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We consist of members of many different religious and spiritual groups. We feel it is important to be guided by the light of religion, to find a way and a truth, which values both unity and diversity and serves to uplift the human spirit.

We aim to keep an open mind, providing a forum where groups and individuals can meet, acknowledge each other, learn to listen and share experiences. We believe that this presents an opportunity to care for and co-operate with those holding beliefs other than our own so that we can all be enriched.

Cambridge is home to many different faith communities and many different spiritual groups. This presents us with a remarkable opportunity for mutual understanding and for creating a society rooted in common values, while celebrating variety of belief and practice.

We believe that dialogue and co-operation can only exist if they are rooted in respectful relationships which do not blur or undermine the distinctiveness of different religious traditions.

Since 1978 the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group has worked to build good relations between faith communities in Cambridge. It is part of the Inter Faith Network UK, which has over 80 member bodies nationwid

Interested? See our current programme. We support the Inter-Faith Charter and are member of the Inter Faith Network UK, which has over 80 member bodies nation-wide.

Our group is run by volunteers only (see our steering committee). Even though we do not have to pay for the room in Wesley Church, there are costs involved copying and spreading the programmes. You can support our publicity by leaving any voluntary donation at our meetings or supporting our work with yearly contributions (we suggest £6 per year). Please make cheques payable to the "Cambridge Inter-Faith Group".

We especially would like to encourage all representatives of the established religions to get involved in our steering committee.

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