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"In time of war the first casualty is truth." (Boake Carter)

Truth Appeal - the public has a right to know the truth behind the atrocities in America
by Ralph Nimmann (created 26 Oct '01 - last update: August 2002)


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Something has gone completely wrong on September 11th; we owe it to the victims - and the people who died innocently later on - to investigate every single detail. Those atrocities are too important to leave them only to secret investigators.

The public needs to be informed and asked for co-operation with the investigating authorities (read Media in Conflict). Despite the noisy war machinery in the background, we ask all politicians, the media and everyone of public authority, to ask the following questions in order to find out the truth as soon as possible:

More detailed questions about the atrocities on September 11th at Important questions re. 11 September

These and more questions NEED to be brought into the public
by all responsible journalists and the media!


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