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Reiki Page Cambridge / UK

(udated Sept. '07)

On this page you will find people who do practice Reiki, Radiance, the Ushui System, healing you with their hands.

I do not charge for this service currently, but I welcome any form of donations if you get new customers via this web page.
Or if you would like to link to Rainbow Network Cambridge - or advertise the Dances of Universal Peace in return?

If you want to be included on this page, please send me the following information:

Please contact Ralph

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You'll find more information about REIKI Energy Balancing and see the effect on the aura using WinAura Helping Hand technology at www.auraphoto.com/examples/reiki/. You do not have to buy anything. You are welcome to print out the Energy Balancing page and show it to your friends and clients.

You may want to know about technology that will show the effects of Reiki using a Biofeedback system. Reiki workers worldwide point to Aura Photos to demonstrate what goes on during a Reiki session. Please have a look at this web site.

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Listing of REIKI practitioners around Cambridge

The qualification of the persons listed below are not checked - please find out yourself

Name of practitioner
/ title / system
Location Charge per hour / session More / other therapies offered Contact
Serenity Nye, traditional Usui Reiki Sawtry, nr Huntingdon £17.50 - Serenity.Nye[AT]btinternet.com
Joy Magezis
Master Teacher / Practitioner, Usui Reiki
Cambridge £30
(conc. £25;)
Treatments and training to assist fertility, pregnancy and childbirth See www.reikijoy.co.uk

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