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ARCHIVE files 'Wolf Song IX Tour world Peace Elders
& Sacred Ancient Crystal Skulls '98:

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Cambridge cancelled event '98 | UK Tour '98 | Wolf Song IX Holland '98

Wolf Song IX - UK Tour of world Peace Elders and Sacred Ancient Crystal Skulls Sept.'98

Aho Mi Takaye Oyacin
Amen to all my Relations...
All things in Life!
Love is the Thought
Truth is the Process
Peace is the Answer.

Mary Thunder

NEWS '99: Crystal skull discovered in Yorkshire!

(the following information is from 20th Sept' 98)

Below on this page you find:

The Peace Elders and WolfSong IX

Wolf Song is a Meeting of Indigenous Peace Elders from the Americas, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, Egypt, India, Tibet, England, Ireland, Finland, Holland and other European countries. These healers, medicine men & women have dedicated their lives to world peace. They come together to share their wisdom, knowledge and experiences, the true meaning of ceremonies, their predictions and ancient customs.

According to a vision of Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, Seneca tribe, founder and elder of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge and the Seneca Indian Historical Society, this 9th peace gathering is called "Wolf song IX". To give you an idea about the planetary and spiritual time we are in, you may visit the homepage of the Wolf Lodge and read about The Quickening.
This year's gathering was in Vierhouten, Holland, from 26.-29. August '98 ( NEW updated home page of Wolfsong IX). The focus of this year is "Personal responsibility".

After the gathering and a tour through Holland about 30 people with Sacred Ancient Crystal Skulls (see below) arrived in the UK on Sept. 8th.
Some of the following Peace Elders are coming (? = not sure - subject to change! Only after each event it will be possible to say who exactly was there Ralph, 20th Sep)):

Message of the indigenious people for our survival

Technology without an understanding and respecting the Creator is destructive. The skulls can awaken our consciousness and show us the power of creation that lies in us all. We must love ourselves, appreciate our Mother Earth, our brothers and sisters the animals, our elders the trees, and not pollute our rivers, lakes and oceans. For peace messages see the brochure of Wolf song IX in Holland. The latest news are on the NEW updated home page of Wolfsong IX. There are mazing parallels of the Maya, Hopi and other tribe's prophecies. According to the Maya prophecies which have been kept secret the last 500 years, now is the time to share their wisdom....

WolfSong IX Peace Message

As we come into the new millennium I pray, that all people of the world, whatever their race, colour, creed, or tribe will try to understand the other's belief or culture, that we may all work together for Peace within our world.

With everyone's united effort we can eradicate poverty and disease within our world, for violence destroys, it does not create. In war there are no winners, only losers. We must all realize more respect is needed for the environment and Mother Earth, and to know that we are all one.

To achieve this.........people must unite in a common purpose, forget self and ego, work together in Love, Peace and Understanding, let go of materialism, and work for the whole of God's Creation. Remember there is only one God and we have different ways of recognition, no one way is right, we are all right.

We must learn to listen to one-another and to communicate and to learn to think for ourselves, content to be in service for the whole.

Bob and Carol Clark, Peace Elders, 10 Jan. 1998

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The Crystal Skulls

Why crrystal skulls? Like the Christian cross they symbolize the transcendence of death and carry the message of immortal life. Death becomes transparent, crystal clearity and illumination will be gained and we can let go of our fear of death. The mind trying to separate everything causes most of the problems we now have in this world. The crystal helps to get in contact with the world of spirit (or parallel universes beyond time). Through the skulls we can see and transcend those separating boundaries and realize, that we are one with all of creation and that we are brothers and sisters on this planet.

There is a great mystery about the Crystal Skulls. Are our modern computers like stone age tools compared to them, storing all of the knowledge and wisdom of the whole universe vital for the survival of mankind? Are they multi-dimensional gates to other realms of existance? Do they stem from Atlantis? Are they even of extraterrestial origin? Are there 12, 13 or 52 original skulls on this planet? According to some sacred and secret teachings the original skulls played a vital role in the evolution of mankind at the step from primitive Neanderthal to homo sapiens, and more secrets will be revealed now. Could this skull activate our genetic memories?

Many experienced healing, joy and happiness through the presence of the skulls. Sensitive people can get messages or see moving pictures in the skulls. Some experienced their strong energyfield, shooting them straight into higher states of consciousness. What did scientists find out (but crystal does not age)? Hewlett-Packard scientists said, it would take 300 man years to produce the Anna Hedges Skull,- made from piezo electric silicon dioxide (quartz).

Because of the fascination of the skulls made from quartz, today there are many modern made skulls ("fakes", worth about 100 000 US Dollars).

Some of the Sacred Ancient Crystal Skulls will meet in Holland, generate a strong energetic field and be available for meditation. For the first time in recorded history they will come for a tour through the UK.

At least he following Ancient and Sacred Crystal Skulls will come to the UK (? = not sure; subject to change - only after each event it will be possible to say which skulls were at which event):

More about the crystal skulls see: http://www.crystalskullsociety.org
or read the fascinating book: "The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls - unlocking the secrets of the past, present and future" (by Chis Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas, £20 - they produced the famous video about the Crystal Skulls, broadcast by the BBC and several other stations world wide)

- - - rainbow line - - -

UK Tour '98: Dates, Venues & Contacts

(NEW changes from Sep. 20th) For more details of the Holland Meeting see the NEW updated home page of Wolfsong IX: http://home.wxs.nl/~wzwaans

Limited places - early booking recommended to avoid disappointment!

This unique peace tour offers the opportunity of support from many organizations and individuals. You can contribute to world peace. The expenses of this world event are astronomic (including housing and transport for 30+ people). Your contributions in whatever way are welcome. The money raised on this tour is going to the Elders and caretakers to cover their expenses and to enable them to continue to help bring about World Peace.

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Wolf Song IX Organisers

For WolfSong IX in Holland, Vierhouten, 26.-29. August '98 and tour of Holland contact:
Renee van Zandvoort, e-mail: tokrbb@worldonline.nl
or see the NEW updated Homepage of "Wolf song IX"http://home.wxs.nl/~wzwaans

Organiser of the whole UK tour (except Glastonbury & Crowborough) is the
Rainbow Sanctuary Association (reg. Charity No.1048787).
Bank Chambers. The Bank
Newton Powys. SY16 2LB, Wales.
Tel 01686 622 446 (evenings: 01686 621 389), FAX 01686 610 340

For local organisers of the UK tour see above.

Cry for help! Terror in Arizona, San Carlos Apache Reservation! While we are meditating for peace, some Native Americans get terrorized and killed by the police in Arizona / USA while performing their sacred ceremonies! The media keeps silent, e-mail accounts are being closed to avoid publicity... Break media censorship and pray for peace. (1999)

NEWS! Crystal skull discovered in Yorkshire!

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