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Meditate to Liberate animals
Coded Ceremony

Meditate to Liberate
Faith Groups against animal experiments in Cambridgeshire
Saturday 18 January '03 from 11am

Check NEW web site:

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Meditate to Liberate invites you to join a day of spiritual remembrance for and witness on behalf of the many thousands of animals that have died in Cambridgeshire through scientific and commercial experimentation and product testing. This event is also linked to our sense of deep concern at the proposed new monkey vivisection laboratories at Huntingdon Road (see
Wherever in Britain you live, we invite you to come to Cambridge, the vivisection capital of UK, to support this event.

VENUE: We are assembling at 11am on Saturday 18 Jan '03
at 307 Huntingdon Road, Cambridge.

This site has been used for animal experimentation for about 50 years, and the University plans to triple its size to a 10,000 square metre "state of the art" primate laboratory, possibly the largest in Europe. Meditate to Liberate is against animal sacrifice, whether in a religious temple or on the altar of Science. Monkeys' nervous systems are similar to humans' so they suffer and feel in much the same way as we do and to treat them as research tools is cruel and spiritually deeply offensive.

People of all faiths are invited to join us on the day. We will assemble at 11am for an hour of meditation and prayer, and then walk in procession to the Senate House in Cambridge town centre carrying animal size coffins. At the Senate House further ceremonies will be performed and a wreath will be laid.

Please join us to help bring a spiritual perspective to animal liberation.

By bus:
From Cambridge, get the bus from Drummer St bus station (no 553,554 or 555) which takes about 10 minutes. Get off at Girton Corner, and then walk further on up Huntindon Rd out of town for about 5-10 minutes. 307 is on the left hand side.

By car: If coming from the A14/M11, head into Cambridge on the A1307 (Huntingdon Rd). As soon as the dual carriageway ends you will see No 307 on the right hand side - howvere you cannot park here. Take the first left (Girton Rd), where you can parkmalong the road. The walk back along Huntingdon Rd (5-10 minutes).

This event is supported by Ra in bo w Network Cambridge and others - what about you?

Greetings to you, . . . . . . . 18 Dec '02
My name is Ross. I am a musician and live with my husky/lab pack of six in Milwaukee. I am also vegan and have participated in the last to electronic protests against HLS. I received the info about the "meditate to liberate" through a couple yahoo groups of Colleen Klaum's "HLSSucks" and " CorrectTreatment". I also have a yahoo group:

I have an idea for you to think about and hopefully get back to me and tell what you think. Anyway, here goes. Since meditation transcends space and time, why can't we join in on your meditation, wherever we are, as long as we do it at the same (coordinate time zones). Could be a powerful thing having people from different parts of the world meditate as one. I will try to pass the idea on and maybe get other animal rights folks to support this idea. Anyway, easy enough to convert the time zone difference and I'll be right there with you. Feel free to e-mail me back. Ross (rossdogus)

Another organisation trying to stop animal cruelty in the Huntingdon laboratories is SHAC - see

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