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Sun 12 Jan '09: Taizé harmony chanting, 9:30am

This group is meeting on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month and led by Ralph. An uplifting way to begin the new year! Each voice is introduced, and then we sing in harmonies. Beginners are welcome. Everyone who thinks, they cannot sing: don't worry, you are not alone.
Venue: small room, Friend's Meeting House, 91 Hartington Grove - free of charge. You are very welcome to stay with some of us for the Quaker Meeting at 10:30.

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Sun1 Feb: Rupert Sheldrake @ the 11.00 service at St Edward's

The next 'Odyssey' service at will be on February 1st, when Rupert Sheldrake will talk about Holy Places and Holy Rituals. Rupert Sheldrake is a radical and path-breaking biologist, whose ideas have opened up many fresh avenues. In this sermon he will use the idea of 'morphic fields' to explore the powerful atmosphere of holy places, and the resonance of sacred rituals.
=> highly recommended by Ralph!!!
Venue: St Edward's Church, Peas Hill, Cambridge, CB2 3PP (at the corner of Market Hill, next to the Arts Theatre, between King's Parade and the Guild Hall)

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Sun 8 Feb from 7:40AM: Ralph on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire about the Dances of Universal Peace
on 'Matt Jamison's Easy Sunday' show.

Listen to this show on 1026AM or DAB, in Cambridge on 96FM & Peterborough 95.7FM
or online via
You can download and listen again to this programme 24 h / day until Sunday 15th AM.

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Sat 14 Feb: World Sound Healing Day

Tone "AH" for 5 minutes at noon for world peace!
More at:

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18 - 24 Feb: Ralph & Vitalija will be in Berlin for a family visit

and offer a 'Chanting Circle' and 'Dances of Universal Peace'.

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Fri 27 Feb 2009: Inter-Faith Group AGM 7:45,
followed by a talk by Barry Woodhouse: 'A journey beyond: An exploration of the near death experience', 8:15pm-9:45pm

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group invites everyone to attend our public AGM and the following talk with discussion. Barry is part of the Brahma Kumaris movement. Open for eveeryone.
Free of charge - donations are welcome
VENUE: Unitarian Church Hall, 5 Emmanuel Road (opp. central bus station), entrance Victoria STREET, Cambridge, CB1 1JW (see location on web map)

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Sat 28 Feb: Cambridge Complementary Health Centre Open Day, 11am - 5pm
     - celebrating eight years of complementary healthcare -

  • 11.00am - Wendy Peck - Kinesiology: ‘Discover what you really, really want.’
  • 12.00pm - Catherine Blount - Nutrition: ‘Food allergies and intolerances.’
  • 1.00pm Glenys Collings - Naturopathy: ‘How to naturally boost your energy.’
  • 2.00pm Gabrella Aguilar - Shiatsu:‘Maintaining health and wellbeing through Shiatsu.’
  • 3.00pm Lee Bland - Homeopathy: Talk title to come
  • 4.00pm Christine Rose – Integrative Arts Therapy: ‘Healing through imagery.’
    Free tasters for the following therapies will be available:
    Massage - Homeopathy - Bowen Technique - Natropathy - Osteopathy - Thai Massage - Shaitsu - Kinesiology...
    Pre-bookings welcome: T: 01223 355 344 - see more:
    Venue: Cambridge Complementary Health Centre, 8 Rose Crescent, Cambridge, CB2 3LL (off the market square)

    Sat. 28 Feb Hampstead, North London: launch of a NEW Dances of Universal Peace group with Ralph & Vitalija, 1:30 - 5:30pm

    => From March 3rd Sat / month: Sat 21 March & 3rd Sat./month thereafter =>times may vary!
    You are cordially invited to join us for the begin of this new monthly DUP group in north London. We plan to celebrate diversity with a vibrant, joyful, light and yet deep session with a variety of dances, including Jewish nigun dances, partner dances, Sufi zikrs, Christian harmony dances, from slow meditative to fast and exuberant moods.
    Please bring some nibbles for the tea break. Cost: donation
    Details, contact & more
    Venue: Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, Pilgrim's Place (off Rosslyn Hill, between Willoughby Rd. and Pilgrim’s Lane), London, NW3 1NG

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    Morning drop-in workshops. Our aim is to teach people how to laugh more deeply, more easily and more often. We'll be using games, imaginative exercises, and gentle breathing practice, to explore how we can tap into laughter when we need it - both to celebrate the good times, and to help us through the bad times. Each session will cost £6 / £4 concessions.
    For more information please contact Jo on 07816 439510, email us on , or visit our website
    Venue: The Pavilion, Leys School Sports Centre, Trumpington Road, Cambridge, CB2 7AD (opposite Botanical Garden)

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    11 - 17: Ralph & Vitalija will be in Riga for a family visit

    and offer a 'Dances of Universal Peace intensive'.

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    Tue 10 March: AGM of Mill Road Winter Fair, 7pm

    => The date of the Fair this year will be 5th December 2009.
    We would like to find new people to join the group that organises the Fair. You might like to join the comittee which meets once a month till September and then more frequently. If there is anything you could do to help the Fair or are just interested to meet the Committee, please come along. Some jobs can be quite small; some may take an hour a week for three months, and some, like stewarding, require not more than three hours altogether. Or even if you just have a good idea - please do come along to introduce yourself and vote for the officers. All are welcome to this meeting. Tea and coffee will be available.

    Hope to see you at the AGM, and do e-mail us if you have any queries.
    Best wishes, Suzy Oakes, Mill Road Winter Fair -
    AGM VENUE: St Barnabas Church corner Mill Road / St Barnabas Road.

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Wed 11 March: at Sukhmani, 7pm - 9pm

    A sensational evening of movement and stillness, featuring the E meditation and communications with Alexander Bell. Price: £10 (concessions available). To book call 01223 575181 or email (see website)
    Venue: At the Sukhmani Centre in Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Wed 18 March: "Sufi dancing" - an evening with zikr & Sufi Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph & Vitalija, 8 -10pm

    Ralph & Vitalija in a dance circle
        - October 2008 - Tonight we invite you to an evening with Sufi dances and zikrs (practice of rememberance). No experience required. Please bring an open heart.
    Be prepared for an experience beyond words...
    "You truly embodied the spirit of the dances in a way which I have not previously seen; and it was, indeed 'light and deep.' I felt very happy to be there... It was a pleasure to see how you have developed into such a wonderful sensitive Dance leader, Ralph, and a pleasure to meet you, Vitalija and also experience the lovely dances you taught so flowingly." (Shan, London, 1 March '09) Read more about the dances
    Cost: £6 (conc. available)
    VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane / Park Street, Cambridge

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    Sat 28 March 8:30 - 9:30pm: Lights off for WWF’s Earth Hour: the world’s biggest ever climate action!

    The world’s skies will darken as millions of people across the planet switch off their lights for one hour, sending a signal to global leaders that they must take urgent action to tackle climate change. See
    Between 8.30pm and 9.30pm local time on Saturday 28 March, people, businesses, cities and communities around the world will take part in WWF’s Earth Hour, an event that looks set to be the biggest global action on climate change ever.
    You can sign up to support WWF’s Earth Hour via our website or by texting: Earth to 84880.
    WWF is aiming to inspire a billion people in more than 1,000 cities to sign up and switch off their lights. So far, nearly 700 cities in 75 countries have signed up, including London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast, as well as Cape Town, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Moscow, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto.

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat / Sun 4/5 Apr.'09: 'Sacred Joy' - 8th residential Dances of Universal Peace weekend with Ralph & Vitalija

    An experience beyond words...
    We move and breathe and sing together in a circle, holding hands, like one organism. Like a cell in the body, remembering being part of something much bigger than the small self...
    The peace dances can be a bridge to awakening, to connect with the Divine. Your voice may open up and your breathing can become deeper and free. A sense of joy and bliss may decend on the group...
    Read more!
    Venue: Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth (NW of London)

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Wed 22 Apr. 7pm-8:30pm "Valuing Biodiversity in the UK" - FREE public workshop

    Defra, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs wants to find out the opinion of the public and preferences for the countryside in East Anglia.
    Everyone attending gets payed £10 for attending and the workshop is enjoyable and informative. Only 15 places! See
    Contact & booking: Rob Cooper, Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences Aberystwyth University, tel: 01970 621660 e: rbc[AT]
    Venue: Bharat Bhavan, Mill Road / bridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 26th April: Mystic Café, 11am-4pm - Free Entry!

    An unmissable event of Readers, Platform Mediumship, Psychic workshops, Local Ghost stories, Exhibition of Ghost photographs, Past life regression, Herbalism, Gifts, Books, Jewellery, Crystals Therapies, fantastic teas and coffees and much more.....
    Im so excited, this shows gonna be the best yet! I really hope you can help me tell everyone about it! Love and light, Caroline
    Venue: Royal Cambridge Hotel, CB2 1PY.

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    Wed 29th April: Live Your Best Life Meeting 7.00 - 9.00 p.m

    This month is Chi Kung for Health with Fara! Each month a different guest speaker, a warm and welcoming group, check our website for future meetings £5.00 entrance include refreshments! All welcome, please wear comfy shoes for this months meeting. We look forward to meeting you!
    Venue: The Express By Holiday Inn, Coldhams Park, Norman Way, Cambridge CB1 3LH

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    Fri 8 May: Wesak / Vesakh / Buddha Day, 7.00pm for 7.30pm

    There are very many different Buddhist groups in Cambridge with roots in different traditions and last year, for the first time, we all came together to have a shared Buddha Day celebration where each group offered something different towards the ceremony. This year one of these groups, the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, have kindly offered the Cambridge Buddhist Centre as a venue for this event, which will take place on Friday 8th May.
    Everyone is welcome to this occasion, Buddhist or non-Buddhist, and whether or not you are a member of one of the different local groups.
    VENUE: The Cambridge Buddhist Centre, 38 Newmarket Road, Cambridge. How to get there:- see with a link called:- "How to get to the Cambridge Buddhist Centre and where to park", which gives very good parking information.

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    1st Sat. / month: 3rd morning drop-in workshop. Our aim is to teach people how to laugh more deeply, more easily and more often. We'll be using games, imaginative exercises, and gentle breathing practice, to explore how we can tap into laughter when we need it - both to celebrate the good times, and to help us through the bad times. Each session will cost £6 / £4 concessions.
    For more information please contact Jo on 07816 439510, email us on , or visit our website
    Venue: The Pavilion, Leys School Sports Centre, Trumpington Road, Cambridge, CB2 7AD (opposite Botanical Garden)

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 10 May: 7th Cambridge Inter-Faith Fair, 2-5pm

    The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group ( invites everyone to this 7th Faith Fair. Please let friends, family and others in your organisation know about this event. (Ralph will be there as well!)
    Those who wish to have a stall at the fair should book a place as soon as possible. Space is limited, so please contact me ASAP. We do request a £7 donation from stall holders to cover hall hire, refreshments and some advertising.
    Contact: David Wilman, Co-chair, e-mail: - tel: 01223 276912
    Friends Meeting House , 12 Jesus Lane / Park Street

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Wed 20th May: Maori Dances & Dances of Universal Peace with Prem & Sally from New Zealand, 8 -10pm

    (normally 3rd Wednesday each month with Vitalija & Ralph) Prem & Sally from New Zealand
- photo: Yelena Dudarjoka, Riga, 2008
    Prem & Sally arrive from New Zealand today and come straight to Cambridge to share some of the Dances of Universal Peace they dance in New Zealand, before attending the Sacred Arts Camp.

    Prem & Sally lead Dances of Universal Peace evenings and weekends in their home circle in Auckland and around Aotearoa New Zealand. They co-create the annual international summer Dance Camp Aotearoa each January. They look forward to sharing with you on 20th May some recently created Maori dances which bridge DUP and Maoritanga (Maori culture) as well as other dances from Aotearoa New Zealand. Some of these dances appear on their newly released 'Spirit & Nature' CD of songs and dances from Aotearoa.
    Be prepared for an experience beyond words, singing and dancing in a circle.
    Cost: £6 - concessions
    VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane / Park Street, CB5 8BA, Cambridge city. Click here to see location in Cambridge street map

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Fri. 22nd - Sat. 30th May 2009: Sacred Arts - International Dances of Universal Peace & Voice Camp, Oxfordshire
    with Amida Harvey, Philip O'Donohoe and more dance teachers on a guaranteed mud free camp site!
    A potentially life changing experience:
    singing and dancing with up to 300 adults in concentric circles in a big marquee - meeting peace dancers from many countries - opening hearts...
    Attending this camp is like a journey and initiation into the heart of the Dances of Universal Peace - a taste of heaven on earth.
    Including: international DUP teachers, harmony singing with voice teachers, yoga, meditations, rituals, campfires, camp café & shop, Wellbeing area, Sweat Lodge, hot-showers, womens activities & MUCH more... An ideal family camp with separate programmes for various age groups (we usually have around 100 young people at the camp).
    NUMBERS ARE LIMITED to 400 participants.
    Ticket Prices:
    £165 per adult - £80 per young adult (19 - 26) - £50 per teenager (13 -18) - £40 per child (5 - 12) - infants free.
    Contact: Gitta 01202 825 450 or Rachael 0117 9537 765
    More at

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    Shavnabada, a young male choir of voices and dancers from Tibilisi, Georgia

    Fri 29 May: Shavnabada, a young male choir of voices and dancers from Tibilisi, Georgia, 7.30pm

    Shavnabada, a young male choir of twenty-five year olds, are singing Georgian polyphonic songs will sing and dance songs from their native Caucuses. Since early childhood they have been taught by Anzor Erkomaishvili, the renowned music leader from the Music Conservatoire in Tbilisi. Shavnabada is the name of an ancient extinct volcanic mountain in Tbilisi, Georgia, the site of a monastery attributed to St. George. This young choir preserves Georgian traditional song, dance and culture through collecting songs from the countryside and performing to international audiences.
    Tickets: £12.00 - advance £10.00 - concessions £8.00. More information telephone Miranda: 01223 353586 - e-mail:
    VENUE: Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RR

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 6 June: "PRACTICAL SYMBOLISM" workshop with Prudence Jones, 10-5

    Dress sense, conversational mannerisms, dreams and slips of the tongue - the unconscious speaks the language of symbolism. But how many of us know how to engage it in conversation?
    Sometimes we consult dictionaries of symbols, but these can be over-general and simply encourage us to analyse ourselves as if from the outside.
    This workshop offers practical, hands-on tools for engaging in lively dialogue with our personal set of symbols, tapping their richness, creativity and even humour. Come away from this workshop enthused and amused.
    The workshop is arranged courtesy of the Cambridge Jungian Circle.
    Cost : £45 (£35 CJC members), cheque payable to Cambridge Jungian Circle. Coffee & tea provided; bring own lunch.
    Booking: Gill Brown, 21 Whiteshot Way, Saffron Walden CB10 2AN. Tel 01799 500808, e: gill.21whiteshot[AT] - or Prudence Jones: nisaba[T]
    Time/place: in Cambridge, 10 to 5. Some free parking on site, otherwise on street. Regular bus services. Venue details after booking!

    - - - rainbow line - - -


    The Embassador of Peace, Professor Divaldo Franco, will give talk to people.
    Divaldo Franco is a worldwide renowned speaker. He has given more than 10 thousand lectures and spoken in 54 countries in the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. Mr. Franco is Doctor Honoris Causa in Humanity and also in Parapsychology by American and Canadian Universities. Through his extraordinary Mediumship, Mr. Franco has published almost 200 books and 70 of them have already been translated in 16 languages.
    A bookshop will be available. God bless all. Elsa Rossi
    Venue: Keys &Gonville College, Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Tue 16 June: "10 years Inner Space" in Cambridge celebration, 7.30pm until approx 9pm

    WE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU to a very special programme to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our presence in King's Parade at Inner Space. You are welcome to invite friends and colleagues with you if you wish.
    SPEAKERS: Dadi Ratan Mohini from Mt ABU, Rajasthan, India and SISTER JAYANTI from London.
    Live Indian flute music at the start of the programme
    Organised by Inner Space, 6 King's Parade, Cambridge, Tel: 01223 464616 -
    Venue: ST CATHARINE'S COLLEGE, Trumpington Street, Cambridge,(next to King's College)

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 21st June: Ralph's Summer Solstice birthday party, 4:30-11pm

    See Party Details.
    Please be aware that on this day some global events are going on - we like like to include these on my party:

    The 3rd "Hug around Jerusalem", 21 June 2009. Lovers of Jerusalem, Lovers of Humanity, Join us again - thousands of people holding hands around Jerusalem / Al-Quds to promote Unity in the Holy Land and the World. When there is Peace and Harmony in Jerusalem, the World will Rejoice. See

    World Wide "Prayers For the Planet" Sun June 21st '09:
    Conduct A Universal Worship Service, a Healing Circle, Dances of Universal Peace, Zikr, Ziraat, or Meditation Service
    and pray for our One Planet, as One United Family!

    Sun 21 June: "Grails, Chalices and Cauldrons", 8 pm

    Grails, Chalices and Cauldrons (not forgetting lamps)
    Cambridge Storytellers annual telling at the Leper Chapel. A fund raising event that donates half of the receipts to the Cambridge Preservation society. We present everything you didn't know about the Holy Grail and more besides. Organised by Cambridge Storytellers
    VENUE: Leper Chapel, Newmarket Road, Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    24 June: Jamie Crawford tells King Arthur, 8pm

    We've been waiting a long time for our turn... Jamie Crawford has delved into the earliest sources as well as subsequent re-workings to find a living connection between the Arthurian story and 21st century Britain. By turns playful, tragic and mysterious, this spirited new show cuts through the cliches surrounding King Arthur, bringing to life the passions and flaws that beset the Fellowship of the Round Table from its inspired rise to its violent fall. Organised by Cambridge Storytellers
    VENUE: CB2 Cafe, Norfolk St. Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    9th - 21st July '9: Ralph will be in Riga for a family visit and leading peace dances at the international "Dancing Heart Camp"

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Thu 16 July: Cambridge INFORMATION EXCHANGE, 12-30pm - 1:30pm

    The Cambridge City Council - Arbury Neighbourhood Community Project Invites you to join other voluntary, statutory and business groups, companies, and individuals.
    Come along and introduce yourself, let other groups and agencies know who you are and what you do. Find out who others are and what they do, and network.
    Please pass the invitation on to others who may be interested in attending.

    Lunch will be provided. Everybody will be asked to do a brief 1 minute description of their role/activity in the community. Networking in smaller groups. Time to talk more directly to people and exchange leaflets and contact details.
    I look forward to seeing you there! Please let me know if you hope to attend: E: lexzecia.cayneeo[AT] or phone 01223 508302 - 079202 10959
    Venue: 82 Akeman St Comunity Centre, Cambridge, CB4 3HG

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Tue 28 July: "Firing the Grid II" - waking humanity, from 23:19 UK summer time

    Please meditate for 1 hour, especially focus on the sacred and powerpoints of our planet earth, and send out love, light and healing energy! - Ralph
    Dear Friends, We are only some days away from Firing the Grid for the second time on July 28th at 19:19 Rio di Janeiro time.
    The momentum is once again in wonderful acceleration as more and more humans discover how you can make a difference with but ONE hour of your lives.

    1. Brand new promotional video
    We are very excited to have been able to create a broadcast quality video announcement for Fire the Grid II. The two (2) minute video is freely available to anyone who would like to feature it on their local television station, cable network, PBS, at your local events and even on your individual websites. Play it and send it everywhere and help us spread the word!
    The video is streamable (and downloadable) in several resolutions on our site (UPDATES page or use RIGHT side links)

    2. How can I help?
    Many are asking what they can do, how they can be of service. This is beautifully simple: Share your Joy. Share it with friends, family, your group(s), your email list. Create a local event, gather people in a local sacred space, your community center or even your home and meditate together for our collective future. The charge of One true believer will facilitate a thousand others whose faith may not be as sure.

    3. Team Leaders
    If you were one of our incredible team leaders from 2007, you are still one! The role(s) you played as part of an unprecedented global meditation have not changed, and you are a vital, integral part of FTG II. It is your Passion, Joy and Love for both our fellow humans and our planet that are driving this movement forward. And we are honored to have you at our side.

    4. New languages and translators
    Over the past few days, thanks to the wonderful generosity of several individuals, we have added new translations for FTGII in Danish, German, Russian and Polish (coming very shortly). If you would like to assist us with any other language, please write to Annie at :

    5. Shelley's video interviews
    If you have not yet seen these, or even if you have, I encourage you to watch them again and share them with others. I have heard them countless times and they never cease to be a source of great inspiration. (accessed via Updates page or link in Right column)

    6. Slideshow invitations
    2007 Marlene Swetlishoff has created a slideshow invitation with images of our planet, available in several languages. Her passion for FTG has been remarkable, and we thank her kindly. (English) - (French) - (Finnish) - (Spanish) - (Japanese)

    7. Closing Thought
    More humans are now awake than ever before in the history of our planet. And since July 17, 2007, we are enough to charge every positive thought possible. We have defined our intention to the Universe. Now we choose to be present and accountable in the energetic creation of a new World.
    With much Light and Love, Bradfield (for Annie and Shelley) - Be Present.

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Thu 30 July - Sun 2 Aug: 209Radio broadcasts live from the Cambridge Folk Festival

    209radio on 105 FM is very proud to announce that it will broadcast live from the 2009 Cooperative Cambridge Folk Festival
    Working in partnership with Rockhopper Studios, 209radio will broadcast live on 105 FM to the Cambridge City area and online via at selected times (TBC) across the weekend and will be making fringe recordings with musicians and artists.
    Rockhopper Studios first met with 209radio at the 2009 Strawberry Fair and they operate a professional standard recording studio with HD video capabilities, all in a shiny silver American Airstream caravan.
    Working with the blessing of BBC Radio 2, 209radio staff and volunteers are naturally very excited to be part of one of Cambridge’s premier summer events.
    You can find out when 209radio will broadcast live from the site by going to the station’s schedule online: and festival-goers will be welcome to come by and say hello…perhaps even get on air!

    Thu 30 July: "Building community through Inter-Faith" - talk by Jnanamitra, 7.45 for 8.00p.m

    You are invited to attend this talk, arranged by the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group (
    Jnanamitra, Faiths Officer for the East of England Faiths Agency, will be sharing highlights of her travels around the region visiting and participating in events. Much creative work is being done in a wide variety of ways with Inter-Faith activities, which can be so effective in building community.
    Venue: Unitarian Church Hall, Victoria Street (off Emmanuel Road), Cambridge CB1 1JW

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 1 Aug: INDIAN BAZAAR, 12 NOON – 4.00 PM

    Contact: EMAIL - ICCACAMBRIDGE[AT]MSN.COM - MOB. 07772019679

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 9 Aug: TEA PARTY '5 YEARS Libra Aries Bookshop', from 3pm

    From 3pm in the shop - & from 8pm at The Empress, Thoday Street
    Help us to celebrate 5 YEARS Libra Aries Bookshop on Mill Road.
    Libra Aries Books opened on Mill Road in August 2004!
    So whether you walk, hop, cycle, drive… …or come by flying toad skeleton, don't miss this opportunity to join us in celebrating five years of Libra Aries Books
    VENUE: Libra Aries Bookshop, 9 The Broadway, Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3AH, Tel: (01223) 412 411 Butoh Dancer

    Sun 9 Aug: BUTOH - Japanese contempory Dance, workshop & performance, 7:45pm

    Dancer: Jun. Musicians: Shyan (Bansuri flute), Greg (Vocal & Didgeridoo), Emil (Sarangi), Youme (Swarmandala).
    Workshop 7.45pm to 8.45pm. Performance 9.00pm to 10.00pm
    light meal at 8.45 pm included!
    Cost: Workshop £10 - Performance £8 - Workshop + Performance £15.
    Contact: Shyan, shyanbliss[AT], 0781 481 8008 Organized by Indian Community & Culture Association
    Venue: Bharat Bhavan, Bharat Way (Mill road / bridge), CB1 2AZ

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 22 & Sun 23 Aug: Summer Yoga Fest, Bluntisham, Cambs

    Cambridgeshire yoga teachers and practitioners from all schools and traditions will be meeting in Bluntisham in August for a weekend of summer yoga. Local teachers will provide a variety of yoga sessions and inspiring entertainment will complete each day.Yoga teachers include Lez Grey, Isobel Milner and Beverley Nolan. A voice workshop will be lead by Suffolk-based teacher Mary Benefiel and, local Life and Mentor Coach, Mark Desvaux will provide life-affirming conversation and discussion.
    From 10-9pm each day. Cost: £55 for one day. £99 for both days.
    Venue: Bluntisham Village Hall, Mill Lane, Bluntisham, Cambs, PE28 3LR For more information email yoga[AT] or see

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Peace Dancing at Loudwater Farm 
       with Ralph, July 2009

    Wed 26 Aug from 6pm: circle dance & peace dance evening around bonfire with shared meal

    You are kindly invited to dance and eat with us tonight at Ralph's & Vitalija's home.
    Please bring something to eat / drink for shared supper and bring some circle dances, if you like to lead them.
    Ralph & Vitalija will lead a few peace dances. Whatever the weather: we'll meet in any case...
    VENUE: garden, 45 Walpole Road

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 6 Sept: Kirtan-Fest Cambridge, 3-5pm

    You are invited to come and participate in our lively Kirtan-Fest. Members of our Cambridge Bhakti Yoga Group will take you through musical mantra workshops designed to uplift the mind and provide a tasty spiritual beverage for the soul, leaving you fully energised for the week ahead and with a spring in your step!
    For more info look up the new web site of the Bhakti Yoga Group Cambridge: or keeshora[AT] - 07981 469256
    VENUE: Bharat Bhavan, Mill Road / bridge, Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Fri 11 Sept: Hindu Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph & Vitalija, 8pm - 9:30pm

    A playful and joyful join-in experience for any age. Singing & dancing in a circle, honouring Lord Ganeesha, the Divine Mother, Krishna, Rama, Shiva... Everyone is welcome - no experience needed. Cost: donation - ICCA members free. Followed by Indian food
    VENUE: Bharat Bhavan, Mill Road / bridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sun 20 Sept: Practical Spirituality, 3-5pm

    You are invited to join us for a refreshing dip into the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita along with musical, cultural and devotional presentations from the Bhakti-yoga tradition.
    For more info look up the new web site of the Bhakti Yoga Group Cambridge: or keeshora[AT] - 07981 469256
    VENUE: Bharat Bhavan, Mill Road / bridge, Cambridge

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Baluji Shrivastav with Sitar

    Mon 21 Sept: Sitar class for all with the famous Baluji Shrivastav, 6.30pm

    If you wish to register for classes or require information please contact Shashi Rattan - shashirattan1[AT] or Sue Dickinson on 07904 031366.
    Time: 6.30pm-7.30. More about Baluji Shrivastav see
    This is an ICCA event - ICCA -
    Venue: Bharat Bhavan, Mill Road / bridge, Cambridge, CB1 2AZ

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat/Sun 3/4 Oct. 2009, Maidstone, Kent: 4th Annual 'The I AM Family of Light' Gathering

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    Wed 21 Oct: THE OPEN PATH - An Introduction to Nondual Sufism (An evening talk and meditation) by Pir Elias Amidon

                        Pir Elias Amidon
spiritual director of the Sufi Way International Pir Elias Amidon is the spiritual director of the Sufi Way International, (, an inner school in the direct lineage of the Indian mystic Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan. He teaches and holds retreats on nondual spirituality and Sufism throughout Europe and the United States, and is known for his engaging and non-sectarian approach to spiritual realization. He has worked for many years in the field of peace and environmental activism in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and is currently working with the Abraham Path Initiative (

    The Open Path is a non-sectarian approach to spiritual awakening. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for the direct experience of our original state - a state that could also be described as selflessness, nondual awareness, or Oneness. Most simply put, it is a state of natural ease. To travel the Open Path does not require following a belief system or a specific set of spiritual practices. What is required is that we learn to relax from all “doing,” from producing an endless commentary on reality and ourselves, and simply recognize the immanence of the here-and-now for what it naturally is. With this unadorned recognition we experience release from our insecurities, self-doubt, and judgments of others. As a result we are free to respond to whatever comes up for us with equanimity and with a kind heart.

    The style of the Open Path emerges from the lineage of Sufism that transcends religious dogmatism and that embraces the full experience of life. This “nondual Sufism” is open to spiritual methods and teachings - from any source - that are appropriate to the moment. At the same time, it is not “other-worldly” in its focus but is dedicated to the possibility of liberation in the midst of life.

    This evening’s talk will introduce the Open Path and its approach to direct realization. It will also serve as an introduction to the ten-month Open Path Training (a series of three 4-day seminars with extensive telephone conferencing and written materials) to be held in the UK from June 2010 to April 2011.

    Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm Free entry – Donations welcome
    Queries and further info: Farida Inayat-Khan, 01480 380933
    Venue: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA

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    Sun 25 Oct: 9th Inter-Faith Civic Celebration of Community, - theme: 'Faith in Times of Crisis', 2-3 pm

    The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group ( invites everyone to this 8th celebration. The Celebration will consist of short contributions from various Cambridge faith groups, including poetry and music. It will last about one hour, followed by refreshments and socialising. Please make a note in your diary as we will be looking for participants for this popular event.
    Contact: David Wilman, Co-chair, Cambridge Inter-Faith Group, e: - phone 01223 276912
    Details see
    Venue: Small Hall, Guildhall, Cambridge city

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    Wed 28 Oct: Sufi Dances of Universal Peace & zikr with Ralph & Vitalija (Rainbow Dance), 8 -10pm

    (normally monthly on the 3rd Wednesday) Today we'll focus on Sufi dances - some of them are sung in harmonies.
    "One of the reasons I am teaching this music and dance is to increase joy, not awe towards another person, but bliss in our own self. This is finding God within, through experience." (Samuel Lewis, founder of the Dances of Universal Peace)
    Be prepared for an experience beyond words, singing and dancing in a circle. The peace dances are very much multi-faith. They are not religious in any narrow sense, but rather a spiritual (or even mystical) experience in a joyful and worshipful atmosphere, honouring various religious and spiritual traditions.
    No Experience required. More about the Dances of Universal Peace
    Cost: £6 - concessions
    VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane / Park Street, CB5 8BA, Cambridge city. Click here to see location in Cambridge street map

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    Fri 27 Nov: " Buddhist Teachings on Happiness" by Tenzin Dechen Rochard, 730pm

    We all have the potential to be profoundly happy, joyful and at peace within ourselves, whatever may be happening in our world. Any suffering or discontent is only ever caused by the negative emotions, perceptions, and conceptions that are present, either manifestly or latently, within each individual's own stream of consciousness. By recognising, understanding and transforming these unskilful states of mind, we can give rise to more compassion and wisdom in our own hearts, improve our relationships with others, and make a real contribution world peace.

    Dechen is English and has been a practising Buddhist since 1984. She was ordained as a nun by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1986 and remained within the monastic order for twelve years. She completed several three-month solitary retreats whilst in England during 1987-8. Then she went to India where she completed a traditional 10-year study programme in Buddhist studies at a Tibetan monastery in Dharamsala. Since her return to England as a lay-woman she has translated and edited the Insight volume of Geshe Sopa's oral commentary on Tsongkhapa's "Steps on the Path to Enlightenment" (forthcoming, Wisdom Publications). She is now doing a PhD in Buddhist philosophy at the University of Cambridge. Dechen also teaches meditation, Buddhism, and Tibetan language, in the UK and abroad. Geshe Sopa =>
    VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane.

    Sat 5 Dec '09: Mill Road Winter Fair!

    Mill Road Winter Fair - Organiser: Suzy Oakes.
    including FREE Dances of Universal Peace afternoon
    VENUE: All along Mill Road! See map on their website

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    Sun 5 Dec: DAYDREAMS - festive & meditative circle dances from many cultures + dash of live music & song led by Bethan & Stefan Freedman, 11am - 5pm

    Stefan & Bethan Freedman Bethan and Stefan Freedman create enchantment with their particular way of balancing and blending dances. They were among the first sacred/circle dance teachers in the U.K. They teach both traditional dances and their own outstanding choreography, sometimes bringing in live music and song to add to the intimacy of the occasion. In response to the group their dances range from fiery and passionate to deeply mystical.
    Both teach with clarity. They support and encourage dancers at all levels. Together they create a festive and inclusive atmosphere. ALL ARE WELCOME.

    Bethan trained in dance at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, and delights in sharing the exquisite style that opens up secrets and joys of each culture through dancing.
    Stefan creates dances to explore many dimensions and moods of contemporary world music and sacred songs. He plays a number of folk instruments.
    Further info on
    Soft drinks are provided – Please bring an item of food for buffet lunch
    Cost: £22 - £30 (sliding scale). Pay at the door if you haven't booked in advance!
    Enquiries: Jill Hope ~ e: ~ tel: 01277 363 085
    VENUE: The Meadows Community Centre, 1 St Catharine's Rd, Cambridge - ONSITE PARKING - Web map with arrow on

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    Tue 8 Dec: A Healing Space and Meditation with Dan Kendall (US)

    Dan is Abbot of the Esoteric Buddhist Centre is Los Angeles. Dan will be with us at 2pm for healing session (donations)
    6pm talk (free/donations)
    730pm a bringing forth the light ceremony to empower the altar in the Sukhmani Centre (no charge, donations welcome)
    Please help spread the word around and see you there!
    Love and light Fateh, 07811 459 229 =>

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    Sun 13 Dec: Christmas get-together of the Cambridge Subud Group, 2:30-5:30pm

    We'll have some home made entertainment programme. Please bring food to share (Christmas related nibbles, cake etc.) and drinks (Tea and coffee will be provided) and your kids, family and friends. Subud members from other groups as well as everybody interested to meet us are invited to join us. (
    If you would like to entertain, please contact Emmanuel Martin masterymartin[AT]
    Venue: Bharat Bhavan, Mill Road (foot of the railway bridge), Cambridge, CB1 2AZ. Click here to see location in Cambridge street map
    Contact: Ralph, tel. 01223 510442

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    Thu 17th Dec: "Dancing Towards the Light & Wintersolstice" - Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph (Rainbow Dance), 7:30-9:30pm

    "I got ecstatic just by watching you dance and sing!" (Ricky, watching us dancing "in public" at the Mill Road Winter Fair Cambridge, 5th December '09)
    Be prepared for an uplifting experience, singing and dancing in a circle.
    No Experience required. More about the Dances of Universal Peace
    Cost: £6 - concessions
    CHANGE of Venue: Bharat Bhavan, Mill Road (foot of the railway bridge), Cambridge, CB1 2AZ. Click here to see location in Cambridge street map

    - - - rainbow line - - -

    Sat 19th Dec: Winter Solstice Celebration, Godmanchester, 18.00 to 23.00

    Celebrating the transfer from the darkness into the light. Come along and enjoy an evening of Circle Dance
    Please bring food for a shared super - Soft drinks provided.
    Cost £10:00 , £8:00 concessions
    Contact Norman on:- 07901826274 or e-mail:- norman[AT]
    Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall, Post Street, Godmanchester - map with arrow on

    Christmas & New Year Special:
    You are invited to read and view the presentation - and an article from Ralph.
    May it inspire you! Ralph
    The Gift of Life
    - a presentation
    About Christmas & Yule

    Sat 26 Dec - Boxing Day: Scottish Ceilidh - folk-dancing, 7:30pm-10:30pm

    As in the past years, Michael Snellgrove invites everyone to a public evning with folk dancing (Scottish Ceilidh):
    We form clusters of couples, and a caller will give instructions what to do. The result is normally quite a confusion - and lots of fun. SEE YOU THERE In folky dress!! Caller as before Our Jolly PAUL - Will be FUN!!
    Please bring some food and drink to share - no alcohol! (& about £2 contribution for hall hire).
    Call Michael on 01223 522 042, and let him know if you'll come (and which gender you are).
    See you there? - Ralph & Vitalija
    Venue: The Hall of the United Reformed Church, Hartington Grove / Cherry Hinton Road (right next to FMHs.) - Click here to see location in Cambridge street map

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    Sun 27 Dec: Taizé chants, 9:30am - 10:15

    Experience the spine tingling harmonies and the uplifting feeling of singing in harmony with others. This group is meeting on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month and led by Ralph. We just sing and introduce each voice. Complete beginners are welcome. Everyone who thinks, they cannot sing: don't worry, you are not alone. FREE of charge.
    You are very welcome to stay with some of us for the Quaker Meeting at 10:30.
    Venue: small room, Friend's Meeting House, 91 Hartington Grove - Click here to see location in Cambridge street map

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