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We might expand this archive page, if we find a volunteer to write down all past events and programmes.
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Tue 26th Jan '1999, 8pm: "Religion and the Media" - talk by Revd. Philip Spence
February 23rd'99: "A Hindu Avatar? Satya Sai Baba and his devotees" by Simon Eder, Caius College Cambridge
March 30th'99: "The Wheel of Life" by Dharmachari Jayanatha, Cambridge Buddhist Order of the West
April 27th'99: "Religion and the environment" by Dr. Tom McArthur, Baha'i
May'99: "Native spirituality" by John Male, animist
June'99: "Interfaith questions" by Dr. Ram Prasad, Claire Hall
July and August'99: Summer break
Tue 28 Sept'99: "SUBUD - sharing the inner quality of all religions" by Ralph Nimmann and Raymund Harding-Cox
Tue 26 Oct'99: "The Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum: What it is, what it does" by Jafar Mirza, Chair of the CECF
Tue 30 Nov'99 "A Humanist Approach to Birth, Marriage and Death" by Helen Bush, Humanist
Tue 21 Dec'99: Interfaith AGM and multi-faith refreshments

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year 2000

Tue 25 Jan: "What is God?" Discussion

Please come along! On this discussion evening without a lecture we would like to have people from as many religions and spiritual groups as possible to share their views

Tue 8 Feb: "The spiritual Basis behind the Unity of Religions" by Dr. Prashant Kakoday (Brahma Kumaris) 8PM

Tonight we will visit the beautiful meditation Centre of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual World University Cambridge, "Inner Space", 6 King's Parade opposite King's College Cambridge (free)

Sat 12 Feb: "Cross and Crescent - and exploration of the Muslim and Christian traditions", 10-1pm
Details see Special Spiritual Events for Cambridge. VENUE: St Michaels Church Cambridge, Trinity Street.

Tue 29 Feb: "The role of Saints, Gurus, Masters, Sages, Prophets etc. in the view of the various religions and spiritual groups" - discussion

Discussion evening, 8PM Wesley Church Upper Room, entrance King Street

Mon 6 Mar Inter-Faith panel: "Quest for God" 8PM

This event is organized together with the Jewish L'Chaim Society. VENUE: L'Chaim Society, 33 Bridge St. (behind Oxfam) 1st floor, phone: 01223 366 335 (admittance: £1)

Tue 28 Mar "Creativity - Meditation through Art" by Sangvad Keaney (Sri Chinmoy); 8pm Wesley Church

Part of the talk will be a short video.

Tue 25 Apr "TORAH WITH JOY-the birth of a community of Prayer, Peace and Reconciliation" by Gila Margolin, 8pm Wesley Church

Gila comes from an orthodox Jewish background and became a Christian in 1988. She did a Hebrew degree at Lucy Cavendish College in Cambridge and is an experienced teacher of both Classical and Modern Hebrew. She has also musical training and often combines her love of Hebrew and Singing in the Hebrew Fun Days she gives in and around Cambridge.

Sun 30 Apr: visit to the Sikh Diwans Cambridge 3:30 pm

The regional Sikh community meets always on the LAST Sunday of each month in their temporary Gurdwara. We will listen to Indian music and recitals from the Guru Grand Sahib (sacred book) followed by a vegetarian meal. Please bring a cloth to cover your head and be prepared to take off your shoes. Everyone is welcome. Sikh contact: Amrik Sagoo, amrik.sagoo@talk21.com phone 01223 232 519.
VENUE: Arbury Centre, Campkin Road

Tue 30 May "Islam - a peaceful religion" talk by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim 8pm Wesley Church

Speaker to be confirmed.

CANCELLATION: Sat 10 June: Excursion to the Multi-Faith Centre Derby Project

We did NOT receive enough bookings for this event. If you are still interested in this amazing project, please let us know!
Together with the Bedford Council of Faiths we will visit the unique Multi-Faith Centre Derby Project, result of a 3 year co-operation of 9 religious local groups and the University (see: http://www.derby.ac.uk ). Limited places. Contact: Ralph, 01223 510 442

NEW!Saturday, 17 June Inter-Faith Sailing with Picnic at Cam Sailing Club

Welcome to Cambridge Inter-faith Group members who are invited to join the Cam Sailing Club. From about 11 am sailing trips for small groups for short before the picnic (about 1.30 pm). If you'd like to come for a short sail, please bring suitable clothes and soft soled shoes. Please bring your own food to eat yourself or to swap with others. VENUE: Cam Sailing Club at Clayhithe just outside Waterbeach along the road towards Horningsea, north of Cambridge (more details on request).
WE NEED YOUR BOOKINGS NOW! phone 01223 812 676
Map of the Cam Sailing Club at www.cam.net.uk/home/sail/map.html

Sun 18 June Multi-Faith Garden Party 5PM

Everyone is welcome - please bring food / drinks to share.
VENUE: The Rectory, 40 Church Lane, Girton. PLEASE let us know in advance if you want to come and with how many people!
phone Ralph 01223 510 442.

Tue 27 June: "God - an Orthodox Perspective" talk by John Jillion, orthodox priest, 8pm Wesley Church

Tue 4 July: Inter Faith Network UK - AGM and National Meeting

Registration: Bhupinder Singh - Information Officer, The Inter Faith Network
5-7 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9SN, Tel: 020 7388-0008 Fax: 020 7387-7968 ifnet@interfaith.org.uk - web: www.interfaith.org.uk

Fri 7th / Sat 8 July: "Devotion in the Indian Tradition" - Summer Conference 9am - 5:30pm

This interesting international 66th conference is organised by the University of Cambridge, Divinity Faculty -especially the Saturday is recommended to attend! Including viewing of Sacred Journey - ducumentary on the 1998 Hardwar Kumbh Mela.

Cost £12 for one day, £20 for 2 days including a meal. Contact: Elizabeth De Michelis, see www.divinity.cam.ac.uk/carts/dhiir.html

July & August: Summer break for our monthly Tuesday meetings

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Autumn PROGRAMME 2000

Wed 20 Sept: "A Meeting of Souls" - Timeless traditions in Dialogue Concert 7:30pm

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group is invited to attend the concert with Dominique Vellard, Gregorian Chant - Ken Zuckerman, Classical Ragas - Sanju Sahai (Vishnu), Tabla - Susanna Harrington, Bharatha Natyam Dancer. Details see Special Events or www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~sebastan/

Tue 26 Sep: begin Autumn programme! "The role of Angels in different religions" - discussion; 8pm Wesley Church

On discussion evenings without a speaker we would like to have people from as many religions and spiritual groups as possible to share their views.

Wednesday 18th Oct 8 pm"The Magic and Mystery of the Sacred Word" by Mr. Mark Hellaby

(presented by the Local Spiritual Assembly of Baha'is of Cambridge) "We have a prominent speaker coming to Cambridge who has been involved in the translation of Sacred Writings from the original to English for the past twenty years and has a vast knowledge of Religious scripture of many major world religions. Hhis talk should appeal to all religious people with Holy Scripture." Nahal Mavaddat (Chairperson)

Location : Old Library Darwin College (on Silver Street).

Tue 31 Oct: "Sin in Religion" - discussion panel with representatives of different religions; 8pm Wesley Church

Confirmed speakers:

Please arrive promptly for 8pm.
Each Speaker will be invited to talk for approximately ten minutes. There will then be time for discussion with the audience.

Wed 1 Nov "An Indian View of Christ" Martin Forward (Academic Dean) 5:30pm

(This event is organised by St. Edward's Church) Christians steeped in the meditative religious traditions of India have developed their own distinctive view of Christ. Martin is Academic Dean @ Wesley House and will examine how the Indian approach enriches the traditional viewpoints of the West.
Venue: St. Edward's Church. Donations welcome

Sunday 19 Nov 10:30am: Visit to the Unitarian Church Cambridge Emmanuel Road

We are kindly invited to attend a Sunday Morning service, led by the new Minister Andrew Brown. Usually inspiring texts from different religions or sources are read. For more information see the homepage of the Unitarian Church www.cam.net.uk/home/unitarian/.

Wed Nov 22: "A Muslim View of Christ" talk by Tim Winter, 5:30pm

(This event is organised by St. Edward's Church). Christians are often unaware of how Christ has been revered in the Islamic world. Tim Winter is Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Faculty of Divinity. He will convey something of what Christ has meant to Muslims.
Venue: St. Edward's Church. Donations welcome

Tue 28 Nov: public INTER-FAITH AGM ; 8pm Wesley Church

We'll review the current year and ask for your suggestions for the future. We would like to get the established religions in Cambridge more involved by moving towards an Inter-Faith Council (as in other cities) with official delegates. Currently our Executive Committee does not reflect the proportions of the main religions. Some members of our Executive Committee intend to step back - new chances are opening... Please do come along!

Sat 2 Dec: Visit to Beth Shalom's Sabbath service - with a female Rabbi leading the service

Beth Shalom's Committee for Religious Affairs would welcome members of the Inter-Faith Group to attend some of Beth Shalom's Sabbath services and light luncheon following, which are held at 11am every Saturday. The service is largely in Hebrew with prayer books which have English translation on the opposite page. Some prayers are recited in English and the weekly portion from the Torah is first read out loud in English and the sermon is of course in English as well.

There are a few guidelines to mention:
- A maximum of 10 attendees per service - so please book your place: Ralph, phone 01223 510 442,
- Men should cover their heads with hats or ritual skullcaps which the synagogue provides.
- It is preferred that your keep jewelry with other religious symbols not visible.
VENUE details after booking.
For more information see www.beth-shalom.org.uk

Sun 3 Dec: "pagan origins of Christmas" - MOOT (Pagan social meeting), 8 pm

This informal meeting might be interesting to you - see more at Special Events

Tuesday 5 December 7:30pm Short presentation of our Inter-Faith Group & Multifaith Christmas Party Wesley Church

After a short presentation of our group there will be a more informal meeting and socialising - any ideas are welcome!
Please bring some food or drinks to share!

Fri 8 Dec CHANGE! 8:15pm visit of the Islamic Evening Prayer at Kelsey Kerridge Hall

CHANGE: the building work at the mosque is not finished yet - so we will meet a at 8:15pm for the main jamaa'ah [Evening Prayer] at Kelsey Kerridge Hall. The prayer will start at 8.30pm.

In the month of Ramadan we are welcome to join the Islamic Evening Prayer; In Ramadan the spiritual energy is high, and the evening prayer will last up to 2 hours - but everyone is free to leave earlier. (instead of the usual 10-15 min). Please come at 8:15 - Mr. Malik or the secretary Mr. Kyader will welcome us and answer questions before the prayer begins at 8:30pm.
The ladies are requested to cover their hair and everyone has to take off their shoes. It might be a good idea to have a shower before to be really clean. We can sit in the back and absorb the atmosphere - or participate. Everyone sits on the carpet, but chairs are available if you need one. "This is Gods house - everyone is welcome!"

NEW VENUE: Kelsey Kerridge Hall - Fenners Gallery (entrance Park Side Pool, parking at level 9), Gonville Place, Cambridge.

a candle reminds us on our inner light Click here to read a special Christmas & Yule message from Ralph

Tue 26 Dec 2000 Rainbow Party! 4 to 10pm

And another of Ralph's famous Ra in bo w networking parties! click here for details.

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