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Programme and events 2001 of the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group (UK)

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We arrange occasional visits to faith communities in the region. The programme below also includes selected events organised by others [in grey and smaller headlines].

year 2001
Spring / summer Programme

Fri. 26 Jan: Hare Krishna Festival: chanting, feasting, prashadam, 7pm

An open minded, lively event - see details (The evening and food is free of charge)
VENUE: Odd Fellows Hall Cambridge, 131 Newmarket Road (near Elizabeth Way)

Fri 26 Jan: "Everyday Life" talk by Lama Ato Rimpoche, 7:30pm

Rupert is a lecturer in Indian Religions and Co-Director of the Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol. He is the author of 'The Buddhist Path to Awakening' and 'The Foundations of Buddhism.' Organised by the Cambridge University Buddhist Society. Enquiries tel. 249732
VENUE: Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane.

Tue 30 Jan 2001: Dharmachari Ratnagarbha (FWBO): "Tolerance: a Buddhist virtue?", 8pm Wesley Church

Talk with discussion. Dharmachari Ratnagarbha has been an ordained member of the FWBO for 5 years. He is the co-editor of Urthona Magazine. The Cambridge Buddhist centre - Friends of the Western Buddhist Order is the biggest Buddhist organisation in Cambridge; they have recently bought the former Cambridge Festival Theatre in Newmarket Road.
Contact: phone 01223 577 553 - for more information see: www.cambridgebuddhistcentre.com.
VENUE: Upper Room Wesley Church, entrance King Street.

Sun 18 Feb 10:30am: visit to the Unitarian Church Cambridge

We are kindly invited to attend a Sunday Morning service, led by the new Minister Andrew Brown. Usually inspiring texts from different religions or sources are read. After the service everyone is welcome for a chat with tea or coffee in the Unitarian Hall behind the church. For more information see the home page of the Unitarian Church www.cam.net.uk/home/unitarian/.
VENUE: Unitarian Church Cambrdge, Emmanuel Road / Victoria Street (next to the central bus station)

Tue 27 Feb: "Fasting in religion" - panel discussion, Wesley Church, 8pm

Speakers: After short statements and panel discussion the audience will be included as usual. We especially would welcome contributions about fasting from other religions or spiritual traditions, which are not on the panel this time.
VENUE: Upper Room Wesley Church, entrance King Street.

Sat 10 Mar Rainbow Party! 6-11pm

Another of Ralph's famous Ra in bo w networking parties! click here for details.

Sun 18 Mar 10:20am: visit to the Friends Meeting (Quaker), Jesus Lane

We are kindly invited to attend a Sunday Morning Meeting in the Quaker style: we will sit in silence and listen to the still small voice within for one hour. Sometimes, when somebody is inspired, he or she will stand up and speak out their ministry. There are no religious symbols or preaching ministers.

After the Meeting everyone is welcome for a chat with tea or coffee downstairs, followed by an optional singing of Quaker songs at 12 noon in the Annex. The meeting begins exactly 10:30am - the room door will be shut until 10:45 (admission for late comers). You are welcome to enter the room earlier in silence.
Quaker contact: Simon Mackingtosh 01223 525 179 (see More about Quakers).
VENUE: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane / Park Street.

Tue 27 Mar: The Mayor of Cambridge, Evelyn Knowles: "Inter-Faith Today - a view from the Guildhall"; talk with discussion, 8pm Wesley Church

We have the honour of a visit from our Cambridge Mayor. As we all know, religion and spiritual practice often have to deal with the public and authorities. We see this visit as a gesture to value religion and spirituality in our community of Cambridge. We hope that members from many different religious and spiritual groups will attend this meeting.
VENUE: Upper Room Wesley Church, entrance King Street.

Tue 24 Apr: "Getting married in Religion" - how is it done in different religions? Discussion, 8pm Wesley Church

On this discussion evening without a speaker we would like to have people from as many religions and spiritual groups as possible to share their views.
VENUE: Upper Room Wesley Church, entrance King Street.

Sun 29 Apr: visit to the Sikh Diwans Cambridge 3:30 pm

The regional Sikh community meets on the LAST Sunday of each month in their temporary Gurdwara. We will listen to Indian music and recitals from the Guru Grand Sahib (sacred book) followed by a vegetarian meal.

"What we celebrate in April, is the Foundation of the Sikh Order of the 'Khalsa'. On 13th April, 1699 the eve of the Festival of Baisakhi (Harvest Festival) the tenth Sikh Guru instructed his followers to observe a code of dress and behaviour by which the Sikhs of today are well known. This day is accepted as the Birthday of the Sikh Nation and celebrated as such."

Please be prepared to take off your shoes and cover your head with a cloth (can be provided). Everyone is welcome. The beginning time is rather flexible. Sikh contact: Amrik Sagoo, amrik.sagoo@talk21.com phone 01223 232 519.
VENUE: Arbury Centre, Campkin Road (near Arbury Road, next to the nursery)

Fri 11 May: visit of the Islamic Evening Prayer in the Cambridge Mosque, 8:35pm

We are welcome to join the Islamic Evening Prayer, which will last only about 5-10 minutes, followed by some minutes of individual prayer. The prayer will begin at 8.43pm - please come 10 min earlier. Someone will welcome us and answer questions before and after the prayer.
After the prayer there is usually a discussion for the Muslims, where we may attend.
The ladies are requested to cover their hair and everyone has to take off their shoes. It might be a good idea to have a shower before to be really clean. We can sit in the back and absorb the atmosphere - or participate. Everyone sits on the carpet, but chairs are available if you need one. "This is Gods house - everyone is welcome!"
Contact: Secretary Cambridge Islamic Centre Mr. Hisham: 01223 411 695 - phone in the Mosque: 350 134.

Tue 29 May: "A Global Ethic" introduced by Revd Barbara Moss, Chaplain at the University Church, 8pm Wesley Church

In September 1993, the Parliament of the World's Religions approved a 'Declaration Toward a Global Ethic'. The declaration was drafted after a thorough process of inter-religious and international consultation by the Roman Catholic theologian Hans Küng. This meeting will include a reading of the introduction to the declaration, with pauses for silent reflection.
VENUE: Upper Room Wesley Church, entrance King Street.

Sunday 10 June 6pm:
Ra in bo w PARTY at Ralph's
Click here to see the INVITATION

Mon 11 June: visit to a talk "Spirituality and Health" by Dr. Prashant Kakoday (Brahma Kumaris), 8pm

Dr. Kakoday has a background in Surgery and is qualified through the Royal College of Surgeons, London. He is interested in Holistic methods of treatment and associated with Raja Yoga ideas for the past 18 years.
VENUE: the beautiful meditation Centre of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual World University in Cambridge, "Inner Space", 6 King's Parade (opposite King's College) Cambridge (free)

Tue 26 June: "Everyday Spirituality" discussion, Wesley Church

What does your religious or spiritual path recommend - and how and what do YOU put into practice in your life? Please come along! On this discussion evening without a lecture we would like to have people from as many religions and spiritual groups as possible to share their views
VENUE: Upper Room Wesley Church, entrance King Street.

Sun 15 July: Multi-Faith Garden Party, 5-9pm

An opportunity to chat and socialise in a relaxed setting. Everyone is welcome - please bring food / drinks for sharing (otherwise we won't have nothing...). Party will be inside, if wet.
38 Eachard Road (off Huntington Road, access via Sherlock Road). Bus no 2 and other Huntingdon Road buses stop at Storey's Way (opposite Sherlock Road).
Contact: Ring Cambridge 353 838 after 2 pm.

July and August 2001: summer break Inter-Faith Programme

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Autumn programme 2001

Sun 16 Sep: visit: Hindu Arati ritual of the Indian Cultural and Community Association, 6:20pm

The Indian Community and Culture Association Cambridge invites to attend their their weekly traditional Hindu Arati. It will start exactly at 6:30pm. At the end prasadam (blessed sweets) will be distributed. The ceremony will last no longer than 45 minutes. This visit is organized by the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group.
VENUE: "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), 117 Mill Road, Cambridge.
Contact: Ralph Nimmann 01223 510 442

Fri 21 Sep: Inter-Faith solidarity visit to the evening prayer of the Cambridge Mosque, 8:20pm for 8:30

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group encourages everyone to support people from Arabic culture or Islamic religion by a symbolic visit to the Cambridge evening prayer in the mosque, 1 Mawson Road / Mill Road.

Please be prepared to take off your shoes - the ladies are requested to cover their hair.
Inter-Faith contact: Ralph Nimmann, 510 442. Secretary Cambridge Islamic Centre Mr. Hisham: 01223 411 695

Sat 22 Sep: "SHARING SORROW, FINDING HOPE" - time for reflection in Great St Mary's, 4pm

EVERYONE is invited, whatever faith or race they belong to. Contact: Revd Dr John Binns, Great St Mary's Church, phone 355 285.
VENUE: Great St Mary's, The University Church Cambridge - between the Market Place and King's Parade. .

Sunday 23 September '01, 5 - 11pm
INVITATION to Ralph's next Ra in bo w Network PARTY and Autumn Equinox celebration
@ Ralph's - click here for details

Tue 25 Sep: 'Music and Spirituality' - presentation by Andrew Brown, 8pm Wesley Church

Music and Spirituality are intimately linked and this evening's Inter-Faith meeting will attempt to explore that link. The evening begins with a short presentation by the Revd Andrew Brown, minister of the Unitarian Church in Cambridge, whose previous career was as a jazz and rock musician who played with, amongst others, Tal Farlow, Peter Erskine, and Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel.

  An additional project for the Community Celebration on 21 October is to have an "art" exhibition on the theme of compassion. If you have or like to create a suitable piece of art from your faith community, please contact Anna. Ideally we would be working together and the form will be on our unique way of contributing, while imbibing experience of compassion. This to be hung in the hall as a symbol of Interfaith during the Civic event. If your community has any artists, or people who are strongly grounded in their religion and who like to explore the Interfaith model of cooperation in the form of creative expression/exhibiting, please contact Anna van Wonderen by phone 01954 211460.

  religious symbols around the world

Sun 21 Oct:
Civic Multi-Faith Celebration of community - theme: "compassion"
3pm Unitarian Church

You are warmly invited to attend the first Cambridge Civic Celebration of Community In the presence of the Mayor of Cambridge, Councillor Lakin.

This event, which is organised by the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group, aims to celebrate many of the religions, faith groups and communities, which are represented in Cambridge and the surrounding area. The theme chosen for this year's celebration is 'Compassion'.

This event will will last about an hour, followed by refreshments in the church hall.
This type of event has been extremely successful in other cities, and we very much hope that many faith groups and communities in Cambridge can come together in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect.

We have until now more than a dozen contributions from various groups.
Cambridge Inter-Faith Group, c/o Rev. Andrew Brown, 5 Emmanuel Road, Cambridge, CB1 1JW, 01223 576 952

VENUE: Unitarian Church (The Memorial Church), Emmanuel Road / Victoria Street, Cambridge (near to Drummer Street Bus Station, opposite Christ's Pieces). This place seems appropiate: a sacred space, which has heard readings from spiritual and religious sources from all over the world; no religious symbols which might offend anyone.

'Act of commitment' from a similar celebration in Ipswich, 11 March 2001:

"In a world scarred by the evils of war, racism, injustice and poverty, we offer this joint Act of Commitment as we look to our shared future.

We commit ourselves,
As people of many faiths,
To work together
For the common good,
Uniting to build a better society,
Grounded in values and ideals we share.

          personal integrity,
          A sense of right and wrong,
          Learning, wisdom and love of truth,

          Care and compassion,
          Justice and peace,
          Respect for one another,
          For the earth and its creatures.

We commit ourselves,
In a spirity of friendship and co-operation,
To work together
alongside all who share our values and ideals,
To help bring about a better world
Now and for generations to come."

Footnote: first read on 3 January 2000 at the 'Shared Act of Reflection and Commitment' held at the Palace of Westminster for Faith Communities of the United Kingdom to mark the beginning of the new millennium.


Wed 24 Oct: PETERBOROUGH: "Children of the world unite", Peterborough Cathedral, 7:30pm

"Children of the world unite" is organized by Peterborough Inter Faith Council. Children from various religions will come together and share their songs.
Contact via Ralph

Tue 30 Oct: "The power of Prayer" - Baha'i talk with discussion, 8pm Wesley Church

The speaker is a medical doctor and will be sharing ideas and meditations on the power of prayer and whether prayer really makes a difference.

Sun 4 Nov: visit to an Indian Liturgy at Great St Mary's Church, 6:30pm

This service is the first in an occasional series at Great St Mary's, "Worshipping with the World's Church. The celebrant, Revd Jules Gomes, is a priest in the Church of North India.
VENUE: Great St Mary's Church, St Mary's Passage (between Market and Kings Parade)

Tue 27 Nov: "Pilgrimage - Holy Places and Sacred Journeys" - discussion, 8pm Wesley Church

Do you have any special places where you travel to pray? Is the journey there itself part of the prayer? Or do you think of journeys and pilgrimage as a metaphor for your spiritual growth?

Come and share your experience of pilgrimage, and learn about other people's journeys - whether of body, mind or spirit. Bring pictures and/or audio cassettes if you like.

The evening will be led by Barbara Moss, whose favourite holy places are the Celtic churches of Iona, Lindisfarne and Bradwell. She has written a booklet about prayer walks, and has devised prayer walks among the civic buildings of Walthamstow on the eve of the 1997 General Election, and around the Nuclear Power Station at Bradwell.

Tue 11 Dec: Cambridge Inter-Faith AGM 2001, 8pm Wesley Church

Guest speakers: Cynthia and David Capey, East of England Faiths Agency (www.sifre.org.uk/eefa.htm)

Dear Friends, HAVE YOUR SAY!!! This is an chance to take stock of the group's activities over the past year and to make plans for the future. Please come along and have your say.

Please tell us your opinions... Have the meetings in the last year worked? Have they been interesting? Informative? What would you like to see changed? What should remain the same? Do you feel that the group is well-managed? Should it be more formal? Less formal?
Do you receive too many emails? Too few? Are they interesting to you? What is the role of this group in Cambridge?
Did you attend the Civic Celebration of Community? What did you like about this event? What could be changed? Should we seek to hold a similar event every year?

We would very much like to explore these issues and others which you might like to raise.
This meeting will also include a presentation by the East of England Faiths Agency and will be followed by refreshments.
David and Cynthia Capey are looking forward to joining the Cambridge group for their AGM on Tuesday 11 December. It will be good to have the opportunity to explain the background to the formation of the East of England Faiths Agency. The contacts which have been made between people working for inter-faith understanding in the region have already proved mutually supportive, especially at this time of heightened anxiety, a cross fertilisation of ideas has begun to take place, and some co-operative events have been planned, including an East of England Inter-faith event to inform and enhance the work with Asylum Seekers across the region.

We hope that the Cambridge Inter-Faith group will want to support this new development - situated as you are at the centre of the region and in contact as you are with so many different groups. EEFA certainly needs you as founder members in this work. We hope that you will want to join!
Cynthia and David Capey - (www.sifre.org.uk/eefa.htm)

Re. Atrocities in America after September 11 and world peace:
the Interfaith Network UK has posted a press release and several pages of REFLECTIONS ON RECENT EVENTS. Please read at: www.interfaith.org.uk

22 November 2001: PRESS RELEASE Cambridge Inter-Faith Group
Call for compassion and inter-faith dialogue during Ramadan

You may find more Inter-Faith related Events on Ralph's Special Events page


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