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Greenwave Relaunch Project - Cambridge Regional Magazine for Alternative Living

(generated 11th Feb '99)

Greenwave RelaunchProject

list of tasks


NEW Greenwave Web page - available since end of 1999

Sad update: Duncan MacDuffie died in July 2001 - Ralph, Dec. 2005

Cambridge, February 1999: Duncan MacDuffie, who regretfully had to give up editing, publishing and distributing the Cambridge Greenwave magazine after December'96 due to the onset of severe illness, has now fully recovered and is keen to get together a team of people with some time and energy to spare to help relaunch the magazine as soon as possible.

If you are interested in helping this worthwhile project please read the following:

Greenwave RelaunchProject

I am very sorry that I have been unable to publish Greenwave for the past two years due to a prolonged and serious illness. However I have now fully recovered and am keen to assemble a team of good people to relaunch this important alternative magazine, so I am appealing for help. If you are able to help with any of the essential tasks needed to keep the magazine going (please see list of tasks on accompanying page), and can spare about 3 hours per week on a regular basis, please fill in the accompanying questionnaire and return it to me as soon as possible. If you do not have this much time but would like to help, please bear with us until we have a fully functioning core group and we will contact you. If you like the idea of the project but are unable to help in any way please pass this leaflet on to someone else.

There are two main concerns which need to be addressed as soon as the team gets together. We need to arrive at a reasonable consensus of what our collective vision for Greenwave is. We also need to decide whether we are jointly able to carry out all the essential tasks, or wheth er we need to take on additional people who have less time to spare

My personal vision of Greenwave is that it should continue to be the flagship of the local alternative movement, encouraging and inspiring an ever-widening circle of vibrant and visible alternative activities to effectively challenge the current greed-driven economic system. We need to let people know all about the projects which are already in hand locally, and possible new ones drawn from experiences elsewhere. I would like to see a significant increase in the number of contributions indicating how mentally ill, elderly, handicapped and otherwise disadvantaged people can begin to take control of their lives and find way of fulfilling themselves in society.

You may well be wondering how I see myself contributing to all this. In fact I am fairly flexible about this. At one end of the spectrum I would perhaps be content to make myself available solely as a resource of information and experience regarding what has worked in the past, what has been tried and failed etc. at the other end of the spectrum I would like to play an active part in formulating policy and chairing meetings of the group and perhaps taking on a small number of tasks. At the beginning it is obvious that I would need to be at the latter end of the spectrum to ensure a smooth transition to the new organisation. I intend to seek expert advice on what legal form the organisation should take (a matter which has not been settled so far).

Unfortunately, due to the onset of my illness, the Winter 96/97 issue never reached the shops, though it was mailed to all advertisers and subscribers. I therefore intend to offer copies of these to all outlets very shortly, at the greatly reduced price of 30 pence, sol I do hope you will buy a copy at Arjuna, Cambridge Health Foods or whatever outlet you have bought it from in the past (see list of outlets in back copies of the magazine). January 1999, Duncan MacDuffie

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Here is a non-exhaustive list of the tasks:

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Interested? Please fill out the questionnaire!

Duncan MacDuffie, (Tel: 01223 247 701
or contact Ralph Nimmann

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