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'Angel' formation back


Crop Circle web site Cambridge / England

created 6 Aug '01 - last edited: August '09

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The Gift of Life
- a wake up call and inspirational message

Updates, events, latest information:

PLEASE keep me informed re. any news around Cambridgeshire, so I can update this web site! Ralph
August 2009:
My name is Paul Jacobs, living near Newmarket. My prime interests are in Crop Formations and associated Light Phenomena... this could also include the subject of UFO's. I would be happy to talk with people to share information and exchange ideas. Contact via email: or call 01284 850179, or mobile 07551347089.

Tue 17th Oct '06: "Mission 1017" - world wide, afternoon
It began with the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 - and will culminate in the events of 2012.
Today, beginning 10:17AM, peak at 5:10pm, ending 1:15AM on Wednesday 18th October, is a cosmic trigger event, magnifying our thoughts by up to one million times... So let's all concentrate on world peace!!! Read more

Enlightenment: 'Sacred Marriage' May 2006 - deeksha and earth energy experience programme on the Michael and Mary ley line Norfolk & Cambridge - Wandlebury - Royston - Bury st. Edmunds

article: "Crop Circle Co-Creation 2001 - Signs of a Psycho-Spiritual 'Source' Behind Non-Manmade Crop Circle Creation at a Place Called 'Gog Magog' by Ed Sherwood at

Hugh (Paul) Newman is happy to be a Cambs Crop Circle Contact: hughnewman23[AT] (replace " AT " by @), mobile: 07814 510513 - (01458 835 756)

please join our free occasional Cambridge Crop Circle E-mailing list: e-mail (very occasional emails, if and when something's on).

I'd like to add information about other crop circles around Cambridge as well as more links to other web sites - please keep me informed.

Missed the presentation with video, talk and discussion about the Cambridge Crop Circles Tue 21 Aug? See 2001 events

Ways to contact: Ralph Nimmann | check Special Events page.

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2 crop circles at Gog Magog Hills / Cambridge July 2001

Just south-west of Wandlebury, south-east of Addenbrooks hospital are two beautiful crop circles - two of the best circles in the UK this year. According to my friend Shey they contain a spectrum of beautiful and amazing energies (see detailed report at The Cambridge Crop Circles: what do they mean?).
One is called "The Angel"
(cut down on 24 August) with a diameter of 237 feet, first reported 25 July - for more photos and description see:
The other, huge circle (cut down on 24 August), did gradually appear since 11th July (outer circle with 222 yards diameter), labyrinth and concentric square formation. "Seems to be crafted out of the ripe wheat with an attention to detail not seen for some years in the crop fields of England". It can be seen from the Gog Magog Hill looking north (towards Addenbrooks) - see detailed report and more photos at


Some words about crop circles in general

You find crop circles all over the world. Some of them are fakes; some of them are still a mystery. Obvious fake circles can help less developed souls to maintain their narrow view of the world and give them safety - so they serve a purpose.

Some believe aliens from outer space create them. Some witnesses have seen circles being generated within seconds by one or more balls of light. Others assume they come from mother earth, expressing her suffering. According to some spiritual teachings these crop circles contain coded messages to mankind (in previous years some circles clearly predicted the arrival of a large comet, which astronomers discovered only some month later). Sensitive people can directly feel the energy of a genuine crop circle.

Scientists usually do not like them, because they cannot explain them. Some crop circles have been carefully analysed and a higher radiation was measured. In some of them extremely pure metal powder was found. Crop stems were bent, not broken and looked like after a microwave treatment. Sometimes mobile phones would not work in the crop circle. In some cases credible witnesses were around and confirmed, that definitely there hasn't been a crop circle 15 minutes before.

I personally can live with the fact, that I do not understand many things around me - basically all life, the earth and the universe is a miracle. Maybe we are like the Russian soldiers in the first world war: coming from the remote countryside, they were absolutely stunned to see "water flowing out of wall" after turning a handle on a metal pipe - or a light bulb "magically" lighting up after turning a switch. In future times we may understand and be able to project shape patterns onto living or dead matter and force it to obey our energetic command...

If you have "the answer", please let me know!


Hoaxes versus genuine circles

Genuine crop circles can be distinguished from hoaxes by Having written this, I received some feedback, which makes it difficult to maintain a clear line between "real" and "fake" circles: every geometric pattern creates an energy field. I heard of crop circles, which were faked on spots with a special energy - and that after the circle was finished, the dowsable energy did significantly increase, as if responding to the circle. Geomantic earth healers can consciously use certain forms to creating or changing the local energy. Some hoaxers claim to be channels for other forces and just do what they are told - who would be the originator in this case? (Aren't all artists inspired by spirit?)
In any case they are beautiful artefacts - until the wheat fields are harvested...


Crop Circles and religion

I am REALLY interested how people from different religious or spiritual backgrounds feel about these crop circles.

Is God teaching us a lesson in humbleness ("you will never analyse my "tricks" of creation - so please have respect for them!")? [See Open letter from God]
Or are they considered to come from the devil (traditionally the church tends to call everything demonic, which does not fit in their interpretation of the world)?
Are there prophecies in the Bible, the holy Quran, the Torah, the Vedic scriptures or Native American traditions, which would apply to the appearance of the crop circles?
What do the Pagans think of them?


About the media and the truth

"If this were all true, it would have been in the news and I would have heard about it. If the journalists are not interested in this, they have their reasons and this surely indicates that all is a fake." Well: admitting that there is an intelligent creative force behind these circles which is not human is scaring some people. Especially the English have the dream of being in control of everything. To give this idea up and admit that there are higher powers beyond our control takes quite a lot. It leads into spiritual subjects of invisible beings, aliens, even Satan and a lot of speculations and it questions the view we currently have about this world.

A simple explanation would be: if the media would 'advertise' the circles, the farmer might suffer even greater damage in their harvest - so the media might protect the economic side of the farmers.
A news editor might have said to an enthusiastic journalist: "Interesting. But I don't want to get into trouble. Let's write, that a motorcyclist has created the circle." and in a lower voice he might have added: "The public does not want to know the REAL truth."

section of the big Cambridge crop circle shown in the Cambridge Evening News on 7 August 2001 The Cambridge Evening News showed only a boring section of the big Cambridge crop circle on 7 August 2001 - see photo segment on the right. The text mentioned what some people thought: previous week's theory about a creative motor biker as the source of the crop circle; this week somebody spotted a group of young people visiting this field during the last weeks with ropes and sticks and suggests that they were the originators... Why? I have the following theory:

The media do not want to upset churches and other groups of influence. And they do not want to lead people to spirituality: We might become detached from materialism and stop buying all the advertised products. We might become sensitive enough to decide that we do not need guidance and commentaries from outer authorities - so we could stop reading newspapers and watching TV and meditate instead or just follow our intuition, inner guidance and divine wisdom... and threaten the financial basis of the media. And journalists cannot always write what they want - so what can we expect?

What is the real truth? 3 steps towards truth:

  1. Make a little experiment with somebody: Put a drop of oil on a white sheet of paper on the table and look at it. The stain clearly shows darker than the surrounding paper. Now hold it up up against the light: suddenly the stain shines brightly out against the white paper. Dark or light - right or wrong both depends from which side the light shines on it.
  2. Think of the 5 blind people touching an elephant, each on one part: the ear, the leg, the tail, the tooth and the trunk. They all describe their experience and never come to an agreement about the true form of this animal. There is only one truth - but it has many aspects.
  3. Would you tell a little child all details about sexual life or even demonstrate it? Hopefully not, because the child is not ready for this information or the experience, which might traumatise it.
    Many people are spiritually in a state comparable to a child - and they just could not cope with the whole truth - yet. The media, the church and the politicians protect them by holding back information. So please don't blame them and do not provoke them - they are only doing their job.
YOU have to decide what your truth is. And if you think you know it better, be wise and know when to talk and when to shut up. We should not throw pearls before the swine.

I am VERY interested in finding out what the message of the crop circles is. If you have any information, please e-mail me or phone 01223 510 442
Photos of other crop circles in the UK see at: Watch this page for updates! Ralph


If you want to visit the circles:

aerial photo of the huge crop circle north west of Gog Magog Hills, Cambridge, containing maze and square pattern, July 2001

34 KByte 

Crop Circle photo courtesy The Crop Circle Connector (; photo/s by Charles & Frances Mallett
Huge Cambridge Crop Circle (222 yards diameter), containing maze and square pattern @ Gog Magog. Photo courtesy The Crop Circle Connector (; photo/s by Charles & Frances Mallett. Detailed report and more photos of this circle at

If you want to experience the circles, please be VERY careful with the existing crop (private property!) and walk only in the existing tram lines or areas where the crop is down (best in the direction of the bent stems). Please treat the circle itself with respect like an outdoor art exhibition or a unique natural sacred place and respect any people meditating there.
We expect the wheat fields being cut down and harvested any time when it's dry in the second half of August.

How to get there: from Cambridge go southeast following the A1307 towards Haverhill past Addenbrooks Hospital. Turn right at he second road (one after the round about) to Stapleford after the road rises uphill before Wandlebury.
200 meters on the left is the car park (Gog Magog).

The big circle shown above is in the field west of and opposite the car park entrance towards Cambridge (in the second field from the A1307) in about 400 meters distance. Coming from the car park, go a bit to the left on the road to Stapleford and then follow one of the tram lines / tractor traces .

Aerial map of the crop circle area: round about on Cambridge-Haverhill road top left, 
Wandlebury ring on the right, 
Gog Magog Hill  in the centre, 
road from Stapleford left bottom
aerial map of the crop circle area 2001: round about on Cambridge-Haverhill road top left, Wandlebury hill on the right, Gog Magog Hill in the centre, road from Stapleford left bottom.

aerial photo of the crop circle 'The Angel', south west of Gog Magog Hills, Cambridge, July 2001 - 24 KByte.
"The Angel" - Cambridge Crop Circle, south west of Gog Magog (diameter of 237 feet). Crop Circle photo courtesy The Crop Circle Connector ( Photo: Steve Alexander Copyright 2001. More photos and description of "The Angel" see:
"The Angel"
(see left) can best be visited by following the road towards Stapleford (past the car park entrance) for about 1 KM. The grass drive to the left ( southeast, opposite the drive to Keepers and Middle Field Cottages) leads to a gate 60 meters off the road. Follow this grass drive up the hill for maybe 600 meters (past a gap in the hedge on your right). After 2 "tram lines" leading into the left side field there is a sandy area on the grass drive. Follow the path from there into the wheat field on your left, leading straight to the crop circle in about 200 meters.
You can stay in these tram lines / tractor traces and walk back to Gog Magog Hill.

Best view for both circles
is from a higher perspective - in this case also literally: from the air. Second best from the Gog Magog Hill top, south east of the car park. To see "the Angel", you have to walk a bit down towards south west and go a bit away from the trees on your left.

NEW September 2003: The 'Angel' formation is back

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