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'Angel' formation back


by Hugh Newman, September 2003

Two crop circles have appeared this season in the style of the original Cambridge‘Angel’ formation that appeared at the Gogmagog Hills. In fact, the one in Belgium is an exact replica. The one in Wiltshire is very similar and also looks like it has a big eye where the head is. Check the photo’s. It has not be known in the realm of crop circles for an exact replica to appear- especially in another country. This appears to be a first. There were also reports of loud humming noise which couldn’t be placed and sudden thunder and lightning during the night of the circle appearing.

The Wiltshire formation appeared at Morgans Hill, near Bishops Canning on 17th August. Interestingly, the day before a friend and myself wished for an ‘Angel’ formation to appear. It seems our wish was granted! The Angel energy just keeps spreading. It is also worth noting that if you rearrange the letters in ‘Morgans Hill’ (called lexigramming – see other article) you get ‘Gogmagog Hills’. If you lexigram ‘Morgans Hill, Wiltshire’, you also get ‘angel’ within it. A coincidence? If so, a very good one. If you lexigram ‘Gingelomstraat’ – the location of the Belgian crop circle, you get ‘angel’ and ‘Gogmagog’s’. Synchronicites like this baffle me and inspire me.

I dowsed the Wiltshire formation and found that the Mary energy line that went through the Cambridge formation, also goes through this one. See the book The Sun and the Serpent for details of where the line travels. The energy inside the formation was very relaxing and feminine. I even met Barbara Lamb inside it, the co-author of Crop Circles Revealed, who looks into the more esoteric side of crop circles. The other co-author is a psychic friend of hers who channels information about what the formations mean. She explained that the Cambridge ‘Angel’ formation was demonstrating that the Angelic realms were getting closer and we now have more access to these light-beings than ever before. I find it interesting that these ‘Angels’ both appeared on a ‘feminine’ Earth energy current – the famous Mary line. So with all these connections, enjoy pondering them as you gaze into the realm of our Angel friends..

The Wiltshire ‘Angel’.


The Belgian ‘Angel’.

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