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New York Plane Crash 12 Nov - Prediction by Ralph Nimmann
(written 13 November, web posted 14 November 2001)


Predictions are always risky: I may be wrong. If not, THIS prediction will be a confirmation of the theories and puzzle pieces on the Cambridge Peace Pages. I hope you will take my messages serious. It may take some time for the truth to become fully visible - and we may need some time to digest it.

I sent the article above to The Guardian on 13 Nov. '01 and a few people on my peace list. I hope my prediction proves to be wrong - but IF is it right, we and our politicians should be well prepared and not make any decisions in a state of shock with only part of the information given to us through the currently censored media.
In the name of Truth, which is the only reliable platform for real peace:
let's ask some questions - and question the answers.

If my prediction is wrong, it still may still be, that some other assumtions are correct.
I will leave this page unchanged from today.
Ralph, 13 Nov. 2001


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