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Are you hearing voices in your head? Or seeing things?
Meeting and sharing with people on their spiritual path in Cambridge/UK

(updated June '04)
There are more things between heaven and earth
than we can perceive with our normal senses.

"Not the individual is insane, but the society we are living in."

"Better alive, than normal"

Below on this page you find::
next meeting | About Meditation & Spiritual Seekers | The Situation in Fulbourn Hospital

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Are you hearing voices in your head?
Or seeing things?
Meeting and sharing
with people who are on their spiritual path

We used to meet in a private place near Elisabeth Way bridge, but the group has stopped meeting now. If you feel interested in organising meetings, phone Anne [01223 365357] or mobile: 07977 4 555 61

If you are interested, why not join our occasional email list: e-contact, subject=join 'head voices' email list

Some people think they are 'mad', because they experience strange things. Maybe you are just spiritually very sensitive and just need some help with distinguishing one reality from the other. Most of the meeting consists of sharing our stories and listening to each other with people who have problems with their spirituality and more experienced ones. Don't worry - all our meetings are confidential.
Click here to see the full original poster for the first meeting, designed by Vitalija Zelenevska. Cost: donation.

Report from the first meeting (Feb '02):

We were 12 people from all walks of life. Each of us shared for 5 minutes as much as they wanted from their experiences and lives. Of course it was not only about hearing voices, but various other 'strange' encounters. I was very much impressed and moved to hear the personal stories from the others. Most of us had a traumatic experience, a loss or shock - and after this some started getting interested in spirituality, meditation etc, whereas others just could not cope. Some ended up in Fulbourn Mental Hospital. At the end of the evening the many differences between us seemed to have melted away and an atmosphere of trust and community was among us. We decided to meet again on a regular basis - read below.
Interesting observation: 4 of us were Subud members. Ralph

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About Meditation, Spiritual Seekers and Ralph

People like myself spent a lot of time and money to become more sensitive, get in contact with the inner child, melt down inner blocks and free their emotional expression. It may be normal to 'stiff up your lip' and get on with it, or be polite rather than telling the truth - but it is not our natural, real state. There are lots of people, who pay money for meeting their spirit guides or guardian angel and try to get in contact with the spirit world. Some would like to see the aura and develop the skill of clairvoyance ('seeing things') or claireaudity ('hearing voices').

Some of us have a natural gift of these special abilities - to others it comes quite out of the blue. It may be scary, if you see your first 'ghost'. It may be confusing to hear voices when nobody is around. You may experience really weird things.

Some want to get rid of 'it' - and others are trying hard to experience something extraordinary. If you have this gift - be aware of it being something special. My idea is to bring both groups together to exchange qualities and experiences.

Don't throw pearls before the swine and tell everyone about your talents - they may not want to hear or understand it. Some of the spirits pestering you actually may need therapeutic help: someone who helps them to make their way towards the light. This is not a medical doctor's job: it needs someone who can deal with spirits and is ideally clairvoyant.

I never had anything to do with mental health institutions. While doing my home care job in Cambridge, I met several people, who have been drugged up. Even some of my friends spent some time in Fulbourn Hospital. Now - December 2001 - my inner guidance tells me to do something about this. So I set up this web page - for you. (more about Ralph)

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The Situation in Fulbourn Hospital

I strongly believe, that quite a few people are spiritually very sensitive, can see or hear beings from the spirit world and just need some help with distinguishing one reality from the other.

Most of the doctors have no understanding about the soul and the spirit world - they drown their helplessness with prescribing pills and medication with rather heavy side effects.

I also know about cases, where people have been brought into mental hospital against their will - and once you are in, no lawyer, no doctor, not even the queen can get you out there. New medicine is tested on patients in mental hospitals, and nobody complains. People wouldn't belive their stories anyway.

Some of the personnal working there seems to be uncompassionate, authoritarian guys, which makes it difficult for people with a different attitude to change the situation. People with a critical approach may not be employed there.

Because of the nature of Fulbourn Hospital and other mental hospitals, the public is not interested in what's going on there. Doctors usually don't criticise their colleagues. The so called 'normal' people avoid this subject, fearing to face their own madness inside.

I am sure a lot of patients have interesting stories to tell.

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True Stories

I do hope to get some first-hand stories from you and would like to put them on this web page
Here is place for YOUR stories.

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Please contact me only if you are local around Cambridge / England: 01223 510 442 (Ralph) or by email: e-contact, subject "voices"

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