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My Motivation and background to set up the World Peace Pages Cambridge - by Ralph Nimmann
(created 1 December 2001)

Here I am sitting at my PC - the lonely web master. I have glimpses of the truth - but hardly anybody is interested in it. "Do not disturb my simplistic view of the world with your uncomforting questions!" they seem to signalise. Why does it seem to be easier to destroy and rebuild whole skyscrapers than to change our ways of thinking?

My background

Having had many years of meditation praxis, gestalt therapy training, attending many wonderful workshops about healing and spiritual development and some enriching partnerships I gradually come more in contact with my intuition - and I follow it.
An enormous help is the membership and regular attendance in the SUBUD Group Cambridge, where we practice letting go of our own will and open and surrender to God's will. Also the silent Quaker Meeting I am regularily attending on Sundays helps me listening to the still small voice within and makes it easier to find out what comes from the heart.

Finally I am a lover of the Truth (which comes in England usually after politeness).

My Motivation

I just love peace and harmony with others. This is why I came to teach the Dances of Universal Peace, which draw from many spiritual and religious sources from all over the world. Naturally I got involved in organising the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group, where we try to listen and understand eachother. For years I have the word 'Peace' in the subtitle of my Special Events web page - a bit neglected, due to lack of urgency.

On Friday Sept 14th '01 (3 days after September 11th), I sudddenly felt a very strong inner impulse to set up a webpage with a simple peace slogan: "Justice: YES - Bombing: NO!" By then I was flooded with e-mail from various peace lists and people from all over the world. Right from the beginning I had a strong feeling, that something is wrong. I felt we need to concentrate on a positive slogan and added some first thoughts

Then I continued reading the various email (like: www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/CrisisAmerica3.htm) and gradually became more and more suspicious: Lot's of questions and contradictions - and e-mail information and the media version drifted more and more into different directions.

Then I had a 2nd strong impulse: to find out the truth behind all - to discover the hidden parts of the iceberg below the surface. The deeper I was digging, the more unasked questions and contradictions emerged. Something went completely wrong on September 11. I strongly felt, that the very events of that day contain the keys for the truth behind the official stories. Just like in a normal criminal case we need to investigate very diligently in all directions.

The media are not telling us the whole truth. But I also realised, that there are some people who spread wrong information on the Internet. Example:

Some of these just trigger fear. Some spread wrong information in order to discredit the publisher.

There are also websites and email spreading selected one sdided information from CIA sources (half the truth). How to trust ANY information?

I use my intuition - AND my common sense.


On 11 October I read the email about sleeping US Air Force. My heart started beating - I felt, that this was a real huge thing we are not supposed to know. Conspiracy! If "Profit before People's lives" applies, "they" might get at me and make me shut up and shut down my Peace Pages or even kill me? Even though I am not afraid of dying, I was scared for a time. I prayed for protection and guidance before going to sleep.

Next day I had a message on my phone: L. wanted to know about 'my programme' (which?). I soon found out, that she was a bit clairvoyant and a healer. We met next day and talked about souls and world politics. I felt assured I was not 'seeing things' and thanked the Universe for the promt reply to my prayer. And I stopped worrying and accepted my part to play in this situation.

The result was, that I added more and more web pages, dedicated to peace - each with a different focus and all providing pieces of the big jigsaw puzzle.

On 30 Oct. I received the email about The Real Perpetrators behind Sept 11. This time I was not scared any more. I felt like looking very much forward to the next future. I suddenly feel like a spiritual rainbow warrior. My theory about it is, that we all chose coming at this point in time on this earth in our bodies for a reason.
May be it's the prophesied "Battle of Armageddon" between good and evill? I clearly feel my belonging to the light and truth.

I felt inspired to organise a Peace Gathering with sharing ("Calling all spiritual people around Cambridge: let's join our hearts and share our visions and insights of peace") for Thu 8 Nov. I discovered, that through sharing we break out of our isolation, overcome fear, get a confirmation what we feel deep inside and also get empowered. I would suggest, that those of you who resonate with what I wrote, also organise sharing meetings where you live - and let's connect!

One word to the faint hearted peace friends: Please read "First They Came For" - by Reverend Martin Niemoeller. The more of us speak out, the better. The more of us exchange email with 'suspicious' content, the safer we are. Dare to stand out for the truth! Somebody needs to make the first step. We all have to die - sooner or later. "Look into the face of death, and you discover what life is about".

Do not give an inch to fear - and don't get stuck in passivity and despair. The dark forces work with fears: Anthrax, nuclear attacks etc. Do not feed them with your fear. Iit's a test and challenge for us - in the end the good will be victorious. NOW is the time to connect and spread the light and our truth.

Remember: the real battlefield is INSIDE - do not project it out on others!. "Love one another" were George Harrison's lasts words.
We have all the support from the spiritual realms and have a duty to be positive down here on earth.

If you want to know more about me, check All about Ralph. If you have time, read ABOUT the Rainbow Network Cambridge or browse through over 160 web files of my Ra in bo w Network Cambridge / UK, which very much reflects my personality. Contact & e-mail details

Ralph Nimmann, now living in Cambridge/UK, 2nd December 2001


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