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ARCHIVE files 'Wolf Song IX Tour world Peace Elders
& Sacred Ancient Crystal Skulls '98:

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Cambridge cancelled event '98 | UK Tour '98 | Wolf Song IX Holland '98

NEWS '99: Crystal skull discovered in Yorkshire!

the following information is from Sep 16th '98

Wolf Song IX in Cambridge & Thetford Forest, East Anglia
A Peace Gatherings of Indigenous Elders and Sacred Ancient Crystal Skulls
Wednesday 9th Sept. & Thursday 10th September '98 CANCELLED

Sorry - they will definitely NOT come - Ralph, 9th Sept.
There have been disagreements about a contract clause to pay £ 500 one week prior to the events. The voluntary organizers did not want to take additional obligations on board and the Rainbow Sanctuary had to insist on this clause in order to get visas for several indigenous Peace Elders and meet the high insurance demands for the crystal skulls.

On June 23rd the Thetford Forest organizers were informed that this venue was cancelled. Because of the geographical connection to Cambridge and because of the close co-operation the Cambridge event was cancelled as well.

Instaed people from Bristol, who were waiting for a free slot were given the first days of the UK tour to organize. Tour details see on this web page.

We all have to learn from this. After the first frustration I (Ralph) personally felt a lot of relief, like a burdon being lifted from my shoulders. But there are as well some lessons to look at for you:
I feel that especially the response from the Cambridge and East Anglian population has not been enthusiastic at all: only 3 people phoned after an appeal for help in the Cambridge Evening News. Only two people sent me a cheque in advance for booking. The main attitude seemed to be: leaning back, "Oh, that's interesting..." and just no committment for help. Instead I met a lot skepticism. I had more people from London who were willing to come than from Cambridge!

So maybe Cambridge is not ready for the wisdom of nature or too scared of the unknown. I can tell you, that it's very hard to organize anything with so little response and so much personal risk involved (it's similar with the coming "Aramaic Prayer" workshop).

There is the possibility of two peace elders and the famous crystal skull "Max" coming next year to Cambridge. How is your attitude to this posibility?

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CANCELLED: Wed Sept. 9th '98 Thetford Forest

Wednesday Sept. 9th there will be a gathering in the Thetford Forest (east of Cambridge) from 11am to 9 pm. Programme:
10 am: Arrival
11 am: Opening Ceremony
12:30: lunch
2 pm: Presentation of Peace Elders and Ancient Crystal Skulls
5 pm: supper break
6:30: Questions and Answers
8:30: Peace Pipe Ceremony
End about 9 pm

Tickets are below £ 50 for the day or discount, if payed before August 1st.
Additional 10 % discount, when the Cambridge evening is booked as well.


Daniel Rounding, Tel: 01473 210 090
e-mail c/o:
More about the Crystal Skulls, the Peace Elders & WolfSong IX Tour through the UK

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CANCELLED: Thursday 10th Sept '98 Evening Presentation in Cambridge

Thursday 10th of September 7 to 10 pm evening presentation in Cambridge. The venue will be announced soon.
6:00 pm to 7: arrival and doors open
7 pm: Presentation of Peace Elders and Ancient Crystal Skulls
8:30: break
8:45: Presentation of Peace Elders and Ancient Crystal Skulls
10 pm: End
Tickets are £ 17for the evening or £ 15 if payed before August 1st.
Additional 10 % discount, when the Thetford Forest day is booked as well.. Contact:
Ralph Nimmann, Fax 01223 561 534 e-mail
More about the Crystal Skulls, the Peace Elders & WolfSong IX Tour through the UK

This unique peace tour offers the opportunity of support from many organizations and individuals. You can contribut to world peace. The expenses of this world event are astronomic (including housing and transport for 30 people). Your contibution in whatever way is welcome. Details to follow. The money raised on this tour is going to the Elders and caretakers to cover their expenses and to enable them to continue to help bring about World Peace.

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Organizer of the UK tour is the
Rainbow Sanctuary Association, reg Charity.
Bank Chambers. The Bank
Newton Powys. SY16 2LB, Wales.
Tel /Fax 01686 622 446 (evenings: 01686 621 389)

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