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9/11 Updates on World Peace Pages Cambridge (England)
(updated 7th Feb. 2008 )

Thanks God, the 911 truth movement has gained strength in the last years,
so I plan to add a few bits of information and more questions on this page,
which should complete the picture of the World Peace Pages Cambridge.

Update from Dec 2011: Decorated Hero & “Last Man Out” Makes Shocking 9/11 Disclosure:

If I find time and motivation, I'll copy and past something here.
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Below is a 5 minute condensed summary about 9/11 on YouTube - a MUST watch! - Ralph (eptember 2011)

Ralph's Opinion: Critical Questions about Students attacking Royal Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla in London 9th of Dec. 2010

Ralph Nimmann - Ra in bo w Network Cambridge / UK, June 2006

9/11 Truth Telling Novel, “The Shell Game” HITS N.Y. TIMES BEST SELLER Feb 6th 2008
www.TheShellGame.net         -       http://youtube.com/theshellgame

We, the undersigned, urge everyone seeking truth, peace and justice, to not only purchase this new novel, "The Shell Game," but also to email out this appeal to all you know who seek truth, peace and justice in the form of 9/11 truth coming out. In turn, please urge them to do the same with all their contacts and urge them to do the same. We can break 9/11 truth open if we work together and focus on this project for the next 30 days.
Yours in 9/11 truth, peace and justice,

Bill Douglas, 911 Visibility Project

  • Dr. Steven Jones – Physicist who discovered controlled demolition substances in WTC debris
  • Janice Matthews - 911Truth.org Executive Director
  • David Ray Griffin - 9/11 Researcher and Author
  • Kevin Ryan -former UL chemistry laboratory manager & NIST report whistle blower
  • Dr. Robert Bowman - Rtd. Colonel US Air Force, 9/11 truth leader; thepatriots.us/
  • Rob Balsamo – Pilots for 9/11 Truth
  • Carol Brouillet - Organizer of 1st National 9/11 Truth Conference in San Francisco
  • Mike Berger - "Improbable Collapse" Documentary Producer - 911Truth Spokesman
  • David Kubiak - 911Truth.org Board member
  • Kevin Barrett – Muslim/Christian/Jewish Alliance for 9/11 Truth
  • Michael Wolsey – Visibility911.com
  • Peter Dale Scott – Author of, “The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America,” (University of California Press., 2007)

  • '7/7 London explosions distract from G8 - who benefits?'
    Critical article by by Ralph Nimmann, 9th July 2005
    with a PPS & fictional dialogue from June 2006

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