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Pilgrimage to Rumi and Konya – City of Hearts in Turkey
with Mo'unisa and Ralph, 24th September to 1st October 2018
- updated 17 Sept. 2018 -

We invite you to join us to a journey to the source of mysticism,
visiting Konya, "City of Hearts" in Turkey,
where Jalaludeen Mevlana Rumi and his Dervish teacher Shams Tabriz are buried.

If you are sensitive, you may feel the heart opening vibrations.

PLEASE contact us if you are interested.

the grave of Rumi's Dervish teacher Shams Tsabrizi Visit beautiful mosques, interesting museums, concerts of the "Festival of Mystical Music" in the evenings,
attend a Sufi Sema (whirling dervishes), immerse yourself into colours and fragrances of the Turkish markets
– and also meet living teachers.
Optional day trip to the grave of Mary, mother of Jeshua (Jesus).

When we first visited the grave of Rumi’s teacher Shams (see photo on the left), we both were moved to tears: such a strong presence!
Mo’unisa Vitalija fell deeply in love with Rumi and has visited Konya several times, made Sufi connections, and loves to share this experience beyond words with you.
Mo’unisa and Ralph will offer some Dances of Universal Peace and Sufi zikr / dhikr. Sufis are present everywhere in Konya

We will stay in the Mevlevi Dervish Guest House in the heart of Konya (=> www.mevlevider.org.tr ) and assist you with arranging the journey.

We will provide a programme frame, and also like to follow the flow of Divine guidance each day.
We encourage you to include time for your personal contemplation in Konya.

The Programme will include mystical music concerts in the evenings, repeated visits to Rumi's and Sham's graves during the day, guided walks to mosques, bazar and museums, some Dances of Universal Peace, meeting local Sufis and Sufi Mevlana lectures (translated to English), attending the tourist sema show - or "the real mevlevi Sema experience" on Saturday night, and some time with local translator Derya.
We encourage you to follow your own guidance and just sit near the grave all day or make your own programme.

UPDATE: 19 Sept 2018

We will be a small group of 10 people from England, Latvia and Germany and our Turkish Konya friend and translator Derya, all arriving between 22 and 24 September, and leaving Konya between 1st and 6th of October.
We will meet an international peace dance caravan of 50 people, attend spiritual lessons and the real Mevlana Sema on Saturday night - inshallah - and:
We are looking forward have more than just our hearts warmed - see www.bbc.co.uk/weather/0/306571

We suggest you travel to Konya via Istanbul (see examples below).
An e-visa for UK citizens costs 20 dollars, which is about £16.67 (=> www.evisa.gov.tr/en).
EU passport holders don't need a visa. More details, travel advice and more on request.

Cost: We aim for a high quality, low budget journey for a small group of people (so far we'll be 10).
YOU pay travel cost to Konya & back + food (prices are low in Turkey).
We pay your bed & breakfast in the Mevlana Dervish Guest House, and for the programme.
We envisage you pay us £200 to £400 (or £100 booking deposit) according to your means to book your place.
PLEASE Contact us if you are interested.

We have booked flights to Konya and will arrive there on Sunday 23rd Sept.
Ralph will fly back on Monday 1st October, Mo'unisa will stay until 6th of October.
=> See our Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/268037980632400

There's a national airport in Konya. Next International Airports are Ankara, and Antalya (6 hours coach journey from Konya) and Istanbul [a flight from Istanbul (SAW) to Konya costs less than £20].
You best book a one way flight to Istanbul - and another journey back (to find the cheapest options and days) on Skyskanner. From Istanbul are frequenst connection flights to Konya.
(checked on 8 Sept) from www.skyscanner.net:

Flight back: Tue, Wed, Thu & Friday a flight back to London costs less than £100.

Print our info leaflet: PilgrimageToRumiAndKonya.pdf (A4, 2 pages)

Please transfer money to:
Ralph Nimmann, Nationwide Building Society, account # 36196509 - (Sort code: 07 01 16)
International payments: BIC = NAIAGB21. IBAN: GB19 NAIA 0701 1636 1965 09. Swift Bank: MIDLGB22

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