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Places & Groups for Healing in Cambridge / UK

updated February '09
Healing & Health Page Cambridge | more links at end of page
On this page below you find:

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CHEAL - Cambridge Healing and Holistic Lifestyle Group - online news

Since May 2004 you can find a Cambridge online news and discussion group on the Internet: for sharing healthy living news, tips and experiences at www.cheal.org
Listed in directory - Open membership - All messages require approval - All members may post - Public archives - Email attachments are not permitted.

If you like to live life to the full, then this group is for you!
If excessive stresses or health problems are ruining your life, our members might be able to help.
If you are a healer of people, animals, families, communities, the planet, or even the entire human race please contribute your experience to this group!
If you want to find the "next step" in your life journey this group is for you!
If you want to open a door of exciting or nourishing experience that has been closed to you lately, this group is for you!
If you like to run with the sheep and hate the risk and effort of creating your own lifestyle, you will hate this group!
Please note that "off topic" postings will be deleted and rambling postings may be edited. Sorry about that, but the time and attention of our members is a precious resource.

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Healthypages - complementary health website UK

Healthypages www.healthypages.net is the busiest complementary health website in the UK, with over 80,000 unique visitors every month.

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Andreasen Centre for Wholistic Health

The wholistic approach to health, as practiced at the centre, emphasises enhancing the quality of life, whatever the condition. This approach is complementary to orthodox medical care, and in no way replaces conventional treatment. Through a broader understanding of how health can be improved, healing is encouraged by treating the whole person as an individual, not just the symptoms. This affects not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well, brought about by the gentle, positive techniques, such as listed below.

Healing, by means of gentle laying on of hands, encourages the restoration of health by affecting all levels of our being - body, mind and spirit. All our healers are all fully qualified and registered members of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. They work voluntarily and abide the code of conduct devised by the Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO), which is recognised by the BMA, GMC and the Royal College of Nursing.
Reflexology, facial massage, relaxation and visualisation are used as well .

Founded in 1986, the Andreasen Centre has been providing complementary therapies as a community service for those in need, in a caring, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The Andreasen Centre is a democratic organisation and is run by a committee representing both therapists and clients.

We meet every Thursday afternoon 1:30 to 4 pm at
91 Hartington Grove (Friends Meeting House)
off Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge.
We ask you for £ 5 (£ 2.50 concessions) donation for a healing session

Contact: Jane Rolfe: 01223 321 157 - Linda Dixon phone/fax: 01223 890 220

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Arjuna Natural Health Centre Cambridge

We offer a wide range of complementary and natural therapies. All our therapists are fully qualified and insured and offer a caring, professional service.
Therapies we offer: - Acupuncture - Bioresonance: Allergy Testing and Nutritional Analysis - Body psychotherapy - Bowen Technique - Eating Disorders - Herbalism& Iridology - Holistic Massage - Homoeopathy - Hypnotherapy - Reflexology - Shiatsu
If you would like to talk over which therapy is right for you, or for general enquiries, please contact our reception.

Address: 12A Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2AD.
The Health Centre is situated at the Parker's Piece end of Mill Road, 5 minutes walk from the train station, the coach station and the Grafton Centre/Queen Anne's multi-storey car parks.
The Health Centre is located on the second floor (sorry, no disability access) above the Arjuna Wholefoods shop. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to welcome personal callers without a previous appointment, so please phone first to avoid disappointment.

Reception: MONDAY - THURSDAY 9am - 1pm. Phone (01223) 566122
Alternatively ring our therapists directly (their telephone numbers are on the therapy pages) to ask questions or make an appointment. Please visit www.arjunahealth.co.uk

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Cambridge Complementary Health Centre

From Acupuncture to Zero Balancing: treatments for a broad range of medical and non medical health problems. All the practitioners at the centre are registered members of professional bodies.
Cambridge Complementary Health Centre, 8 Rose Crescent [next to McDonalds near the Market Place], Cambridge CB2 3LL, phone: 01223 355 344
See: www.cchc.co.uk - email: enquiries@cchc.co.uk

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The Cambridge Natural Health Centre

This Centre near the Grafton Centre offers a comprehensive range of complementary health therapies and classes. This includes Acupuncture, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, various Massage Therapies such as Sports Injury Treatment, Indian Head Massage and Thai Yoga Massage, Buteyko, Yoga classes, Infant Massage and Baby Yoga classes, Reflexology, Reiki and Yoga Therapy.

The environment is peaceful and relaxing and prices reasonable, with concessions available for most of the treatments. All of the practitioners are fully qualified professionals. The centre has been open since Nov. 2005.
See more at www.cambridgenatural.co.uk
Location: 13 Tredgold Lane, Cobbles Yard, Cambridge CB1 1EU. Telephone 01223 356000.

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Saffron Healing Centre, Saffron Walden

The "Saffron Healing Centre" in Saffron Walden is accreditted by UK Healers (NFSH) for spiritual healing. Spiritual Healing is a gentle effective complimentary therapy recommended by the GMC - it has been scientiically tested with statistically significant results.
A drop-in session welcomes you on Thursday mornings from 10 to 1 p.m.
If you need to come in the evening call 01799 550094 for an appointment. Enquiries about local training for healing are welcome .
VENUE: Freinds (Quaker) Meeting House, High Street, Saffron Walden.

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Healing at the Cambridge Spiritualist Church

Most Churches offer hands on healing, this involves contact with the patient . If a Patient does not want the healer to touch them, then they should say so (A good healer will ask). Because healing is given "From Spirit - Through Spirit - To Spirit" it must be said that for healing to take place requires no faith or belief whatsoever on the person seeking it. You do not have to belong to a particular religion to benefit from healing. The power of healing comes from the universal force, God or whatever else you wish to call it, and is passed on to the patient through the Healing medium (for that is exactly what a healer is - a Medium).

What to Expect: Don't expect to regrow a leg if you have had one amputated, it just will not happen. If you have been suffering with cancer for a couple of years, having tried all the conventional treatments - Don't expect to be magically cured.

Of course wonderful and unexplainable cures do take place on occasions - But those occasions are very rare. See a Spiritualist Healer at the start of an illness and do this in conjunction with seeing a Doctor. If a doctor prescribes tablets or medicine for you - Then be sure that you take them.

Spiritualist Healing does work, and at the very least it will leave you feeling very relaxed and Spiritually uplifted, a lot of people feel much better in themselves as a whole after they have seen a Healer.

Under NO circumstances will you be ever asked to remove any clothing and if you are - Refuse and leave - You will possibly be asked to remove your shoes, glasses (If you wear them), any hearing aids you might wear (They whistle loudly when covered with the hands). All of the healers in the church are registered and insured.

Healing - When and where to go:
Cambridge Spiritualist Church, Myers Hall, Cambridge Spiritualist Centre, 662 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8RS (by the traffic lights at the end of Ditton Lane)
Healing is offered at the following times:
- After the Sunday Divine Service (6:30pm - 7:50pm) 8:00pm to 9:00pm
- Every Wednesday from 2:00pm through to 9:00pm

There is no charge for healing but all donations are gratefully received as these help with the ever-increasing running costs. For more information, telephone 01223 507780 (Answerphone) or email
For more information see www.appleonline.net/oracle

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Meditation & Shamanic healing with Mike Meredith

With a background in physiology and scientific (veterinary) medicine, Mike was working as a University lecturer in 1984 when "knocked over" by a series of "life events" and ensuing episodes of depression and "nervous breakdown". Faced with the choice of living on medication or finding that elusive road back to health and fulfilment, he was fortunate to find a series of wise and skilful teachers and healers to guide him. In the ensuing years, a Shamanic visionary experience and a surge of creativity led him to develop a system of mind/body meditation particularly suited to our excessively "head-centred" society.

Links to more information at www.sunflower-health.com/workshops.htm

Over a period of 10 years, Mike also developed a system of intuitive massage based on a powerful combination of massage, breathing techniques and a "meditative" approach. Unlike other massage systems, the "Sunflower Massage" focusses on the massage giver, rather than the recipient, in this way it is a healing and relaxing experience for both people simultaneously. You can learn this simple, but revolutionary, massage system at a new healing course in St. Neots - see www.lovehealth.org/healing.htm.

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The Cambridge Cancer Help Centre prefers not to be listed on this page.

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Yellow Rose Spiritual Centre (previously: Healing Sanctuary)

Natural Healing - available on the last 2 Wednesdays each month - NEW web site: www.yellowrosespiritualcentre.btck.co.uk
Since 2003 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. It is open to all people of all religions or faiths.

A natural healing system for health and wholeness, based on the Universal Life Energy to harmonise and revitalise you, bringing you a gentle and powerful system of Natural Healing, to help with your mind, body and spirit. You may feel a deep sense of relaxation as the body fills with the Universal Life Energy and seeks to restore itself to wholeness. (No Charge - Donations acceptable - Home visits arranged or Absent Healing given by a Registered Healer).

The Yellow Rose Healing Sanctuary is a non-profit making organisation run by Volunteers.
VENUE: at The Small Hall, Arbury Community Centre, Campkin Road (near Arbury Road), Cambridge.

Enquiries: Lynn Marie, phone Cambridge (01223) 35 90 74 - YOU ARE ALL WELCOME

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Mind Body Spirit (Natural Healing Exhibitions)
Sat/Sun 21st & 22nd October 2006, 10am - 6pm

Natural Healing Exhibitions for the Mind, Body and Soul (www.mbsevents.co.uk/): 100 exhibitors and 50 lectures and stage demonstrations all day. This special event comes to Cambridge every year. Admission £4.50 for one day, £3.50 concessions.

VENUE: Chilford Hall, Linton, south east of Cambridge, between Linton and Balsham.

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Ely Mind Body Spirit Exhibition
Next dates: Sat/Sun 14-15th Apr '07 & Sat/Sun 10-11th Nov '07

Organised by Chris, Life Arts, Tel: 01394 421173 - www.lifearts.co.uk
Venue: The Maltings, Ely, Cambridgeshire

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LINKS for Healing see links for Healing & Health

Download Health & Recreation Audio Books on your computer (some for free): www.theaudiobooksuperstore.com
(buying anything via this link will help Ralph to receive a commission)

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Please e-mail me with your comments or suggestions.

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