

Cambridge storytellers present: The Rumi Tour. Highly recommended by Ralph! - cost: £8/£6 - for details phone 01223 510756 or email cambridgestorytellers[AT]
To pre-book tickets, please send a cheque made out to "Cambridge Storytellers" & post it to Peter Hilkin, 78 Chesterton Road, cambridge, CB4 1ER (please include a self addressed envelope).
Venue: Michaelhouse, Trinity Street, Cambridge city - see location on web map

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Sun 17 Feb: "The voice of the storyteller" workshop with Duncan Mackintosh, 10-4pm

In this workshop we will explore different styles of speech, ways of relating to space, and how we articulate the sounds of our language, in order to expand our capacity and understanding and bring more power, differentiation, nuance and skill to our storyteller’s voice and presence. Bring your own lunch, and also a story and a poem to play with. Book soon as numbers are limited!
Duncan Mackintosh has been a storyteller for many years as well as an actor, director and teacher of performing arts. A regular teacher at Emerson College’s school of storytelling, he is well known for his African Tales, and his performance of the works of Rumi.
price £20/£15. for details phone 01223 510756 or email cambridgestorytellers[AT]
Venue: St Andrew’s Hall Chesterton, CB4 1DH - see location on web map

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour (from Tue 5 Feb.:
"Positive Spin"- The Cambridge Cycling Campaign, with Simon Nuttall & Marie Therese Kranz
+ Sat 23rd Feb. 1p-2pm repeat FM broadcast on 105FM

Do you know the Cambridge Cycling Campaign ( Find out who is involved, what they are doing and how to cycle with 4 children on a bike...
Read more about Simon & Marie Therese, see a cycling movie, links and more
This show sound file was available 24 hours on until Tue 4th March'08 midnight.

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Sat 1 March: Dance Party - Spring Bop with a little Lindyhop, 8pm-midnight

SPECIAL: As the just-for-fun taster sessions at the last two parties have been so popular, we are continuing with them. This time MarkB & MicheleW have kindly offered to show us how to do a little Lindyhop!
MUSIC: As usual, please let me have any special requests for your favourite dance tracks ASAP (we make up the playlist in advance).
N.B. NO FOOD PROVIDED this time - unfortunately Greens no longer allows DIY food so we have decided to do without this time and charge less for tickets rather than bump up the price. We aim to cover just our expenses, however any profit will be donated to charity.
Cheers. Maggie, Alan, Fiona & Mike (Dance Party Organisers)

We plan: Good mix of music. Cash bar. Light eats. Plenty of parking. Come in a group, with a partner or on your own.
mzc1[AT] Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing/dancing with you!
Contact: Maggie.Carr[AT]
VENUE: Greens Health Club, 213 Cromwell Road (Coldhams Lane / bridge), Cambridge, CB13BA

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Sun 9 March: Natural Health and Psychic Show Cambridge, 11am - 6pm

A friendly celebratory Show of all things Natural in and around Cambridge!
This years Show is spread over 2 floors of the hotel.

Floor one includes a fabulous Get gorgeous naturally room! with natural beauty experts, demonstrations, mini treatments, pure natural face and beauty products, confidence creativity coaching with Bernadette Darnell and even a fair trade fashion show!!! Live Music performances from John Levine, members of the soul band Bijoumiyo and beautiful harp music with Rebecca Penkett. Book signing of brand new book by Liz Williams - Johnnys angel light, Workshops with: The Association of Numerology - discover your own personal destiny number!, Past life regression - Taster group regression with Tania Cheslaw, Carolin Comberti - Sound and Voice Healing taster workshop. Talks from Kylie Holmes - How Angels help to guide us on our Soul path, Anita Carthew - Herbalism, medicinal and magical, an introduction and Bernadette Darnell - Your Mid-life adventure...its your turn now!! Platform mediumship with Helen Sproston and a series of moving Meditations, led by Inner Space, titled the Healing Power of the Mind, Going Beyond and The Power of Silence.

The Ground floor level is packed full of fabulous stands and exhibits including a qualified Herbalist, Thai yoga massuer, Reiki healings, Ethnic and fair trade musical instruments, Spiritual healers, Vocal coach and Voice therapist, Reflexology practitioner, Indian head massuer, Cambridge Complementary Health centre, Healthy Raw Chocolate smoothies, Book shop, Homeopath,Tarot Readings, Colour readings, Angel guide readings, Numerology readings, Crystals, Hand made gem stone jewellery, Striking Crystal pendant necklaces, Spiritual Psychics, Feng shui expert, Fairie and pixie gifts, Aloe vera health supplements, Aromatherapy goodies, Candles, Wiccan products, Fairtrade gifts, products and soap and lotions
The friendliest warmest energy waits to greet you! Entrance - on the day &poun;2 adults, kids free.
Organised by
Venue: Royal Cambridge Hotel, Trumpington Street / ring road, Cambridge. CB1 2PY (near the Leys school!)

Sun 9 March: Discussion meeting for all faiths on HEALING, 3:30pm

Should we ideally be looking for healing, that is complete and permanent, that has no harmful side effects, that is linked with improved morals, that leads to greater peace of mind, that does not require continuing medical treatment, that does not require expensive materials or equipment?
A Christian Science view will be presented, but other views are welcome to this open, public discussion meeting. More information from David: 276912 or ddw[AT]
VENUE: the Christian Science Reading Room, 96 Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DP. More information from Cambridge 276912 or ddw[AT]

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Fri 14 March: "Do Hindu Cows Reincarnate? Shambo, Sacred Cows, and Modern Animal Welfare" by Kripamoya Das (Senior Priest at the Bhaktivedanta Manor), 7-9:30pm

All Welcome!!
We are also planning on doing biweekly Bhagavad Gita readings and organise some vegetarian cooking classes. If you are interested please contact us. To join the mailing list or for any other question please send an email to: cukcsoc[AT]
Venue: Mumby's Room, King's College, followed by a free vegetarian meal.

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Ralph's Positive Hour

Ralph's Positive Hour (from Tue 4th March
CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE - inspirational conversation with Mark Desvaux
+ Sat 22nd March 1p-2pm repeat FM broadcast on 105FM

Mark is holding seminars "Mind the Gap" - Inspirational Talk in Cambridge. You might lead an amazing life or be stuck in a rut. Did you know that on average we only live 4,000 Saturdays during our lifetime?
Read more about & how to listen to this show...
This show sound file was available 24 hours on until Tue 1st April '08 midnight.

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Sun 30 March: British Summer Time starts - clocks spring forward 1 h!

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Sun 30 March: Grimoires & Folk Magic with Ben Fernee, 4pm

2008 sees a new series of Sunday Tea Parties on the last Sunday of each month. The Tea Parties will start at 4pm in the shop. The usual format will be a short talk or presentation by our guest speaker, followed by open discussion. When everyone is parched, we will break out the kettle, and continue the discussion informally over a cup of tea and a biscuit. We expect proceedings will be over by 6pm.
Ben Fernee has published facsimile editions of several old grimoires (a grimoire is a book of spells). At this Tea Party, he will be presenting his ideas on the interplay between these written documents and the oral traditions of folk magic.
Please remember that British Summer Time starts on this day. Clocks spring forward: don't be an hour late!
Bright Blessings,Tim & Jean.
Venue: Libra Aries Books,9 The Broadway, Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3AH, Tel: (01223) 412 411,

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Thu 10 April: "Change Your Life – The Power of Your Thoughts" Seminar with Mark Desvaux, 7:45pm

You have 60,000 thoughts a day and each one affects your life, your happiness, relationships, health, abundance and well-being. Join Mark Desvaux, entrepreneur, author and recording artist (Urban Myth Club) for an inspirational evening as he explores how you literally create and attract into your life what you think about — good and bad. Find out how Mark used the "law of attraction" (as popularised by the bestselling book and movie "The Secret") to live out some of his dreams such as playing Glastonbury. Learn how you can create a better life for yourself using the secrets known for centuries by great philosophers, leaders and extraordinary individuals. You may just change the way you think, forever.
Cost: £15 - for more details please check out the website or contact 0845 0030714.
Listen to Mark on 209radio at Ralph's Positive Hour (until Tue 1st April)
Venue: St Johns Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, CB4 0WS, Cambridge
=> (web map with arrow)

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Sat 12 & Sun 13 April: GRANTA AND THE GIANT, AND THE WOODEN HORSE - A GATEKEEPER TRUST EVENT PILGRIMS’ WEEKEND Exploring the ancient cambridge landscape

Dear everyone at the Rainbow Network, Next weekend, the 11/12/13April 2008, the Gatekeeper Trust will be holding their annual Pilgrimage Weekend in Cambridge, with Carolin Comberti, Giles Bryant and Hugh Newman. I would be very grateful if you could publicise and promote this exciting weekend locally and to all your contacts. Anybody interested will be very welcome to attend - the times, venue and costs are all on the attached information. With many thanks and all best wishes Fiona Hopes, Chairman, Gatekeeper Trust - 01684 892533
See photos & details on pdf file

In the first of our spring Pilgrims’ Weekends, we trace the element of water through Cambridge, visiting the River Granta or Cam, holy wells, the round church (thought to have been built by the Knights Hospitaller), and the alignment of sacred sites in the city. We will also explore the GogMagog Hills, said to be the metamorphosis of the giant GogMagog after being rejected by the river nymph Granta, and Wandlebury Ring, which is possibly the real site of the ancient city of Troy. This residential weekend will also include an evening of storytelling, poetry and music,discussions about pilgrimage, patterns in the landscape and ideas for future activities.
Venue: The Cambridge Youth Hostel, Tenison Road, Cambridge

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Sat 19 April: SPRING SING IN, 8pm-11pm

A "Tunes for Change" Spring feast of songs and music from Europe and West Africa (and beyond!) to support street children in Ghana
  • In the company of HUGUETTE, wonderful chanteuse of melodious French songs,
  • TOM LING, JON BETMEAD ROWENA WHITEHEAD, fiddle, guitar and song
  • DANIELA McDERMOTT and friends, West african drumming
  • Singers from GOOD VIBRATIONS and CHELA (Georgian choir)
  • Y un poco de flamenco!
    Plenty of join-in opportunities, including a Communal Sing-Along-a-French song session (lyric sheets and translations provided) and some Ghanaian songs
    DIY Refreshments: bring drink and cold snacks to share.
    Raffle with exciting African prizes
    TICKETS £8/£6 concessions talkingintune[AT] - tel Rowena 01223 573288 or Dominique, 01223 321092
    All proceeds go to Youth Alive, supporting street children in Northern Ghana,
    Venue: St Andrews Community Centre, St Andrew's Rd, Chesterton

    Sat 19th and Sun 20th April Bury St Edmunds: Stars and Stones Spring Forum

    Understanding the ancient landscape, the heavens, the dawn of agriculture, the golden age, and the evolution of social disorder.
    Two days of lectures, talks, networking, socialising, music and open forums, together with optional local field visits on Friday 18th and Monday 21st April.
    More on pdf file with details
    See also and - November Stars and Stones Video Lectures can be seen on

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    Tue22 April: Dave Oshana: "Mental Clarity, Emotional Freedom" - talk on Energy Work, 7-9pm

    The spiritual teacher, Dave Oshana, will be in Cambridge for one night only, giving a talk about his unique style of moving meditation, aimed at removing energetic, emotional and mental blockages and finding your true purpose and sense of direction in life.
    VENUE: Bateman Auditorium, Gonville and Caius College, Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TA

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    Sat/Sun 26/27 April Loudwater Farm (NW of London): "We are opening up in sweet surrender"
    - 6th residential DUP weekend with Ralph & Vitalija

    Divine Dancing - holding hands - touching hearts - nourishing the soul. A deep and relaxing weekend.
    Times: Sat 11am - Sunday 4:30pm.
    Cost: Sat £25 (£15 conc.) - Sun £20 (£12 conc,) - Sat. & Sunday £40 (£24 conc.)
    + bed: £20 extra per person per night incl. breakfast (only 1 bed left!) - or mattress dormitory or camping: + £10 extra (bring your sleeping bag)
    Please read details here

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 27 April: Keeping Up the Day with Nigel Pennick, 4pm

    Keeping Up the Day - how we can celebrate significant dates in the calendar. There are a few annual celebrations that are well-known nationally & internationally, but there are always reasons to celebrate dates that are of only local significance.
    At this tea party, renowned folklorist Nigel Pennick will share his ideas on how to Keep Up the Day, whether it be the traditional founding date of the town you live in, or simply an annual gathering of friends.
    VENUE: Libra Aries Books - Cambridge's Alternative & Spiritual Bookshop, 9 The Broadway, Mill Road (Romsey, between Cavendish Rd. & Sedgewick Str.), Cambridge CB1 3AH - Tel: (01223) 412 411

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Tue 1st to 29st April: Ralph's Positive Hour
    Natural Nutrition with Glenys Collings (from the Cambridge Complementary Health Centre)
    + Sat 20th April 1p-2pm repeat FM broadcast on 105FM

    Glenys Collings is a Complementary Health Nurse and naturopath with "a practical approach". She practices a unique and individual holistic approach that integrates orthodox and complementary therapies, together with eastern and western philosophies.
    Read more about & how to listen to this show...

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Thu 1 May: May Day Morris Dancing at Wandlebury, 05:30AM

    Join the Devils Dyke Morris Men as they dance to greet the summer sun as it rises above the woodlands of Wandlebury. No booking required. Ticket/entry price for this event is FREE Organised by: Contact: Jon Gibbs ranger[AT]
    Venue: Wandlebury Country Park, Gog Magog Hills, Babraham, Cambridge, CB22 3AE - meet on the picnic field.

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 10 May: The Bharat Bhavan Students’ Dance Show 2008, 7:30pm

    An evening of delightful Indian dancing and delicious Indian food
    Adults only £10, Concessions £7.50, Children under Six £5
    Contact: Vidya Math 07932 279715/ Suresh Patel 07894 315085
    Venue: The Bharat Bhavan (Old Library), Mill Road / bridge, CB1 2AZ, Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Venue WANTED for the 5th open networking meeting for Cambridge workshop / events organisers, on a Wed or Thu evening

    I invite all inspired people who are currently leading or organising events / workshops (especially those with a spiritual or healing touch) for an informal meeting to exchange information, share inspiration, consider co-operation - and get to know each other.
    Our last meeting was in April '07 - time to re-connect! I have no particular focus in mind for this meeting, but I very strongly feel that the internet movie "Zeitgeist" - is very important & worth discussing. Ralph

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Wed 21 May: Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph & Vitalija, 7:45 for 8pm - 10pm

    "One of the reasons I am teaching this music and dance is to increase joy, not awe towards another person, but bliss in our own self. This is finding God within, through experience." (Samuel Lewis, founder of the Dances of Universal Peace)
    Our circle is always open for newcomers. No experience whatsoever required.
    Cost: £6 - concessions - contact: Ralph or Vitalija on 01223 510442.
    Venue: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge city.

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    Sat 3rd May: Ra in bo w Network PARTY + fundraising for 209radio, 7:30pm - 11:30

    At Ralph's Rainbow Parties you will meet really interesting and inspiring people. All special guests of Ralph's radio show are invited to come - and many others. Also invited are all users of Ralph's Ra in bo w Network Cambridge and the listeners of Ralph's Positive Hour on (Cambridge community Radio on 105FM).
    If you know Ralph or Vitalija, YOU ARE definitely INVITED. If not: this is a chance to meet us!

    There are some wonderful inspiring people out there - let's get together, connect, network - and celebrate!
    Please bring preferrably non alcoholic drink and vegetarian food for sharing. No smoking please
    Please give a donation towards hall hire - any profitt will go to support 209radio) - Read more about this party . . .
    Venue details: Unitarian Church Hall, Victoria STREET / Emmanuel Street (opposite bus station)

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    Ralph's Positive Hour

    Tue 29st April to until Tue 24th June '08 midnight: Ralph's Positive Hour
    Georgian singing
    with Ashlyn Armour & Kati Preston from Chela, Cambridge Georgian choir + Sat 17th May 1p-2pm repeat FM broadcast on 105FM

    Find out what Georgian harmony singing is about. Hear about Edisher Garakanidze, who made Georgian singing popular in Britain and about the country Georgia in the Caucasus, also known as "Sakartvelo". Georgian folk music possesses what is the oldest tradition of polyphonic music in the world...
    Read more about & how to listen to this show...

    This show sound file will be available 24 hours on until Tue 27th May '08 midnight.

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Fri 23-Sat 31 May'08: Sacred Arts - International DUP & Voice Camp Oxfordshire

    A potentially life changing experience: singing and dancing with up to 300 adults in concentric circles in a big marquee - meeting peace dancers from many countries - opening hearts...
    Attending this camp is like a journey and initiation into the heart of the Dances of Universal Peace - a taste of heaven on earth.

    Including: international DUP teachers, harmony singing with voice teachers, yoga, meditations, rituals, campfires, camp café & shop, Wellbeing area, Sweat Lodge, hot-showers, womens activities & MUCH more... An ideal family camp with separate programmes for various age groups (we usually have around 100 young people at the camp).
    NUMBERS ARE LIMITED to 400 participants.
    Ticket Prices: EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT £140 until 29th February - £155 per adult - £80 per young adult (19 - 26) - £50 per teenager (13 -18) - £40 per child (5 - 12).
    Contact: Gitta 01202 825 450 or Rachael 0117 9537 765
    More at

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 25th May: The Triple Goddess - with Prudence Jones, 4pm

    Prudence Jones will take a galloping historical overview of triple goddesses in the European tradition, indicate some triple gods including the Christian one, demonstrate that Robert Graves did not "invent" his Triple Moon goddess, and throw the discussion open to consider the role that triple goddesses play and have played in the spiritual lives of people past and present.
    VENUE: Libra Aries Books - Cambridge's Alternative & Spiritual Bookshop, 9 The Broadway, Mill Road (Romsey, between Cavendish Rd. & Sedgewick Str.), Cambridge CB1 3AH - Tel: (01223) 412 411

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Tue 27th May from 7pm: Bharat Bhavan Building work update meeting for everyone interested in the progress of the building work in Bharat Bhavan

    Venue: @ Bharat Bhavan. Come and see - and ask what you want to know! Contact: Suresh Patel 07894 315085

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Fri 30 May: Mtiebi from Georgia with Georgian Song and Dance, 8pm

    some of the Mtiebi ensemble from Georgia 
with Georgian Song and Dance they have got their required visas now (14th May) & this concert is confirmed!
    From the vibrant folk culture of Georgia, come Mtiebi, a 9 men vocal theatre ensemble from the Caucasus, a troupe of musicians who will thrill you with their harmony singing, music and dancing. Their performance shares an ancient tradition of earthy rural celebration bringing infectious delight to songs and dances showing all aspects of village life - harvest, growth, love, healing, community and oneness with the land. Performed in three-part harmony, the polyphonic sound is often accompanied by instruments like the chonguri, a four stringed lyre from Mingrelia in the West, and the panduri, a three stringed lute from East Georgia.

    The Mtiebi ensemble was founded by Edischer Garaqanidze, an ethnomusicologist who collected songs and dances from the ordinary people. An enlightened man, he named the choir Mtiebi which is the ancient word for Venus, meaning enlightener. Edischer Garaqanidze came to the United Kingdom with Mtiebi several times in the 1990s to perform and teach Georgian singing. He died tragically in a car crash in Tbilisi in 1998, but his enlightened work lives on through the people he taught and the new Mtiebi choir now led by his son Giorgi (Gigi) Garaqanidze.
    Hear Ralph's radio show about Georgian singing & see a map of Georgia

    Tickets: Door £10; - concessions £8 - contact: miranda.gray[AT]
    Venue: Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RR

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 7 June '08: Strawberry Fair Cambridge

    The Strawberry Fair is a local festival of music, entertainments, arts and crafts that takes place in Cambridge on Midsummer Common each year. Over its 35 year history, Strawberry Fair has evolved into one of the largest, free, open-air festivals of its kind in the country.
    This year Ralph will participate and be on the stall of the Cambridge Subud Group (see and also offer Dances of Universal Peace at 4pm in the yurt of the Healing Area in the Green Area (Near fort St George pub).
    Other events in the Green Area include: 12.00 Chanting with Fateh Singh - 13.00 Laughter Yoga with Karta Kaur

    For many people, Strawberry Fair is the main event on the Cambridge calendar, offering a totally unique Cambridge event. And, believe it or not, it is completely free to attend.
    Midsummer Common, Cambridge. For details see

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Wed 18 June: Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph & Vitalija, 7:45 for 8pm - 10pm

    "One of the reasons I am teaching this music and dance is to increase joy, not awe towards another person, but bliss in our own self. This is finding God within, through experience." (Samuel Lewis, founder of the Dances of Universal Peace)
    Our circle is always open for newcomers. No experience whatsoever required.
    Cost: £6 - concessions - contact: Ralph or Vitalija on 01223 510442.
    Venue: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge city.

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    CANCELLED: Sat 28 June: 1st World House event in Cambridge at the Junction

    ... We had difficulty getting enough interest from stallholders and sponsors. -

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 29 June: 6th Cambridge Inter-Faith Fair, 2 - 5pm

    The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group ( invites everyone to this 6th Faith Fair. Please let friends, family and others in your organisation know about this event. If you would like flyers/posters, I can provide you with a printable poster when it's ready.
    Those who wish to have a stall at the fair should book a place as soon as possible. Space is limited, so please contact me even if it's just to provisionally book. You can contact me via email: heather(at) - please replace the (at) with @. We do request a £5 donation from stall holders to cover hall hire, refreshments and some advertising.
    Contact: Heather Kara, Co-chair, Cambridge Inter-Faith Group
    Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane Park Street.

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Wed 9th July, 7pm - 8:30pm: Peace Dances with Ralph & Vitalija

    Read more about the Dances of Universal Peace - now with some photos
    FREE - donations for the Mill Road Social Centre are welcome.
    VENUE: at the Mill Road Social Centre (ex-WILCO site, future Tesco...), 163-167 Mill Road, Romsey (phone: 07530 759 363)

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Fri 18th July: Free Hare Krishna Festival, 6:30 - 10:30pm

    The Cambridge Hare Krishna Group invites everyone for an evening with music, chanting and free sweets.
    Contact: Michelle,tel: 01223 246454 or mobile: 07901 831662
    VENUE: Bharat Bhavan (Old Library), Mill Road / bridge, Cambridge, CB1 2AZ [web map]

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 19th July: A Celebration of Music and Dance, 8pm

    A charity event raising money to set up a music programme in a Cambodian Orphanage (see with:
  • Daniela McDermott’s African Drummers,
  • Chela, the Cambridge Georgian Choir (with Ralph singing the bass),
  • Heather & Wendy Peck on Viola & Cello,
  • Egyptian Dancers, Kathak Dancers,
  • Romsey ‘Singaway’ Community Singers,
  • ...and more!

    Raffle & DIY refreshments - bring drinks and cold snacks to share
    All proceeds will be used to set up a music programme this August in Cambodia for the children at NHCC, one of the only orphanages in Cambodia that care for children with HIV/Aids.
    Tickets £:6 in advance, £:7 on the door. For tickets and more information contact: Heather Peck, tel: 01223-515470 e:
    Venue: St Paul’s Church, Hills Road, Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -


    A unique chance to learn with AltaiKAI 'overtone-singing' or try Altaian fiddle and lute playing! Carole Pegg will introduce Altaian musical culture (with slides). See more info below....
    Tickets: £10/ £8 (concessions) - call (01223) 701955 + on door
    VENUE: Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Trumpington Street, Cambridge

    Tue 22 July: Concert AltaiKAI - THROAT-SINGERS OF SACRED ALTAI, 8 pm

    AltaiKAI - formed by Urmat Yntaev in the face of threats to Altaian traditions and their sacred land - is the latest group to emerge from the throat-singing heartland of Inner Asia. The group's music is deeply influenced by the mighty Altai Mountains, believed to be the 'navel' of the universe and the mythical land of Shambala. 'Kai' is Altai's own distinctive form of throat-singing (overtone-singing), a magical technique in which a single vocalist produces spectral overtones and undertones to form multiple melodies. Used in epic performance and in shamanic and Buddhist rituals, this is perhaps the oldest form. Combining kai with sounds of the natural world, a range of traditional instruments and their own songs, AltaiKAI evokes the heroes, spiritual beliefs and landscape of the herders and hunters of Altai. The group has been awarded a string of prizes in its homeland, in the Russian Federation and at international festivals (e.g. the UNESCO prize, Samarkand).

    CAROLE PEGG, specialist in Inner Asian music and culture, introduces the group. CD: AltaiKAI XXI century. Version 2
    Supported by Arts Council England & Inner Asian Music (
    Tickets: £12/ £10 (concessions) - call (01223) 701955 + on door
    VENUE: Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Trumpington Street, Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Thu 24 July: WORKSHOP AltaiKAI - THROAT-SINGERS OF SACRED ALTAI, 7.00 - 8.30 pm

    A unique chance to learn with AltaiKAI 'overtone-singing' or try Altaian fiddle and lute playing! Carole Pegg will introduce Altaian musical culture (with slides). See more info below....
    Tickets: £10/ £8 (concessions) - call (01223) 701955 + on door
    VENUE: Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge

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    Rainbow Network Cambridge Webmaster Ralph is on holiday in Latvia, back Wednesday 13th August

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 16th Aug: SATURDAY LUNCH @ Bharat Bhavan, 12 noon - 2 PM

    Venue: The Bharat Bhavan (Old Library), Mill Road / bridge, CB1 2AZ, Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 17 Aug: BHAJANS AT BHAVAN, 5 PM

    Venue: The Bharat Bhavan (Old Library), Mill Road / bridge, CB1 2AZ, Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Wed 20 Aug: Let's sing for peace in Georgia - with Chela, Cambridge Georgian choir, FREE, 6-7pm

    Chela, the Cambridge Georgian choir will be participating in this multinational event parallel with other Georgian choirs in several countries (see: )
    The Georgian polyphony, listed on the Unesco World Heritage, is a thousand-year-old tradition of singing which accompanies the life of Georgians in joy and pain, in celebration and mourning. It is also the ferment of courage and solidarity that enabled Georgia to outlast the difficulties.
    The conflict between Russia and Georgia claimed lots of lives during those last days. Whole populations were scattered. A flimsy agreement of a cease-fire was signed by both countries.
    Worldwide those who know the peaceful and hospitable spirit of Georgia join forces to demand the Peace from now on ! FREE event - we'll collect donations for Georgia.
    contact: Ashlyn Armour Brown from CHELA ashlyn.armour-brown[AT] phone: 01223 353 586 - Mobile: 07811 206630
    Please join us to take part in actions for the Peace in Georgia
    You can see & hear CHELA singing "Varado" (recorded today) on
    Venue: St. Edward's Church, Cambridge city (between the Guildhall and Kings Parade - )

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 24 Aug: Deutschsprachiges Picnic in Cambridge, 3-4:30pm

    All Germans and friends and everyone interested in German language and culture (and food) are cordially invited to come together for the 3rd picnic of this kind. Wir bemühen uns, ausschliesslich Deutsch zu sprechen. Please bring food and drinks.
    More info & details about this event
    Venue: Parker's Piece, north side, near Hobb's Pavilion. Watch out for a German flag!

    Sun 24 Aug: ETERNAL VERITIES - discussion, 3.30 p.m.

    The idea is to share views in a constructive way, rather than to have a debate. Views of true existence as spiritual and eternal will be presented at the beginning of the meeting, and then other views, comment and discussion will be invited. Everyone with an interest in the subject is welcome to attend.
    For more information call David on (01223) 276912 or email:
    Venue: Christian Science Reading Room, 96 Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DP

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Wed 27 of Aug: 1st Meeting Toastmasters International Speakers Club, 7.15pm for a 7.30pm

    Our first meeting in Cambridge! Following Meetings will then be held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Meetings finish by 9.30pm.
    The Atmosphere is very friendly, encouraging and relaxed. Being part of Toastmasters International means that it is perfect for creating a positive, supportive environment where every member can safely learn and practice public speaking and lImage of friendly Toastmasterseadership skills. Since public speaking can be nerve wracking the Toastmasters program helps to improve participants' public speaking skills and confidence progressively. The positive, constructive feedback given to speakers is designed to help improve the speaker's confidence as well as the quality of their speeches.
    Guests are welcome at all of our meetings. All you need to bring along is yourself and a pen. By attending a meeting you will be able to watch our speakers in action and decide if you like the club before deciding to join. If there is time you may even get a chance to speak during the impromptu 'Table Topics' session. More at
    VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane / Park Street, CB5 8BA, Cambridge city.

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Tue 2 Sept: CHANGE! Party ON for 209radio! *Stand-up!* *Sketch Comedy!* *Music!* *Really Nice People!* *FREE entry!*

    You and all your friends are invited to a party and performance for a fantastic community arts cause.
    There’s stand-up comedy from Hannah Dunleavy, popular CEN columnist who’s now fresh from her Edinburgh fringe performances, "Hills Road – the Sketch" - comedy from local acting/writing forum WRiTEON, live music, dancing and more.
    Donations for, Cambridge’s community radio station on 105FM, will be gratefully accepted.
    See: and – info telephone 01223 264991.
    NB: This event replaces the Posh Frocks and Dickie Bows Event
    Venue: B Bar Restaurant, Market Passage, Cambridge city

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Fri 5 Sept: Seminar & Slide Show “Energy work on Sacred sites” & deeksha with enlightened teachers Bruhn & Cecil, 7pm - 10pm

    Enlightened teachers Bruhn & Cecil from Denmark are back in Cambridge with a slideshow about "Oneness Blessing on Sacred Sites” , combined with meditation, dialogue and optional Oneness Blessing / Deeksha. Men-an-tol-stone
   -  Cornwall -
  • Why is it so powerful to be on sacred sites?
  • What is Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) – and how does it affect people in a profound way?
  • Why do more and more people combine vacation and spiritual development?

  • The evenings are guided by Cecil and Bruhn, founders of Oneness Center Denmark. Cecil and Bruhn are doing pilgrimages, retreats and seminars in Denmark, England, Peru, Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Philippines. They have worked on many sacred sites all over the world since their awakening in 2004.
    A very special event - please be on time! Cost: £10 (£7 concession).
    Bruhn & Cecil are giving more workshops in and near Bury St. Edmunds on the weekend Sat/Sun 6/7 Sept. - more on their web site
    You can see a new video on
    Contact: Ralph on 01223 510442
    Venue: Bharat Bhavan, Mill Road / bridge, Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat/Sun 13-14 Sept: Grand Opening of the Sukhmani Yoga & Meditation Centre

    A 2-day series of events and workshops. There is a wide selection of events, including healing, massage, osteopathy, yoga, kids yoga, Shakti dance, Ayurvedic treatments and lots more ! Places are strictly limited - all events must be pre-booked, and everything is available for a charitable donation.
    The Weekend events schedule can be found at

    BOOKING via the Sukhmani Centre: 01223 575 181 or email harharikaur[AT]
    All donations go to CAMIND and CAMSIGHT, both local charities.
    Map and directions at

    VENUE: Sukhmani Yoga & Meditation Centre, very close to Elizabeth Way Bridge: from Cutters Ferry Close into the gravel lane with garages; after 50 meters on your right knock @ number 68.

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 13th Sept. 2008: Inter-Faith Garden Party, 7-10pm

    An informal get together for everyone by the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group ( for EVERYONE.
    Please bring some vegetarian food to share and non alcoholic drink.
    We plan to have a bonfire.
    VENUE: Ralph Nimmann's home, 45 Walpole Road, CB1 3TH - tel: 01223 510442 - email: - location details Ralph's home

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Fri 19 Sept: 'The Buddha: Man or Myth' by Stephen Batchelor, 7-30pm

    Stephen Batchelor is a contemporary Buddhist teacher and writer, best known for his secular or agnostic approach to Buddhism. Stephen considers Buddhism to be a constantly evolving culture of awakening rather than a religious system based on immutable dogmas and beliefs. Through his writings, translations and teaching, Stephen engages in a critical exploration of Buddhism's role in the modern world, which has earned him both condemnation as a heretic and praise as a reformer.

    He was ordained as a novice Buddhist monk in 1974. He left India in 1975 in order to study Buddhist philosophy and doctrine under the guidance of Ven. Geshe Rabten, and the following year he received full ordination as a Buddhist monk. In 1981 he travelled to Songgwangsa Monastery in South Korea to train in Zen Buddhism under the guidance of Ven. Kusan Sunim. He disrobed in February 1985 and married Martine Fages before returning to England and joining the Sharpham North Community in Totnes, Devon. During the fifteen years he lived at Sharpham, he became co-ordinator of the Sharpham Trust (1992) and co-founder of the Sharpham College for Buddhist Studies and Contemporary Enquiry (1996). From 1990 he has been a Guiding Teacher at Gaia House meditation centre in Devon. Stephen Batchelor

    On Saturday, Stephen will lead a one day course of meditation at the Friends Meeting House. Registration 9-30am.
    Organised by the Cambridge Buddhist Society. Further information: John and Jackie Teasdale, tel. 01223 460966 or j[AT]
    Venue: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge city

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Fri 10 Oct: An Evening with sound healer Tim Wheater, 7.30pm for 8pm

    Join Internationally acclaimed Musician and Sound Healer Tim Wheater in Cambridge. For an exclusive live performance, demonstration and insight into the strength and joy of music as a healing and development tool. Whatever your chosen style or sound Tim will enlighten you to the benefits and miraculous nature of sound healing to help both emotional and physical issues, and encourage the true musician within.
    A unique oppotunity for all budding musicians, healers, therapists and Music lovers in Cambridge! Tim has over 30 years of experience in this field and an eminent career that has garnered critical acclaim for both his inspired recordings and extraodinary abiltiy to give audiences space and courage to change their lives through the medium of sound. Through his unsurpassed range of study and personal experience he has a simple yet profound approach to the topic which makes it both informative and fun for novices and professionals alike.
    “Music can be used in a positve way to help people. It can be a means of transformation” (Tim Wheater)
    Booking details: - e: smile[AT] Local rate booking line: 0845 473 5054 / Tickets £10 Prebooked £15 OTD
    Tim's details : and
    VENUE: Abington Barn Education Centre, Abington, Cambridge, CB21 6AS

    Sat/Sun 18 /19 Oct.: "We are opening up in sweet surrender" - international peace dance w/e

    Vitalija and Ralph are holding their 7th weekend with Dances of Universal Peace - dancing & singing towards the One.
    4 Latvians have already booked (thanks to RyanAir). Please join us for a day or 2!
    "One of the reasons I am teaching this music and dance is to increase joy, not awe towards another person, but bliss in our own self. This is finding God within, through experience." (Samuel Lewis, founder of the Dances of Universal Peace)
    Be prepared for a powerful, intensive and yet relaxing weekend. Low cost, self catering. Read more about this weekend
    Venue: Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth

    Sun 19 Oct: 8th Inter-Faith Civic Celebration of Community, - theme: VISION, 2-3 pm

    The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group ( invites everyone to this 8th celebration. The Celebration will consist of short contributions from various Cambridge faith groups, including poetry and music. It will last about one hour, followed by refreshments and socialising. Please make a note in your diary as we will be looking for participants for this popular event.
    Contact: David Wilman, Co-chair, Cambridge Inter-Faith Group, e: - phone 01223 276912
    Details see
    Venue: Small Hall, Guildhall, Cambridge city

    Sun 19 Oct: CHELA - Cambridge Georgian Choir public rehearsal @ the Round Church, 4:30 – 7:30pm
    =>every Sunday (except Sun 9th Nov.) until middle of November!

    CHELA - The Cambridge Georgian Choir, has been invited to hold their Sunday practices (until middle of November) in the Round Church. Everyone is welcome to listen. These are NOT concerts, but practices - please be quiet. If you have questions: we'll have a break.
    Please note, that the church front door may be closed after 5pm for the public.
    Contact: Derek Wilcox, e: - phone 01353 615951
    Venue: The Round Church, Sidney Street, Cambridge city (north) - Webmap with arrow on

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Fri 31 Oct: Alex Studholme "The mantra Om Manipadme Hum - its background and uses" 7-30pm

    Alex Studholme is a member of the Dzogchen Community of the Tibetan lama Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. He lectures on Indian religions in the Divinity Faculty, Cambridge University and is the author of The Origins of Om Manipadme Hum: A Study of the Karandavyuha Sutra.
    Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge city

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 1st Nov: 'Painting the Elements: Earth, Water, Air & Fire' with the Cambridge Jungian Circle

    Alexandra Drysdale leads this experiential workshop using drawing and painting to develop greater self-awareness, and "to explore how our imagination transforms the individual elements in nature into symbols in our lives". Artistic skills are not necessary, but feel free to bring your own equipment if you do work artistically.

    Cost is £45 for non-CJC members (though you are very welcome to join the circle if you are interested in the work of Carl Jung). Enquiries / Bookings: please contact Gill Brown, tel: 01799 500808, email: Gill.21Whiteshot[AT]
    Alexandra's work can be seen at
    Venue: Cambridge Artworks.

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat, 15 Nov: interfaith concert

    The Cambridge University Jewish Society is planning an interfaith concert on Saturday night 15th November and has suggested that this event would be a good time to kick off the new CAMBRIDGE CHRISTIAN & JEWISH MUSIC SOCIETY.
    Interestingly, 9th-10th November mark the 70th Anniversary of Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass), in which the Nazi regime began its attack the Jewish people.
    If you are interested in contacting students who may be interested in helping to continue the efforts to establish this society, please contact Mark Williamson, e: M.C.Williamson.97[AT]

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Thu 27 Nov: ‘Timeless Wisdom in a Modern World' - public talk by Dechan Jueren, Top International Zen Master, 8pm (doors open 7:30)

    Dechan Jueren id the only master in modern times to ever hold two of the major Buddhist lineages - Esoteric & Zen, is scheduled to give a public lecture in Cambridge. This is an amazing opportunity for local people to hear first hand the teachings of the most prominent Zen Master in China, and at one of only a handful of public appearances in the UK.

    Earlier this year, Dechan Jueren, already the 49th Master of the Esoteric School, became the New Master of the Chinese Linji school of Zen Buddhism. The most authentic and recognised Zen school in China. The title was passed on by the 105 year old GrandMaster Fozhi. Esoteric Buddhism had, until Dechan Jeuren started speaking in public, been an underground tradition that disappeared from common knowledge centuries ago following religious persecution.

    Paul King, who’s organised Dechan Jueren’s tour, first met him in Hawaii in 2006. Whilst studying Chinese medicine. Paul attended a workshop given by Dechan Jueren on meditational healing techniques. Profoundly impressed with his teachings, Paul invited China’s top Zen Master to the UK.

    As Paul explains, “Most people have heard about Zen and Buddhism but they do not know very much about them or what relevance they have to modern world. Dechan Jueren, using everyday examples, will show how these ancient methods can help people deal in a practical way with the stresses of daily life. These talks are very inclusive and even those with no prior background in Zen or other spiritual or esoteric disciplines can benefit from this profound wisdom.”

    Dechan’s public talks are not about creating more Buddhists. They are a vehicle through which, he can simply and humbly share some of what Zen has to say, after thousands of years of meditation and contemplation on what it means to be human.

    Dechan Jeuren will be appearing at St Paul’s Church, Hills Rd, Cambridge.
    The talk costs £6 / £5 concession (£3 for Anglia Ruskin University Students).
    Dechan Jueren receives no payment for these talks, the proceeds go towards organisational costs.
    Tickets can be reserved by phone 01245 830888 or online at
    The website also contains more information about Dechan Jueren and his other UK appearances.
    Venue: St Paul’s Church, Hills Road / St. Pauls Street, Cambridge, CB2 1JP

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Fri 28 Nov: "A day in the life of a Muslim woman" - talk & Inter-Faith discussion with Sheridan James, 19:45 for 8pm-9:45pm

    The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group ( invites everyone:
    Sheridan James, a British woman who converted to Islam nearly 12 years ago, shares her understanding of what it means to be a Muslim in this informal talk which will be followed by a general discussion. Be ready to have assumptions and stereotypes challenged in what promises to be an exciting and eye opening event.
    Please come, listen and ask questions. Enquiries to David Wilman: ddw[AT] - tel: 01223 276912
    Free of charge - donations are welcome
    VENUE: Unitarian Church Hall, 5 Emmanuel Road (opp. central bus station), entrance Victoria STREET, Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 6 Dec Mill Road Winter Fair from 10:30AM to early evening

    The opening is in Ditchburn Gardens at 10.30 am and there will be events and entertainments the whole length of Mill Road from then until the early evening (incl. Mosque Open Day).

    On the website is a poster advertising the Fair, as well as the timetable. We should be really grateful if you could print out the poster and put it up in your window or on a notice-board. We have a very small budget, and it would be enormously helpful if you could do this for us. (Go to, 'Winter Fair’, ‘document downloads’. Click on the poster and print it out).
    Please note that is a not-for-profit website, set up to help promote Mill Road and all it has to offer. Do try using the "Directory" to find out about local businesses.
    Best wishes, Suzy Oakes (for Mill Road Winter Fair)
    Venue: All along Mill Road and side streets, between Parker's Piece and Romsey Mill

    Levan Margiani: 'Nativity'

    Sat 6 Dec: Concert with Chela "SONGS FROM THE CAUCASUS - a Christmas musical experience", 8:00 pm

    CHELA is the Cambridge Georgian Choir. Georgian folk music possesses what is the oldest tradition of polyphonic music in the world. The Georgian harmonies are quite unusual and moving. Unlike western music, the Georgian scale is based on the fifth rather than the octave. They say, that Georgian singing connects this world with the other. The songs range form exuberant joyful moods to very quiet and magic spiritual songs - a Georgian way to honour Christmas... (see more at
    - Georgian Harmony association UK - also Ralph's radio show text about Georgian singing)
    If you like to sit, please come early. We'll have a retiring collection for people of Georgia.
    Information: 01223 264991. Under the auspices of
    Venue: St Edward King and Martyr Church, Peas Hill, Cambridge, CB2 3PP
    (between Guildhall & King's Parade)

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 13 Dec: Cambridge Subud Christmas Party, 8pm – 11pm

    Music, singing, dancing, Christmas raffle - bring food to share, contribute a song or dance, friends and family very welcome! See more about the Cambridge Subud Group or visit
    Contact: Johana J. Woodruff, 07906 988358 / e:
    VENUE: St Paul's Church, ( ), Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1JP

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Wed 17 Dec: Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph & Vitalija, 8 -10pm

    Credit Crunch? We sing and dance! You are cordially invited for an evening with sacred chant and dance.
    Tonight we focus on dances honouring the Christian tradition and celebrate the birth of the light
    (Christmas is near).
    "The Dance programme Ralph and Vitalija prepare for us is always deep. We always feel a subtle atmosphere of love, harmony and beauty. …. you always feel lightness, joy and light in the circle, bringing dancers to that special state, which one still can feel a long time after. Ralph’s and Vitalija’s energies are: fire, air and bubbling deep water." (Gunta Saule, Latvia, 2008)
    VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane - see more details

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Fri 19 Dec: CHELA, Cambridge Georgian choir sings at the Cambridge Folk Pub, around 9pm

    This is a rare performance at the Cambridge Folk Club: (last time CHELA sang there in 2001). Georgian folk music possesses what is the oldest tradition of polyphonic music in the world. The Georgian harmonies are quite unusual and moving. Unlike western music, the Georgian scale is based on the fifth rather than the octave. They say, that Georgian singing connects this world with the next. The songs range form exuberant joyful moods to very quiet and magic spiritual songs, including lively Georgian Christmas songs.
    Website of chela Cheal, Cambridge Georgian choir: - See also Georgian Harmony association UK
    Chela contacts: Ashlyn & Miranda, 01223 353 586 and Derek Wilcox, tel. 01353 615951
    Cost: Entry £4 (door), £2 (members), £1 (performers)
    Venue: The Golden Hind, 355 Milton Road / Kings Hedges, Cambridge, CB4 1SP - venue phone: 01223 420816

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    15 - 21 Dec: Deutscher Weihnachtsmarkt on Parker's Piece, 11AM - 8pm

    For the 1st time a German Christmasmarket has come to Cambridge, right next to the ice rink: around 20 stalls with handmade arts, crafts, sweets etc.
    Really nice things to adore and to buy: eg: you can get a slice of a 1 meter long German Stollen! Most of the traders have come all the way from Germany. Daily until Sunday 21st - they close between 8 and 9pm, depending on how many people are around.
    Venue: Parke's Piece, next to the ice rink with café (see, Cambridge city

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 21 Dec: WORLD PEACE MEDITATION @ sunset

    We have decided to co-ordinate a global "World Peace Meditation" at sunset. Please take a few moments to send out love, peace and harmony to your local community and to the world around sunset.
    A very effective way to do this, dicovered by Fountain International, is to focus your attention and intention of pure love filling a local focal point in your community - it could be a building, statue, tree etc. Visualise pure light flowing out of this place and filling the ley lines of the earth, bringing peace and harmony to our beloved earth and all her inhabitants. Global link-up meditations are a very potent tool for planetary healing.......lets spread the word.
    If you haven't seen it (and even if you have, it is WELL worth watching again) - we made a 25 minute film all about this. Check it out at

    PS from Ralph: a worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation will be happening at your local sunset time on 21 December for 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of silence. See more at

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    Mon 22 Dec: WINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION with circle dancing at Great Paxton School – from 6pm – 10pm

    Celebrating the passing of the shortest day of the year, we will dance and ritually welcome the return of the Sun – please bring something for a shared supper, preferably veggie and a small gift for another dancer. Non-alcoholic punch provided but sadly no live music this year. Cost £10 – please contact Mary on 01480 454949 or e: for more info and to book if you intend to come.

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    Fri 26 Dec - Boxing Day: Grantchester Barrel Race, 12noon - 1pm

    The 4th year of the revival of the traditional Gratchester Barrel Race. 80 competitors in 20 teams roll wooden beer barrels up and down the High Street in a mad relay race. Over 1,500 spectators last year! Good seasonal fun! Training is strictly forbidden. Mulled wine, beer, hot dogs & burgers at The Rupert Brooke Pub afterwards. Click here to see location in Cambridge street map

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