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Depression - sharing experiences
Meeting in Cambridge, England

(updated Jan.'10)

Below on this page you find: Introduction | 1st meeting in Cambridge | links

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If you face depression in your family, you will soon find out, that MANY others have been or are also depressed. It does not surprise, that Cambridge with it's long University tradition in focussing onesidedly on the mind has a high number of people who are affected by depression.

I have not studied depression at the University - but I made a few experiences and observations in life. My impression is, that some depressed people know much better what is good for them or bad than the doctors. There is a huge potential of knowledge, based on experience.

I believe in the power and magic of sharing and listening to each other, and feel inspired to organise this first meeting (see below). Hopefully the outcome will be an ongoing sharing, listening and self help group (like the "Hearing voices in your head? Seeing things?" group. Ralph

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Depression - 1st meeting and sharing, Cambridge
Thursday, 7th November 2002, 7pm

at Bharat Bhavan (Old Library), Mill Road, foot of railway bridge

This event is open for everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by depression.

Special guest and speaker: Cambridge therapist Marianne Rodolakis (phone 01638 50 88 80) is trained to do "The Journey" with people and will give a short introduction to "The Journey", based on the famous book with the same title by Brandon Bays (see www.brandonbays.com). A journey lasts usually several hours and brings you to the very root of your depression or other disease, healing the course of it. Very inspiring!
Cost: donation (for hall hire). If you are interested in receiving an invitation and possible future meetings, please e-contact me (subject = "depression") Ralph

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How to deal with depression

This paragraph is a space for YOU to fill - please mail me your experiences and advice, so that others can benefit from it. E-mail me (subject = "depression") Ralph

I would like to bring your attention to our Depression Guide, located at www.spine-health.com/conditions/depression/depression-guide .

Depression antidepressiva-info.net Antidepressiva
The Depression Guide was created to address the needs of our site audience, over 60% of which suffers from both chronic pain and a depressive disorder. Studies have shown that people suffering from chronic pain are four times more likely to suffer from clinical depression than healthy individuals. In fact, depression can also cause or aggravate pain symptoms.

My friend and healer Mike Meredith made a web page about "Coping Helping & Supporting When Someone is Depressed" at www.stress-counselling.co.uk/counselling/depression7.htm

If you are in a crisis, reading the 5 Laws of Life You Can Depend on may help you.

A phantastic book I recommend for everyone who is directly or indirectly affected from manic depressive (bipolar disorder) behaviour:
"The Unquiet Mind" by Kay Redfield Jamison, ISBN 0-330-34651-2 (£9), PICADOR press

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Download Health & Recreation Audio Books on your computer (some for free): www.theaudiobooksuperstore.com
(buying anything via this link will help Ralph to receive a commission)

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Please contact me: 01223 510 442 (Ralph) or by email: e-contact, subject "depression"

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