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dear friends!
Diamond Water has been brought to life by a French/Belgian quantum physicist, Joel Ducatillon, helped by his spiritual guides and some Masters. This is one of the product Kryon was announcing for our evolution and the planet's Earth healing.

This water has been energised in a way it had become completly pure, original, freed from any harmful synthetic elements. It holds special 4th and 5th dimension codes for our evolution: they interact with our DNA to wake up some special frozen memories chrystalised in our genes!
And the water holds as well the 22 hebraic letters which help for the easy multiplication of the water.

But on top of that, it's power is to help you with your INTENTION: by drinking it, by saying LOUDLY what your desires are, it helps them to get materialised (INTENTION TO HEAL SOME PROBLEMS, TO FIND THE RIGHT ACTIVITIES, JOBS, TO MEET THE RIGHT PEOPLE, IMPROVE RELATIONSHIP, BRING ABOUT TRUE FORGIVENESS, OPEN YOUR HEART, IMPROVE YOUR CREATIVITY, INTUITION ...ETC.).

This is a very pure and powerful water you can easily mutiply at home and use it as a day to day drink, as a bathing water and as a powerful external or internal medication.

Once you've got some Diamond energised water, you just need to mix it (1 to 10 or 2 to 10) with some spring or mineral water, mix it well and leave it stand for 2 hours, and you obtain the FULL amount of Diamond Water, you can keep for up to 7 days in plastic containers or indefinitely in glass bottles or jars. Then, if you take a small amount of this new Diamond water, you can add 9 tenth of spring or mineral water to 1 tenth of Diamond water and get another batch of Diamond water in another 2 hours. And you can as well use tap water (mix 1/10 of diamond water made with mineral water, to 9/10 of tap water, wait 2 hours and then you get Diamond tap water). This you can use for your teas and baths!! and you can multiply it again with tap water, like using 1 litre to get 10 litres!!

And now, you can drink it as your main drink (water and teas) and this helps with your evolution, with the day to day stress, emotions, concentration and mainly by developping your intuition!

If you and any of your friends are interested, I can give you a sample and you can start multiplying your own Diamond Water!
Don't hesitate to SEND THIS PRESENTATION to any people you want!

Marie Therese Peter-Kranz, Cambridge / England, October 2003 - phone: 01223 416 003

Visual Evidence of the Power of Prayer, Gratitude and Appreciation on water: www.mercola.com/2002/may/8/prayer.htm

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