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Crystal Skulls in Cambridge

Page created 24 Oct '04 - last edited: August '05
Below on this page:
The Magic of Crystal Skulls | Crystal Skull Events | Crystal skull discovered in Yorkshire Dec '98 | LINKS at end of page

links to ARCHIVE files 'Wolf Song IX Tour world Peace Elders & Sacred Ancient Crystal Skulls '98:
Cambridge cancelled event '98 | UK Tour '98 | Wolf Song IX Holland '98

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The Magic of Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls are beautiful to look at - but also have a beautiful, harmonizing and healing effect. They are entities of love with unique personalities and specific purposes. They can bring clarity in confusion and smiles in despondency. You are invited to experience their energies and learn a little bit more about them.

The above message was given by 3 crystal skulls as a kind of self-description. Currently they reside in Cambridge with my friend Vidya. She communicates with them telepathically. The mystery of the newly-carved crystal skulls is fascinating and mind stretching - even more the really big old skulls.
Ralph's Positive Hour

Like Ely Cathedral (which calls itself "a truly magic place") the skulls are far from black magic, and can help us to deepen our understanding of spirituality.
2 of Vidiya's crystal skulls

In Ralph's Positive Hour web broadcast, available as archive sound file from Mon. 8th to 22 Nov. '04
Vidya is mainly talking about her experiences with the crystal skulls. The emphasis is on newly carved crystal skulls, as opposed to the well-documented ancient skulls. Also question and answer session with the skulls.
Vidiya's amethyst skull

On the right are 2 of Vidya's crystal skulls: the small clear quartz skull called Roger and the smoky quartz skull skull (about 3cm and 8cm high) called Roshan.
Her amethyst skull on the left has no name yet. He is also about 8cm high and agreed to this photo be used from another web page.

CONTACT Vidija in Cambridge, England: roshnimargi[AT]yahoo.co.uk ( [AT] = @ ), mobile 07958 399297
More on Vidya's new web site: www.roshnimargi.co.uk

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Crystal Skull in the British Museum London
Crystal Skull in the British Museum London
on permanent display in gallery 24, British Museum.
Weekend opening times Sat & Sun 10am-5.30pm.

Crystall Skull Events

Sat 14th May '05: crystal skulls at Ra in bo w Network Party, 7:30pm-11

Meet Vidya and her crystal skulls tonight and other special people - details.
E-mail Ralph if you are interested at spirit[AT]rainbow-cambridge.org.uk (replace [AT] by @) - other ways to contact Ralph

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28th / 29th May '05: A GATHERING OF THE ANCIENTS

An Invitation for Crystal Skulls and their Guardians to join together Present will be (amongst others) Mahasamatman/Sammie, Kalif, Aquila, Three Ancient Jade skulls -Jade, Lani, Cimi, the Twins (ancient double jade skull) with their guardians Kathleen Murray, Paul Critten and Gillian Ellis
"The skulls are calling us to concentrate our energies, to unite the fragmented community of Skull Guardians to work in harmony for the good of Gaia, Mankind and the Universes. We each know the power of our communication with the Divine beings connected with our skulls. Make this weekend a magical time for all our higher selves to work together for the blue print of humanity and the planet. We all work in small pockets around Great Britain and spread through the rest of the World. Imagine how much our work will be magnified during the weekend and once physically together form an energy grid that we could all work with whether together or apart. This is a magnificent opportunity to open our hearts, let go of the small self and surf with the essence of the Source."
Refreshments provided, bring lunch to share.
Cost 50 for the weekend : 10.30 - 4.30 each day

Venue: in village hall and outdoors at a horse sanctuary in Frensham, Surrey.
For details please phone Gillian 01932 855 452 Or Kathleen and Paul 01464 861 584 or email or see www.crystals-keys.com and www.crystals.eu.com

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Crystal skull discovered in Yorkshire

Dec '98: A life-size skull of clear rock crystal, weighting slightly over 5kg, has come to light in South Yorkshire. Its origins have been traced to the Yachiklan region of Mexico and it is thought to have travelled to England aboard a Jamaican spice ship about 180 years ago. Carbon-14 dating proved inconclusive, but fragments of debris collected from both the skull and ist clothpouch were found to be at least 2000 years old. The skull is similar to the renowned Mitchell-Hedges skull (see Kindred Spirit No. 41) but does not have a detachable lower jaw.

Genuinly gifted people with experience of channeling are being sought to assist with discovering the skull's qualities. Contact: Divina Swan, c/o The Orange Box, PO Box 8, Hemsworth, Pontefract, West Yorks WF9 4YT. (From KINDRED Spirit Quartely magazine Dec'98).

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