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PROJECTS of the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group (UK)

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We appreciate (and need) your support for the following projects:

Names of speakers for the next Inter-Faith Programme

We would like to invite speakers from around Cambridge, who like to talk about any subject of either a specific religion or spiritual practice or about inter-faith themes. It would be of a great help if we had a few more names with phone number and email on our speakers list. Since most speakers do not invite themselves, we need your recommondation - then we will approach the suggested speaker for an invitation.
Please contact us, if you like to suggest a speaker.

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Cambridge Multi-Faith Directory of the religions and spiritual groups

We are building up a list of religious and spiritual groups in Cambridge, and ask for your co-operation and support. In order to make this Multi-Faith Directory network efficient, we ask for your co-operation and support. Please let us know:

Please contact Ralph Nimmann:

On the Internet you will find already several pages with links and contacts - see Links to Inter-Faith related sites.

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Multi-Faith Centre for Cambridge

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Group intended to present the City Council with a proposal. It is looking for funding to establish a centre in the city which can be used by all the religious communities and groups in Cambridge for meetings, celebrations, lectures, religious education, social action and information. The Centre could incorporate a cafe and book shop and become a real and attractive focus for both members of the public and for all people of faith.

Our vision is currently in the process of becoming reality in the Multi Faith City of Derby / UK (with an impressive record of mayors from all major world religions). For inspiration visit their web site: http://www.derby.ac.uk
If you are interested in this proposal and would like to be kept informed and/or be involved, please Contact us.

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