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Consider This When Voting On Thursday 7th May In The UK General Election 2015

last edited 17:08 on 6 May 2015

Why “waste my vote” for a party which has "no chance to win”?
1) The big parties in power (sometimes labelled as “the grey parties”) will adopt some of the policies of a party which “steals” their votes, because they want their votes back. By voting for an anti-fracking party for example, the parties in power will be motivated to ban fracking, and your vote will have a real impact in politics.
2) In order to win, any party needs to start on the bottom of the ladder and step up from there at the following election, so they will be seen as having better chances (and get more votes) in the 2020 elections.
3) “I don’t believe they will win”... actually: because of people not voting for what they like, but by voting on the basis of what they believe others will vote for, everything stays as it is. People are too scared to vote for their true convictions. Why?
4) The more people vote for small parties, the higher the pressure to change the UK voting system to Proportional Representation.

 What is important?
by wakeup-world.com
By wakeup-world.com
It is time to take heart and vote with love for what you believe in, rather than continue with a voting system based on fear and scaremongering. What fruit will the seeds of fear bear? Tories and Labour keep telling us we need to vote for them in order to keep the other party out. As a result, the outcome of any election somehow contains that element of fear.

Elections are for the future – why is everyone looking back to the previous election results as the basis of whom to vote for? It’s like driving a car mainly watching the back mirror to check what others were doing... If we want to achieve something, we need to look forward.

“I have always voted for my party, and will stay faithful to them.” Voting for a party doesn’t mean you are married to them. When a party truly disappoints you and you keep voting for them, they will not learn or change anything. NOT voting for your party may actually be the best motivation for them to change for the better. If any party is too greedy to stick to power, it is time for them to lose it – and recover in a healthy opposition role.

“I don’t want the Tories another five years - I want change!” Our 1st past the post voting system has produced “tactical voting”, where nobody votes FOR the party or person they prefer, but instead AGAINST what they dislike. If we want a real change, we need to be radical, stop voting for the big parties and support the small parties to gain momentum for changing the voting system.
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." (A. Einstein)
Every five years we’ve been told the same: only voting for one of the big parties has a chance; and this will be going on forever... unless we, the voters, brak out of this vicious cycle. We need to think beyond five years, even take the risk of five more Tory years, and prepare for the 2020 elections.
Consider the image of two trees, one of which you dislike, and some small tree saplings. You love one of the saplings. Which one would you nourish with the election water?

Are we a nation of hypocrites, where everyone votes tactically (mostly vote for the lesser evil) and not for what we believe in? Does the party you have always been voting for actually stand for and represent you? If you feel they have deceived you: don’t let them get away with it!
Take the test on voteforpolicies.org.uk as a reality check to see if the party you intend to vote for actually represents your views – you might be surprised. Non voters have been the stongest power in the UK 2010 Election
(Image from: facebook.com/ATOSM)

“I am not going to vote – it won’t make a difference.”
Votes in the 2010 general election:
15.9m NON VOTERS - 10.7m Tories - 8.6m Labour - 6.8m LibDems

“I am not going to support the rotten system with my vote.” Not voting will be seen as “everyone is happy with the current situation” - and ultimately the party you like least will benefit from you not voting. If you and others (like Russell Brand) want to have real change, voting for a party which comes close to your views means you will have at least a chance of getting what you hope for.

How would you feel about a Labour/Tory Grand Coalition? Labour and Tories are not that different any more. They are tempted to cling to power. In the case of a Grand Coalition we could only hope that there would be enough smaller-party MPs left to form a strong opposition, essential for a good democracy.
Consider this when voting.

Polls and statistics are used to manipulate us. Polls can easily be fine tuned in many subtle ways to get a favourable result and make you believe that certain parties have no chance. Diagrams with absolute numbers or percentage values are selectively used in the interest of parties, media and businesses. Do not let them influence your choice of vote, which expresses your very own opinion.

"The Greens would be just the same, once in power – no point voting for them!” Did you check their policies? Give them a chance to prove you wrong!
Caroline Lucas has twice won the title “Parliamentarian of the Year”. One or two more Green Party MPs in Westminster would double or triple the impact of green policies, whereas another Labour back bencher (pressured to vote as they are told) would only make a minimal difference to their 200+ MPs.

“The Green Party leader Natalie Bennett seems to show weaknesses – not convincing.” The Green Party represents policies, not personalities. Politics is not primarily about delivering great speeches or being good with rhetoric – it’s about a clear vision for the future based on what's best for the common good, and it's about practical implementation of that vision, as part of a team. Natalie Bennett is human and imperfect like the rest of us. Perhaps because of rather than despite that, she has inspired thousands. Green Party membership has surged to 61,500 (on 29 April 2015) under Natalie Bennett's leadership.

Do you live in one of the following constituencies: Brighton Pavilion, Bristol West, Norwich South? (or Bristol North West, Sheffield Central, Liverpool Riverside, St Ives, Oxford East, Solihull, Reading East, York Central, Holborn & St Pancras, Cambridge?)
That’s where the Green Party are hoping to win a seat (or come second or third place), and YOUR vote could make a HUGE difference, bringing the Greens into a position where even regular 'tactical' voters may dare to go Green in the 2020 election.

"Vote Swap" is a scheme where Green and Labour supporters are swapping votes in order to get their candidate to win in target constituencies (voteswap.org). It shows how voters are desperatetely trying to make their vote count in our current voting system; you decide whether this is ethical and something for you - or not.
The next step might be selling your vote on e-bay?

There are also local elections on May 7th. Good politics start locally – and grow from there. A strong green opposition can be nearly as good as a Green Council.
Small is beautiful – don’t feed the fat cats!

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Ralph Nimmann is a spiritual activist and networker living in Hebden Bridge / West Yorkshire.
Originally from Germany, he has lived 16 years in Cambridge. Contact e-mail: rainbowralph[AT]gmail.com

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