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We meet the last Tuesday of each month (except July, August & December) 8pm at Wesley Church. All talks are followed by a discussion. On discussion evenings without a speaker we aim to have people from as many religions and spiritual groups as possible to share their views. All meetings are free of charge.

Additionally we arrange occasional visits to faith communities in the region. The programme below also includes selected events organised by others [in grey and smaller headlines].
Events telephone: 01223 510 442 (if you forgot when and where...)

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Spring Programme 2002   [ Our NEXT event ]

Fri 18 Jan '02: visit to Friday evening worship at Thompson's Lane Synagogue, 6pm

The Friday night service is at 6pm and lasts 45 minutes. Men are requested to cover their heads.
If you would like to stay for a Sabbath meal after the service (cost will be 4 per head), please contact Barbara Moss 01223 741 719.
VENUE: Synagogue, Thompson's Lane, Cambridge city

Tue 29 Jan: 'Visions of Paradise' - panel of speakers and discussion, 8pm Wesley Church

This will be our first 'Last-Tuesday-of-the-month' event in 2002. The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group invites to this panel discussion. Guest speakers are: We are looking forward to a lively discussion.

Sat 2nd Feb (Imbolc / Candlemass), 6-12pm

INVITATION to Ralph's next Ra in bo w PARTY

click here for details

Wed 6 Feb: You are invited to a meeting of the founder members of the East of England Faiths Agency in Cambridge, 2pm

The EEFA invites to a public meeting with the founder members of the East of England Faith Agency (www.sifre.org.uk/eefa.htm). The EEFA is working with the Faiths of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Luton, Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock. The special guest and speaker: Brian Pierce OBE, Director of the Inter Faith Network for the UK will talk about "Inter-Faith Regional Networks - A Round-up".
Before the meeting starts there will be an opportunity for those who have not yet done so to sign up as founder members. Non members are invited to be present as observers. It is expected to last about 2 hours.


    Welcome and Introduction
  1. Apologies
  2. Founder Members to date
  3. Review of progress
  4. Appointment of Steering Committee
  5. Funding for a survey of faiths in the East of England and appointment of a Survey Officer
  6. Communications and publicity
  7. Newsround (short reports and announcements from faith councils, communities and centres)
  8. Place and date of next meeting (suggested - Bhakti Vedanta Manor in May)
After the formal business, the meeting will be addressed by Brian Pearce OBE (Director of theInter Faith Network for the United Kingdom), who will talk on "Inter-Faith Regional Networks - A Round-up"

VENUE: CYM Lecture Room at Ridley Hall, Sidgewick Avenue, (off Queens Road), Cambridge-Newnham.


Wed 13 Feb 2002: OWW Religions of the World Fair, 6-8pm and
Launch of Cambridge University Multi-Faith Society
8pm Debate: 'Can Religion Survive in the West?'

CU Jewish Society, in collaboration with CU Baha'i, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Sikh Societies. 6-8pm Fair: each society will have a stall presenting their religion, with traditional books, artefacts and religious foods (vegetarian). During the fair, there will be 20-min slots running in the adjoining room, one for each of the religious groups, including a guided meditation and a student introduction to the Baha'i Faith.

Details see Religions of the World Fair

Fri 15 Feb.: visit to Baha'i Devotional 'Land of the Spirit', 7:45pm

The Baha'i community of Cambridge would like to invite you to one of its 'Land of the Spirit' devotional meetings. The program basically consists of readings from the Baha'i writings and other Scripture, interspersed with music in a meditative atmosphere, and lasts about 40 mintues. Refreshments will be served afterwards, during which there will be a chance to ask questions informally on the Baha'i Faith.

More information on www.srcf.ucam.org/bahai/local/devotional
VENUE: Quaker's (Friend's) Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane

Tue 26 Feb: Understanding the Relationship between Politics and Faith, 8pm, Upper Room Wesley Church

The relationship between faith and politics has long been problematic. Some have felt that faith should remain non-political, some have stressed active involvement in political processes, whilst still others claim that there no human endeavour that lies outside politics. The meeting will commence with presentations from Sheila Gattis (Quaker and former City Councillor) for involvement and Mustafa Kasim , who will speak against political involvement drawing on the teachings of Said Nursi.

Thu 28th of February 7.30 p.m: "Relations between the Faiths" - multi faith evening by 'Churches Together' in Buckden
URGENTLY Faith representatives needed

They want a Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or interfaith speaker to widen their church views after September 11th. For most of them this will be their first encounter with someone from a different religion.
This is YOUR Chance to be a messenger of peace, understanding and tolerance!
The idea is to share a car together. We need your commitment NOW.

Buckden is between St. Neots and Huntingdon west of Cambridge. PLEASE contact Ralph if and when and who could come.

Sunday 17 March: visit Divine Liturgy of the Russian Orthodox Parish of St Ephraim the Syrian, 9.30 am

This visit includes a chance to meet members of the congregation over coffee after the service. The Orthodox Church is one of the three main divisions of Christianity, with distinctive traditions of art and music.
VENUE: The Chapel, Westcott House, Jesus Lane.

Tue 26 March: CELEBRATING UNITY AND DIVERSITY 8pm, Upper Room Wesley Church

A creative session using artistic media to explore our spirituality, led by Anna van Wonderen. No artistic skills or experience required. Some materials will be provided, or bring your own.

Sat 13 April 7:50pm for 8pm: visit to the Cambridge mosque

We are welcome to join the Islamic Evening Prayer, which will last only about 5-10 minutes, followed by some minutes of individual prayer. The prayer will begin at 7:59pm - please come 10 min earlier. Someone will welcome us and answer questions before and after the prayer. The extension works on the mosque are finished and provide much more space now. After the prayer there is usually a class with discussion for the Muslims, where we may attend.
Please take off your shoes. The ladies are requested to cover their hair and will go upstairs. It might be a good idea to have a shower before to be really clean. We can sit in the back and absorb the atmosphere - or participate. Everyone sits on the carpet, but chairs are available if you need one. "This is Gods house - everyone is welcome!"

Inter-Faith contact: Ralph 510 442. Secretary Cambridge Islamic Centre Mr. Hisham: 411 695

VENUE: the Mosque (Abu Bakr Siddiq Islamic Centre), 1 Mawson Road , Cambridge CB1 2DZ (Mosque hall phone: 350 134).


Martin Palmer's new book of the same name provides readers with fresh translations of Christian/Taoist texts which were produced by a Christian church in China between the 5th and 11th centuries. In addition to looking at the Sutras themselves, this meeting will explore how knowledge of such texts challenges the popular perception that there exists any simple single definition of either Christianity or any other religious tradition.
The evening will be presented by Andrew Brown, Minister of the Unitarian Curch Cambridge.


Speaker: Deborah Patterson Jones of the Centre for Jewish-Christian Relations, who has prepared an education pack on 'Valuing Diversity - Towards Mutual Respect and Understanding" (Exploring dialogue and inter-faith encounters).

Sun 16 June: day trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna Temple in the Hertfordshire countryside, 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

"A spiritual community in the Hertfordshire countryside, where worship and devotion to Lord Krishna are practiced as a way of life. Come and see the beautiful shrine, taste the delicious sanctified vegetarian food and make friends with the cows."

Departure in Cambridge 9am. We'll drive in private cars. Please let Ralph know, if you offer or need a lift. We can stay longer if we want. Contact Cambridge Hare krishna Group - for more information: phone Michelle: 01923 857 244

Tue 25 June: Chanting - a devotional practice for all faiths
- presentation by Ralph Nimmann, 8pm, Upper Room Wesley Church

The human voice as the most perfect instrument provides the possibility to connect with our soul and with God. This is why in many faith traditions the use of the voice plays an essential part. It resonates with the chakra system, activates the flow of subtle energies, upliftis the mood, balances mind and aura and can lead to a state of blissful joy. The deeper breathing activates and rejuvenates the body.

Chanting chooses sacred phrases or mantras from various traditions. They are sung repeatedly for minutes or hours and can create a strong feeling of community and connectedness.
Chanting can lead to mystic experiences beyond understanding. It helps to bring body mind and soul into balance and is very beneficial in our mind dominated society, especially for intellectuals.

The evening will consist of talk, presentation with optional participance and discussion.

Ralph Nimmann has led chanting groups for 12 years. He is also a teacher of Dances of Universal Peace, which add movements to the chanting.


Party in the garden at 38 Eachard Road (off Sherlock Road which is off Huntingdon Road; bus stop Storey's Way). All welcome. Please bring some vegetarian food or non-alcoholic drink to share. If raining, we'll be indoors.

Mon 15 July National Meeting and AGM Inter Faith Network UK, 11am London

The Inter Faith Network UK has their National Meeting from 11am and the AGM from 4pm. Theme for the National Meeting is: Community Cohesion: a new agenda for inter faith relations?. There will be chances to discuss in workshops.
VENUE:Park Crescent Conference Centre, International Student's House, 229 Great Portland Street, Regents Park, London (tube: Great Portland Street).

You may find more Inter-Faith related Events on Ralph's Special Events page

The Autumn programme 2002 will start Tue 24 September 8pm, 'The Octagon', Wesley Church


The current Inter-Faith programme is at

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Please check this page for updates or changes. Printed programmes will be displayed from end of September in Cambridge Central Library (Lion's Yard), at Arjuna (12 Mill Road), the University GradPad and other venues.
Please help us distributing our programme.

Our group is run by volunteers only (see our steering committee). Even though we do not have to pay for the room in Wesley Church, there are costs involved copying and spreading the programmes. You can support our publicity by leaving any voluntary donation at our meetings or supporting our work with yearly contributions (we suggest 6 per year). Please make cheques payable to the "Cambridge Inter-Faith Group".
We especially would like to encourage all representatives of the established religions to get involved in our steering committee.

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