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Healing Courses around Cambridge - UK

(generated 30th August '98)
NFSH Courses by the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (reg. charity # 211133) (www.nfsh.org.uk, phone: 01932 783 164) are run at Cottenham Primary School, Cottenham, Cambridgeshire.
Courses Fees per day £ 30. Local Training Co-ordinator:
Suzie King · Healing Bodywork
unfortunally Suzie has moved away from Cambridge in 2003
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course 1 & 2 - dates 1998course 3 & 4 - dates 1999
12 Sept, 11 Oct, 8 Nov, 13 Dec10 Jan, 20 Feb, 14 Mar, 24 Apr, 15 May, 27 June
history of spiritual healing
the physical body
the holistic and spirital nature of healing
invisible borders
the energy centers (charkas)
the role of the creative mind in health
stress management
the act of healing
meditation, visualisation & relaxation
the breath and breathing exercises
opening, closing & evaluating the healing sesion
healers code of conduct
distant healing
practical healing workshops
practical relaxation, meditation & visualisation exercises
emergency first aid
the practical administration of a healing session
- preparation and record keeping
- receiving the patient and explaining healing

creative health and nature of disease
levels of attunement and healing
a wider look at meditation
responsibilities of being a healer
practical hands-on workshops
distant healing
self healing
childhood influences on personal balance
developing personal attitudes when dealing with negative influences
creative and intuitive visualisation
cording and decording
reincarnation and karma
levels of communication
colour, sound and movement
the healing path
healing into death and dying
patterns in life and healing
practical workshops
emergency first aid

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