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Prayer Vigil for Peace in Pakistan and India JULY 5, 1998

Join Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, James Redfield ("Celestine Prophecy"), Jerry Jampolsky, Diane Cirincione, and James Twyman in a Prayer Vigil for Peace in Pakistan and India JULY 5, 1998

On July 5, 1998, James Twyman (AKA the Peace Troubadour) will perform The Peace Concert in India. At the same time Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, James Redfield, Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione will help focus the prayers of millions of people who are committed to bringing peace to this troubled region of the world. Join us wherever you are. Form a group or pray alone. Together we have the power to create a new world where war is impossible and conflicts are healed the moment they arise.

How To Participate:

This vigil will be conducted as a "prayer wave." At 12pm mid-day, in every time zone of the world, we are asking everyone dedicated to peace to spend ten minutes praying for the people of India and Pakistan. In this way hundreds of thousands of people will be praying for peace at the stroke of each hour, creating a wave of light that envelops the planet. Wherever you are in the world, stop at 12pm mid-day and join us. It is so simple, and yet the power of this vigil will be experienced in ways we cannot even imagine.

Please pass this message on to everyone you know who would be interested. The call has gone out once again. The question is -- How do we respond?

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A Letter from James Twyman:

Dear Friends,
Approximately ten nuclear bombs have been detonated in Pakistan and India.
How do we, as people of prayer, respond? Not since the Cuban missile crisis have we been faced with such a dilemma.
How do we, as people of compassion, respond?

Political analysts agree that something must be done to stabilize this potentially catastrophic situation.
How do we, as people of God, respond?

These are questions we must all answer, not only for ourselves but for the world we live in.
Do we have the power to effect change and bring love where hatred seems to reign?
Can we become instruments of peace?

The answer is YES!

In the last four months millions of people gathered in churches, in homes and as individuals to pray for peace:

February. . .
Prayer for Peace in Iraq
Hundreds of thousands of people around the world participated in two prayer vigils, calling everyone committed to peace to focus their intent on a peaceful solution to this potential tragedy. The people of Iraq were overjoyed to know that so many people around the world prayed with them.

One week later. . .
Prayer for Peace in Northern Ireland Hundreds of thousands of people around the world prayed for a peaceful solution to the hatred that has defined this country for decades.

"The Great Experiment"
Though the scientific data has yet to be available, millions of people around the the world felt a dramatic shift toward peace, a shift that is having a dramatic impact on the planet we inhabit.

Prayer for Peace in the Middle East
Two-hundred Jews, Christians and Muslims gathered on a hill overlooking the old city of Jerusalem while millions around the world joined them in prayer.

All of these peace vigils asked the same question:
Can we change the world in an instant, simply by changing our minds about the world?
I believe the answer is yes.

The Next Question:
Do we have access to a weapon that is a thousand times more powerful than any nuclear bomb ever made?

The Sikh Prayer for Peace says:

"No weapon, however powerful, is superior to nonviolence and love."
But how do we harness the power of that "superior weapon?"
How do we, as people who believe in the power of peace, focus and detonate this weapon of "mass construction"?

Let's call this weapon: "A New-Clear Reaction" Definition:

"A New-Clear Reaction is one that is so focused on love, so dedicated to peace, that it instantly heals everything with which it comes in contact. It sends forth wave after wave of highly charged energy that clears everything in its path, revealing the beauty and holiness that lies beneath the attitudes that cause war."
This is the goal of our prayer vigil --
To trigger our own New-Clear Reaction. But be assured . . . this is not a test.
Our aim is the complete and total domination of love, and everything that stands in our way will experience the full power of our blessing.

When I was in Baghdad and Belfast this past February I experienced a sense of clarity and commitment that I have never felt before. I was invited to sing "The Peace Concert" in both these troubled cities, calling upon music and prayer to help transform hatred into love. But the clarity I felt did not come from me alone. I felt that we were one mind -- all the people who prayed for peace while I sang. This feeling was even more profound on April 23rd during "The Great Experiment." The prayers of millions of people seemed to fall like rain all around us, and everyone who participated in the event at the United Nations Church Center felt the vast power of that prayer.

Recently I was told that there is a continual rehearsal taking place at the Pentagon. Generals and war experts constantly review the hundreds of possible ways a nuclear war could begin. In 80% of these scenarios, the Third World War is triggered by either India or Pakistan achieving nuclear capability. If the recent testing of nuclear bombs in these countries is enough to terrify these men and women, how much should we be motivated to respond?

Join us in this New-Clear Reaction.
Mark July 5 on your calender and enlist your friends. Together we can put an end to hatred and war forever. Millions of people will be at your side in this great quest. Our prayers are ready to fall like healing rain over a battlefield.

May Peace Prevail on Earth,
James Twyman (June 23, 1998)

P.S. It is important to note that our goal is to join with all the millions of people in India and Pakistan who are already praying for peace. Through this meditation we are building a support system for everyone in this region dedicated to the ideal that inspired this vigil. This is not about one person, nor is it about one group of people, no matter how dedicated. It is about the unity of all humanity bound together by the single thread of holiness and love.

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