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INSPIRAL - 'The local Natural Living community group' for Cambridge, East Anglia
web posted 19 August '07 - updated July '08

Logo Inspiral Online Caroline Griffith & Claire Bloomfield have launched a holistic directory in the Cambridge area, including Ely, St Ives, Huntigdon, St Neots, Royston, Saffron Walden, Haverhill, Newmarket and 25 more villages. The 1st issue appeared as a magazine in September 2007.
The directory is available online - see www.inspiralonline.com and as printed A5 brochure in January and July since 2008.

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The following article was written for the 1st Inspiral Magazine from September 2007:

Inspiral - editorial welcome article, written by Ralph Nimmann

Dear Caroline & Claire
and dear readers of Inspiral! I want to thank you for launching this wonderful "Inspiral" magazine.

10 years ago the regional "Greenwave" magazine stopped being produced (with # 53, winter 2006) and left a noticeable vacuum in Cambridgeshire.
I remember: the quarterly Greenwave had lots of articles, events & organisations listings and was an important means for local networking.
Duncan MacDuffie (who published Greenwave together with Gill Brown) had a severe depression for some years, and when I met Gill, we decided to re-launch the magazine under the name of "CamBeat". After several meetings with another couple they left the project, Gill had a baby - and CamBeat was never launched.

At the same time "The Cambridge Centre" - an independent regional spiritual centre in the footsteps of the Findhorn Foundation, closed it's doors at 23 St. Andrew's Street after 9 years. The Cambridge Centre has been a hub of spiritual people and events, from Astrology to Zen Buddhism. They had a library, a meditation room and the newsletter "Sacred Culture" (with over 600 subscribers) and invited William Bloom and other "spiritual celebrities" to Cambridge. And they brought many people together.

Their library with videos, tapes & books is since then stored in boxes in the garage of Fraser Watts from St Edward's Church. Fraser is trying to keep part of the Cambridge Centre spirit alive by organising some extraordinary talks and lectures

In Summer 1997 I happened to move to Cambridge, trying to promote the "Dances of Universal Peace" and getting involved with the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group (www.cam.net.uk/home/interfaith), organising various events - and little by little expanding the "Rainbow Network Cambridge". I met many interesting and inspiring people and networked using e-mail lists and occasional parties.

The Cambridge Centre founders Roger Buck, Kim & Manuela moved to Switzerland. Duncan died 2001 in London. John Male's book shop "Spellbound" at 84A Mill Road (another networking hub) closed. New people came to Cambridge and others moved away. Three years ago "Libra & Aries" (a spiritual and alternative bookshop - www.libra-aries-books.co.uk) at 9 The Broadway / Mill Road opened.

For some years it seemed, that the Internet could replace the job of networking by providing information, contacts & promoting events for people. But somehow it's difficult to find the right things at the right time in this cyber-jungle.

I became the bookings officer of Bharat Bhavan (ex-Mill Road library, later temporary night shelter) and was invited to have a radio show at www.209radio.co.uk ("Ralph's Positive Hour") from October 2004.
Liz Hale started a "Light Net Works" newsletter, black and white photocopied with 8 pages. She soon gave up, due to lack of commitment and activity from the advertisers.

In autumn 2006 I began inviting organisers of spiritual or healing events & groups around Cambridge to informal sharing meetings at Libra & Aries book shop (by new there are 44 organisers on my e-mail list). In spring this year I had one of my inspirations: the time is ready for another Cambridge magazine covering healing, spiritual & ecological issues!

Everyone agreed it was a great idea - but nobody said the magic words "I will do it!". In June I met Nicola at a spiritual fair (organised by Terry & Derek from Oakwood events, Ely). She is a businesswoman, who wanted to launch a spiritual & healing magazine for Cambridgeshire this year - but she didn't.

This summer Caroline e-mailed me her plans about "Inspiral", and I dedicated my radio show from 24th July to this theme. Until 18th September '07 you can hear Inspiral Claire 24/7 on Ralph's Positive Hour talking about this magazine.

And here we are - finally!

My wishes for the Inspiral magazine are:

Good luck!

Cambridge, 18th August 20007

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selected LINKS mentioned in the article above: