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"Either you help us to find out the truth - or we have to assume, that you have something to hide." (Ralph Nimmann)

Truth is vital for Peace - Comment by Ralph Nimmann
(created 14 Oct 2001 - last update: 28 Oct 2001)

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Using our Minds

Peace cannot exist without justice - there can't be justice without knowing the truth.
The whole truth may be as shocking as the atrocities on 11th of September.

If someone would have asked you before 11 September: "How high do you think is the likelihood, that terrorists would hijack four planes simulaneously and would crash them into both towers of the WTC and the Pentagon within one and a half hours? And do you think the towers will completely collapse?"

How many - or let's say: how few people would answer with: "Yes, quite possible"?
Most of them would say something like: "We have the CIA. Such a sophisticated military style operation could not possibly stay undetected. But even if it should happen, we have te Air Force - they are 24 hours on duty. They would immideately spot ANY suspicious annormality. 4 planes at the same time! You must be kidding - this sounds like a war declaration and would immideately alert them. Within minurtes our fighters would be up and bring them on the right way - or down, if them planes would dare to head towards any potential targets.
And about the twin towers: they are solifd like rock and constructed to withstand plane crashes. OK - they might burn and melt down a few floors on the top, but the concrete core will stay. Your phantasies are going wild, my friend."

You would NOT have believed it could happen - but it did. When unimaginable events happen, we need be ready for unthinkable possible explanations.

Being born as a Berliner, I want to express my thanks to the Americans, who helped us to get rid of Hitler - and their help later during the blockade with their 'raisin bombers' flying in food supplies. Now, as a friend of the American people, I strongly feel, that we need to help the Americans to find out the truth, before it is too late.
Friendship means to me: encouraging my friend to do the right thing - and trying to stop him to do wrong - right?

Now what is right and wrong? Make a little experiment. Put a drop of oil on a white sheet of paper on the table and look at it. The stain clearly shows darker than the surrounding paper. Now hold it up up against the light: suddenly the stain shines brightly out against the white paper. Dark or light - right or wrong: both depends from which side the light shines on it.

What is the truth? We are like 5 blind people touching an elephant, each on one part: the ear, the leg, the tail, the tooth and the trunk. All describe their experience and never come to an agreement about the true form of this animal. There is only one truth - but it has many aspects.
Living in the age of coloured TVs - how come, that some still have this simple 'black and white' thinking and no flexibility to change the point of view?

The American media are notorious for focussing on innerpolitical aspects and neglecting news from overseas. You have to search for reports from other countries with a magnifying glass. In Britain you have a few pages - and in Germany 20-50% foreign news. How can we expect the Americans to know anything about foreign policy?

In this situation the American media have imposed a voluntary censorship on themselves after 11 September! They are not going to report anything which is critical towards their government.
In such a situation chances are high, that any critical thought will immideately be brandmarked as "anti-American". The role of the media in the "free" western world is being a watchdog and uncovering all scandals the politicians tend to hide.

Questions nobody asks: what do we read in the papers about public investigations against all on duty in the Air Force on 11 September? The public has a right to know, why this was not prevented by the people who are in charge of preventing damage to the American people. Every single trace needs to be investigated. The whole Air Force being fast asleep for one hour and 35 minutes, while the hijacked planes are on their deadly mission? They did not even wake up after the pane crashes into the World Trade Center! Who forgot to phone the Pentagon to be evacuated? Or who did not pass the message on? Would it be legitimate to also call those a terrorist, who allowed these atrocities to happen by being passiv?
They all need to be named and shamed. Who is responsible for the Air Force and the CIA? In a civilized country it is a habit to resign from your post after such a scandal. Who has resigned until today?

These are questions you expect to find on the front pages of newspapers and magazines. But what can we expet from media after Bush's threat: "either you are behind us, or against us"? All critical questions would immideately be brandmarked as "being against us".

To get it right: the president 's job is to serve his nation - not the other way round! Who ever feels patriotic, should also serve his nation - and not the president! You wouldn't worship the priest in the church, if you believe in God and Jesus - the priest is God's servant - it is some greater idea which the priest represents. Just as the president represents the nation.

Three weeks later, when people started thinking clearer again and the evidence of a huge scandal got stronger bit by bit through various channels - thanks God we have the Internet with freedom of speech! - the bombing in Afghanistan started. Just in time to distract our attention from finding out the truth.

And the Antrax fear is just coming in time to keep fears and distractions up. No time to sit back and clear our minds to review were we are now.
Don't we see what's going on behind the stage?

. . . . . .I'm currently still working on this comment


Using our Hearts and the power of love and compassion

. . . . . . I'm currently still working on this comment - check it out later. Ralph Nimmann, now living in Cambridge / UK


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