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Attempt to launch a Cambridge University
Inter-Faith Society /
Multi-Faith Society
13 February 2002



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hello Inter-Faith friends,

this Wednesday 13 Feb '02 at the University Religions of the World Fair (part of OneWorldWeek - www-green.cusu.cam.ac.uk/oww - see below) I have organised a table: I try to find enthusiastic students who would be willing to launch a CU Inter-Faith Society (or Multi-Faith Society). You will probably agree, that after September 11 it is more important than ever to understand each other and get into a dialogue with eachother. The Religions of the World Fair provides an exellent oppotunity, because all interested students will be around.

For the next steps in the future we need students who are willing to become active:

The CU Inter-Faith Soc can then be formally registered. Before the registration the Society can work and organise as an unregistered Society.

The Inter-Faith society should closely co-operate with ALL other faith societies at the University as well as with the town based Cambridge Inter-Faith Group.
As a guideline I suggest to support understanding and dialogue of all traditional religions as well as new faiths.

I ask every faith Society at CU to support this initiative. Please e-mail Ralph

I set up this start web site to help this Society get launched. This webpage will link to the future Inter-Faith Soc website and help with publicity.

Ralph Nimmann, 11 February 2002

Interested? Contact

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Wed 13 Feb 2002: OWW Religions of the World Fair, 6-8pm

CU Jewish Society, in collaboration with CU Baha'i, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Sikh Societies. 6-8pm Fair: each society will have a stall presenting their religion, with traditional books, artefacts and religious foods (vegetarian). During the fair, there will be 20-min slots running in the adjoining room, one for each of the religious groups, including a guided meditation and a student introduction to the Baha'i Faith.

8pm Debate: 'Can Religion Survive in the West?'

As humankind achieves ever greater heights in the realms of science and technology, we ask: has religion come of age, and can it survive the onslaught of secularizing tendencies? The debate also addresses whether the phenomenon of the New Age and imports from the East, such as yoga, can be considered a religion.

Speakers confirmed include: Rabbi Tony Bayfield, Chief Executive of Reform Synagogues Great Brtain, and Caroline Podger, BBC Journalist and member of Baha'i Community. 2 other speakers, of other religions, tbc.

More about One World Week: www-green.cusu.cam.ac.uk/oww
contact jl308@cam.ac.uk or etl20@cam.ac.uk

VENUE: Chetwynd Room, Kings College, Cambridge.

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